Sunday, January 27, 2008

Half-Marathon Training Day One

I have been making excuse after excuse in order to delay the inevitable, but today the weather in South Atlanta (I am in denial that I can no longer be considered an ATL resident) was beautiful, so I pulled out the extremely dusty running shoes and hit the road. The last time that I ran on a regular basis was my senior year of college, which was four years ago. This is, in fact, how Scott won me over, but I will save that story for another day. Senior year, I was able to run four miles on a regular basis, but that is the farthest I have ever run, and since then, I really haven't run much at all. Add to that the fact that I did absolutely nothing the entire time I was pregnant, except for one failed attempt at tae-bo after the doctor told me I was gaining too much weight. It is very hard to keep up with Billy Blanks when you are 7+ months pregnant. All of this to say, that my half-marathon training is off to a very slow start. The training schedule that I will use for the half-marathon claims that I must be able to run five miles comfortably in order to begin the training. Right now, I can run about one mile uncomfortably. So, goal number one--five miles of fairly comfortable running. The good news is, the half-marathon is not until October, so I have plenty of time, as long as I am diligent, and this is where the blog comes in. It will be my accountability. I really want to do this, and despite the fact that it seems impossible based on the humiliating fact that I am rather sore after my ten minute run, I believe that by October I can complete thirteen miles. I welcome any and all encouragement and/or advice.

As for life with Ada, for the second week in a row I was unable to make it through an entire worship service because she was crying uncontrollably in the nursery. This week Scott volunteered to hang out with her, so I was able to finish the service after all. I am not sure if she is experiencing some sort of early separation anxiety, but it is making any sort of outing rather inconvenient. On a happier note, Ada can now successfully eat baby food three times a day, and she seems to really enjoy it. We took her off of rice cereal because of the stomach trouble, and she is now eating pears and squash. She actually seems to prefer the squash, but the pediatrician recommended the pears for her digestive issues. She is a squirmy little girl lately, and I miss all the cuddling we used to do, but it is fun to see her so curious about the world around her. I can't believe she is almost six months old!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008 and other things keeping me sane

As much as I love my new job as a full time mom, housekeeper, cook, wife, etc., I often find myself up to my elbows in pear baby food and dirty diapers, and I have to have some reminder, small as it may be, that once in another lifetime, there was more to me than babies. That thing today is

Let me backtrack, however. Because of our move to McDonough, I have spent the past two weeks with neither internet nor cable. Though this could have been viewed as tragedy, Ada and I rose to the occasion, and out came Season One of Gilmore Girls. Sadly, I admit that Ada and I have spent so much time with Lorelai and Rory over the past two weeks, that last night I dreamed I was actually living in Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girl world. For those of you unfamiliar with the Gilmore Girls, it is a show about a mother, Lorelai, who became pregnant at 16 and left home to raise her daughter,Rory, on her own away from her wealthy, controlling parents. In this fictional world, everything worked out perfectly, and Rory is the ideal child, who is extremely smart and well-read, and eventually, in season 7, graduates from Yale, her grandfather's Alma mater.

Now, as much as I love watching The Gilmore Girls, I always leave the episodes feeling somewhat guilty because Rory has read so many more books than I have, and this leads me to If you have been keeping up with Scott's blog, you know that we are attempting to forgo a monthly cable bill with an HD antennae. I am not loving this idea, but I have decided that to fully get on board with this plan, I will begin to read all of the books that I have wanted to read or would read if I was still teaching, instead of watching all of the pointless television that I would be watching if we had cable, and I have to thank for making this possible. I have decided that each week I will save enough money from the grocery budget to order one used book off of This means, that in a year's time, I will have purchased 52 new books, and I am definitely up for suggestions about which books to purchase. I think my first is going to be Harold Bloom's The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages. So, to respond to your post, Milla, today I am loving Amazon.

As for other things that are keeping me sane--I have decided to run a half-marathon. I will post more about this at a later date, but for now, just know that this is one other thing reminding me of pre-baby LB.

And, despite being the reason for the insanity, sweet Ada keeps me sane. Though she still wakes up at least once a night, her dirty diapers are worse than ever, and she has been a grumpy little thing for the past couple of weeks, I can't get enough of being her mother. She is still rolling over from back to stomach and then getting stuck there, she is smiling like crazy, and she got her second set of shots this week, but she was such a trooper!! Motherhood is such a huge dose of reality, and I am not one to deny that, but at the end of the day, it is the most amazing thing to get to be someones mom.

And of course, Scott keeps me sane. He is the stability to my craziness.

Finally, it is the knowledge that God is in complete control that truly keeps me sane. It is the one truth that I can cling to when every emotion tells me otherwise. When I think about the plan that He has for Ada's life, it is quite humbling and overwhelming to think that I am just a small part of the plan. Yes, I am her mother, but ultimately, Lord willing, she belongs to Him, and who am I to question His plan for her life. It is such a comforting thing to come face to face with the reality that God is so, so huge, and I am so finite, and all I have to do is just rest in Him and the fact that He will provide my daily manna.

Finally, we are connected to internet

It has been a long time since I have posted because in the two weeks that we have been official residents of McDonough, GA, I have been without internet. As someone who at times does not leave my house for days at a time, this has been quite the tragedy. However, as of a few hours ago, the internet is up and running, and I look forward to updating on life with Ada over the past two weeks. Preview--we are as tired as ever, and I still welcome any and all advice, but more on that later. For now, I am leaving the house for my weekly alone time. My sweet husband lets me get out for a few hours every Saturday in order to maintain my sanity. I just wanted to let any readers out there know, that though I have been absent for two weeks, the blog will soon be updated. Stay posted...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quick Update.

This will be a quick post, but it's been a big two days for little Ada. She finally rolled over from her back to her stomach. For several months now she has been twisting her body in crazy ways, but she hasn't been able to figure out how to get all the way over--until yesterday. I was in her room packing up clothes that no longer fit her, and I noticed she was on her stomach. I was so excited!! However, she seems to have forgotten how to roll from her stomach to back, so every time she ends up on her stomach, she looks at me as if to ask, "what do I do now?" as she kicks her legs and arms.

As for the stomach/sleep issue, not a lot of progress has been made. We haven't had a full night since the last time I posted, and she hasn't wanted to eat much. She has taken three full bottles today, which is progress, so maybe she is slowly adjusting to the formula. Surprisingly, she seems to like the prune juice, so maybe it will continue to help. I for one would hate to have to drink prune juice. As I was fixing it for her I couldn't even bring myself to smell it, but she drank it like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. Imagine how she will feel when she finds out about all the other juices that are out there, and one day even, diet coke!! But for now, we'll stick to prune juice.

As for the house, our blinds and appliances were delivered today, which was exciting, but I still have a long way to go before this apartment is fully packed up. The job seems endless, and this is just a two bedroom apartment. I can't imagine having to pack up an entire house. Just when I am feeling very productive, I look around at all that is left to be done. Oh well, I know it will get done, and we will wake up Sunday morning in our brand new house!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Getting to the Bottom of Things

It looks I have discovered the cause for the sleep diversion, and once again, I blame it all on the yucky formula (and the introduction of solid foods). It turns out that Ada has been having a little tummy trouble, and it has been a rough day for all involved. However, I think she is on the road to recovery thanks to mineral oil and prune juice, and bless her little heart, she has been sleeping all day. I am doing my best to keep her awake between naps because I don't want to mess up the nighttime schedule, but she can barely keep her eyes open, so she is currently down for her third nap of the day after only being awake for 45 minutes. Progress was made last night, however, and, hallelujah, Ada slept from 9:00 pm to 6:40 am. I realize that this does not guarantee anything, but my fingers are crossed that the problem will soon be solved once the mineral oil works its magic, and we may all be rested again.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Packing Up.

Well, the big moving day is this Saturday, so most of my time this week will be spent packing up the apartment. I am doing everything possible to make the move as stress free as possible, but I am still nervous about moving with a five month old. Some of the cuzzes will be helping us--thanks Bud and Sheffer, and my parents will be here as well, which is always a wonderful help!! Even at 25, nothing beats your mom coming to the rescue. I will post pictures of the house after we have moved and everything is in it's place.

We took our first big load yesterday. I got most of my china and stemware unpacked and on counter tops, and Scott moved a lot of the clothes that he will not be wearing this week. What china I did not move yesterday, I packed last night, and I plan to tackle the kitchen next.

Because I have spent most of my days packing, Ada has been enjoying the bumbo seat that Jane so graciously allowed us to borrow. She loves it, and it cracks me up to see her sitting in it, like it's her own little recliner. She just hangs out while I pack boxes.

As for sleeping success, we continue to move backwards rather than forward. Scott and I have returned to that twilight zone state that parents live in those first few weeks after the baby is born. Early this morning, at 3 am, Ada woke up demanding to be fed--multiple times I tried to appease her with the pacifier--and at 3:30 I stumbled back to bed, hoping for a few more hours of sleep before we woke up for the day. Think again. Ada did not go back to sleep until after 5 am. Needless to say, it was a miserable morning. Scott and I managed to catch a couple more hours of sleep after Ada went down for her morning nap, but I am determined that we are going to break this new habit that she has of waking up at all hours of the night. My kind husband did allow me to catch up on sleep on Friday night. He took the night shift, and I slept from midnight to nine the next morning--what a fabulous night it was!! Scott went back to sleep for a couple of hours after I woke up at nine, but I don't think he felt nearly as rested as I did.

As I type, Ada is taking her second nap of the day, which consisted of much crying before she finally fell asleep, and Scott is out picking up the 25.00 changing table that I found on craigslist. I am so excited about this!! In our apartment, we have a guest bed in the room with Ada, so until now I have just changed her on the bed. However, in the house, she will not have a bed in her room, so I needed a changing table. After many days of searching on craigslist, I found exactly what I was looking for, and for only 25.00. You can't ask for much better!! I am so proud of my thriftiness.

On that note, I hear Ada waking up, so I must go. Again, any mothers out there, please send sleeping tips because we are desperately wanting to return to sleeping at night and get past the current craziness that characterizes our nights!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sadly, I can't sleep

As Scott mentioned in his most recent post, I am an avid follower of NBC's The Biggest Loser. I love anything having to do with diet and exercise, and I also love any and all makeover shows, so the Biggest Loser combines two of my favorite things into a night of television perfection. I eagerly anticipate the new episode all day every Tuesday--oh the exciting life that I lead.

Well, the start of the new season clashed with the Sugar Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl won out, so I had to hold my excitement for one more day (DVR is a wonderful thing that is contributing to this family's laziness). About an hour into the two hour show, I found myself fighting sleep and sleep quickly won out. I blame this on Ada's new habit of NOT sleeping through the night. I feel like we take one step forward, then two steps back in that area, but more on that later. So there I sat in all my excitement, sleeping through The Biggest Loser. I woke up two hours later, realizing that I had missed the show, decided to watch it tomorrow, and headed to bed, anticipating a wonderful night of sleep because it was only 8:30 at the time. Sadly enough, as soon as I left the couch and got into bed, I was wide awake, so here I sit at 11:30 pm drinking decaf coffee and blogging. This is a very disappointing thing on many levels.

At about three weeks of age, Ada was already sleeping for five hours at a time at night, and I thought that we had mastered the art of parenting thanks to the book, Babywise. However, at 5 months of age, we seem to be moving backwards in our quest towards the glorious twelve hours a night that I have heard so many other mothers talk about. I thought switching to formula and solid food would solve this problem, but so far we are still waking up at 4 am to a screaming baby, and I am longing for a time when we will all sleep to 6 or 7 am again. For about three weeks during Ada's third or fourth month, she was sleeping ten hours, and life was good, but something changed over Christmas break, and she seems to be stuck. If there are any mothers out there who happen to be reading this blog, I welcome any and all suggestions.

In addition to Ada waking up earlier and earlier, I seem to be staying up later and later. Every night Scott and I say to one another, "let's go to bed by ten tonight," and every night ten comes and goes and we are still wide awake, though much of this can be blamed on all the football watching that comes with the new year. Heaven forbid we miss a game when football is about to be over until Fall of 2008--even at the cost of sleep and sanity.

And that is today's Ada update. We are both lacking in sleep, and I am out of solutions. Please help me if you can.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Much needed update

Now that I have established the beginning of the new blog, it is time to update on life with Ada. And since I last posted on the previous blog, there are many things to update.

We began the Christmas holidays with my best friend, Amy Speakman's, wedding. That was such a fun wedding, and I am so excited about Amy becoming a Hendrix. I was honored to serve as her matron of honor. Ada, on the other hand, did not enjoy the weekend as much. Amy graciously provided a room for my parents, so that they could serve as the official baby-sitters for the weekend. This allowed me to fully enjoy all events, including the lingerie shower, rehearsal dinner, and wedding/reception. I tried to bring Ada to the reception, but it was a slight disaster, and my parents took her home to Scottsboro about ten minutes into the reception. She was wearing the beautiful Christmas dress that my mother gave her, screaming at the top of her lungs because she was hungry, tired, and cold, and in the process she spit up all over the dress. I grabbed a red napkin from Lindsay Luginbuhl in order to quickly wipe up the spit up, and I watched in horror as the napkin stained the beautiful white dress red. It was at this point that the decision was made for Ada to go on home without me. And so began our Christmas holiday.

I don't know all the reasons why , and I will not go into the gory details for all the world to read, but because of several different events that occurred during the holidays, I am slowly switching Ada to formula--and so begins the guilt of parenting. Until now, Ada's diet has been the purest nutrition available, and I feel like I am switching her to an all junk food diet. Because her little tummy is still getting used to the formula, she spits up constantly, and with every new stain on her onesie, the guilt grows. In addition to the formula switch, we are also introducing solid foods. We have only fed her rice cereal and squash so far, and because I was very curious, I tasted both. The rice cereal was incredibly bland, and the squash tastes a lot like spaghettios. So far, about 5% of the solid food makes it into her mouth, and the other 95% ends up on her clothing. See the pictures below. I am starting with vegetables because I am guessing that once she tastes fruit, there will be no going back.

On a happier, less guilty note, our little Ada is switching from a serious, introspective baby, to a very smiley baby. This is a very fun switch for me. Scott and I are constantly making fools of ourselves as we do whatever possible to keep her smiling. We have yet to hear a full belly laugh, but I am sure it is coming any day now.

And for the final and saddest update of all, Ada is quickly losing all of her hair. I am so sad about this. While I was pregnant, in a moment of superficial weakness, I admitted to Scott that one of my biggest wishes was that Ada would be born with a head full of hair. So imagine my excitement when the doctor announced that she had beautiful, red hair, and now, probably to keep my pride in check, Ada i s going bald. I only hope that when the hair grows back it is just as red. Bless her heart--her first awkward stage. A sneak peak at what the Jr. High years hold, I suppose.

(Ada's old hair, see smiling picture for current hair)

And that is life with Ada these days. Usually stressful, always fun.

Pictures below--the first is a picture of Ada with Scott's great niece who was born only three days after Ada. Yes, you read that correctly--great niece. The other picture is Ada with two Christmas presents. The crazy thing is, we did not place the presents on top of her, she somehow managed to get them in that position. This picture is also a great example of serious, introspective Ada. I hope the serious side means she will be a reader and a writer. She is her mother's daughter, after all.

Starting over with the blog

With the start of the new year comes a change in the blog. Last night, Scott and I came to the conclusion that the blog is becoming less and less about Ada and more and more about whatever he feels like typing that day. Since I am the mother, and the one who spends 24-7 with Ada, we have decided to create a new blog just for me where I will post updates about Ada and share thoughts on motherhood, and Scott will continue his blog with his own perspectives on life. So, welcome to my blog--Ada updates 2.

I chose the quote above from a Sara Grove's song because it seems to express my exact thoughts on being Ada's mother. As I get to know Ada more and more everyday, I truly feel overwhelmed with gratefulness for her little life and all that she adds to this family. At the same time, being her mother has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I am tired, lonely, and inadequate, and therefore, I spend much time in brokenness before the Lord, surrendering once again after realizing that I am so incapable of performing this job that he has given me. Just as he has promised over and over, daily God provides the grace that I need to not only perform the tasks that I have for the day, but to truly embrace this new role with excitement and eagerness for the day ahead. No matter how tired I am at night, I am so excited to see Ada's sweet face every morning. This was certainly not what I thought I wanted, but I will be eternally grateful that this was God's plan--He has blessed me beyond belief!!