Saturday, May 25, 2013

Southern Belle Farms

I know that I am still not blogging.  ever.  I am feeling much less sick, praise the Lord, but I am now so very tired at night.  Especially tonight.  We had a full day, so John skipped his nap, meaning I had zero down time, and I am ready for bed at 7:30.  Too bad no one else in the house is ready for bed ;)  This baby takes a lot out of me.

Anyway, I was determined to pick strawberries this year before the season was over, and we barely squeezed it in.  Scott has been very busy with work lately, so this was the first weekend in a while when
 we were able to get out and about as a family.  Plus, not so long ago, I was basically just surviving first trimester and wasn't really up for any outings.  So...we jumped on this free Saturday and headed to a local farm to pick strawberries.

It was perfect weather.  Blue skies, mid-70s.  Amazing.

John struggled a bit with the hay bales.  Bless his heart.  Soon after this, he called out in desperation. 

here, Ada and John are feeding the goats, or in John's words, "eating the goats."  For some reason, it really cracked me up every time he asked if we could go eat the goats.  And he really wanted to feed them, so he asked to eat them a lot.

a little taste test

do you see how John is running to me?  This is what he did every time he found a strawberry (the strawberries were everywhere, not hard to find), yelling, "I found one, I found one!"  He was as enthusiastic when he said, "I found one," as when he said he wanted to "eat" the goats.  Love him.

so, a fun day at the farm.  And I am worn slap out.  Oh my word.  Luckily, Scott is home today, and he already bathed the kids, and John did skip his nap, so soon we can tuck us all in to bed.

I have more blog posts coming--John's overdue 3 year well visit, Ada's ballet recital, the school year coming to a close, pregnancy thoughts.  If only I can muster up the energy to type them. 

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