Thursday, September 19, 2013

To any other pregnant moms out there

I am sending this out as a public service.  Because I care about pregnant moms who are just trying to find something to wear to accommodate a giant stomach.  (and I do mean giant). 

I'll put things into perspective.  Yesterday at the doctor, at 30 weeks, I measured 35!!!!! weeks.  My stomach is LARGE and all evidence is pointing to a LARGE baby.  She is apparently off the charts and has been since my first ultrasound (I didn't know all of this until yesterday).  But it all makes so much sense.  At 30 weeks, with 10 weeks left, I am outgrowing maternity clothes left and right.  My shirts are too short.  My pajama pants are all uncomfortable (why are there no maternity pajama pants?!!!).  I just want to be comfortable.  And when I wear dresses, I look like a large blob.  I prefer pants and shirts just to show that my whole body isn't quite as large as my stomach, if that makes sense.  So, I want to be comfortable and to look presentable enough that I don't want to go hide in my bed.  But comfortable takes precedence. 

At the same time, who wants to buy new maternity clothes with only ten weeks left?  So, I am thinking post-partum clothing as well.  Again, will want to be presentable, but comfortable will be main priority. 

Okay, I am finally to the point of this blog post.  The other night, in desperation, I ordered some maternity yoga capri pants off the Old Navy website.  I read so many reviews, debated over my decision until Scott practically yelled, "order the dang pants!!" and today they arrived....and I LOVE them.  So, so, so comfortable.  At this point most maternity pants hurt my stomach.  They make it feel crampy if I wear them for too long.  These pants don't feel that way at all.  So comfortable.  The material is thick enough to be flattering.  As flattering as a pair of pants could be at 30/35 weeks.  In other words it doesn't cling too much.  And the fabric is thick enough to wear out to the grocery store, the park, etc.  But comfortable enough to sleep in.  These are miracle pants. 

And I am not going to lie.  I actually prayed about these pants.  I was desperate for some comfortable pants. 

So, if you too are pregnant, please go order these pants.  Very reasonably priced.  Less than 20.00.  Can definitely be worn post-baby.  They have them in regular, non-capri length, but for my 5 foot self, I knew they would be WAY too long.  If you are not, like me, a miniature person, I would order the regular length. 

This is all coming from someone who gets very pregnant.  I mean, from head to foot, I get pregnant, so these will work for all body types. 

And one quick addition--I also ordered two shirts that were on clearance, because I need some shirts that are long enough.  These also worked great.  Number one thing--they aren't too low cut.  (why are maternity shirts so low cut?!!!!  Drives me crazy).  And they are plenty long enough.  Granted, I ordered a size larger than I normally wear to make sure that they are long enough, but they work great.  I mean, my stomach looks giant, but it is, so I can't really disguise that, but these are long enough to cover the giant stomach.  This shirt is called the maternity striped V-neck Henley, in case you want to order it.  Currently on sale.  And it is plenty long enough.  So, for the next ten weeks, I will most likely be wearing some variation of a striped t-shirt with yoga capri pants.  Unless I'm in a situation where yoga pants are inappropriate, but luckily, most of my life is spent in situations where yoga pants are okay. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More thoughts on pregnancy and Evie

I want to blog, I do, but I can't find the time earlier in the day and at night, who has the energy for this?  But, I want to.  I do.

I was emailing back and forth with another third trimester pregnant friend today (who is 4 weeks ahead of me), and she was talking about how tired she is, and she said she doesn't know how I am homeschooling while third trimester pregnant.  Here is the thing.  It's all I do.  As in, it's the only thing that gets done.

I think because Ada is in first grade, everything feels so much more official now.  We have to get it done.  So, everything else falls to the side.  I get homeschool done, but the dining room is still stacked with boxes to be unpacked.  Nothing is hung on the walls.  And Scott has 100% taken over bath time (so thankful for him!) because by about 6:00 at night, I am so tired I feel like I could cry.  But if I do cry, and Scott asks what is wrong, there is nothing wrong.  I am just tired.  and pregnant.  And I want to go to bed.

I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed by my house.  Our yard needs a lot of work before it will look like a yard that I want to call home.  And the house doesn't feel homey yet, just livable.  There is much that I love about our house, and I am so very thankful for the space, but it is overwhelming.  Plus, this time around, my head feels cloudy.  Do we have what we need for Evie to be born?  I don't know.  What do we need?  I can't seem to focus and think.  I have milk.  We have a bed.  This past weekend I got the box of girl's clothes from Ann that we pass back and forth.  I even have a borrowed bassinet and moby wrap from my Auburn best friend, Amy Speakman Hendrix.  And a miracle blanket is on the way.  What else is there?  Oh yes, a car seat.  As Scott said, even if I went into labor with no car seat, he could always run get one.  (we do plan to get one before she's born ;)  Our old one was just so used--spit up, leaky diapers, etc. etc., that we are getting a new one).  So, Evie could come home, I could feed her, swaddle her, and put her to bed.  Even if pictures weren't hung on the walls.  And diapers.  Scott could run to the store for diapers. 

I didn't mean to post about being tired.  That wasn't what I started out wanting to write about.  But, like I said, my head is foggy. 

I was going to tell you about seeing Evie yesterday in an ultrasound, and it was like I was looking at a picture of her!!  I am going to a specialist because of this tiny, very minor thing with her kidney.  It's very fixable, most likely will even correct itself, but, as a result, I am seeing a specialist every six weeks, where I have an ultrasound done for them to measure her kidneys.  Well, the kind ultrasound tech did a 3D picture yesterday, just because.  She said, "let's see if we can get a picture of her face," and all of a sudden there was Evie up on the screen looking just like I would think one of my babies would look based on Ada and John.  Seriously, she has the same chin as them.  It was such a clear picture of her, that tears were running down my face.  There she was!!!!  Her cheeks were already fat, her little nose was so cute and newborn looking, and her feet were up by her face!!  How is a baby comfortable in there(?!!), and yet they love it!  AMAZING. 
Okay, I can't believe I am posting this picture.  Because, seriously, it's a phone picture of an ultrasound print out.  But look!!!  Can you see her?  It was much clearer in the ultrasound room; trust me ;)

The other crazy thing was that she weighs 4 1/2 lbs already!!  I have no idea how accurate that is, though I think these ultrasounds are more accurate than normal, hence the specialist.  And the doctor was so sure that I must have gestational diabetes for my baby to already be this big.  But I also found out yesterday that I do NOT have diabetes (praise the Lord), I passed the one hour test with "flying colors," so the giant baby mystery continues.  I normally have average size babies, so I am wondering if the ultrasound is just really off?  Does anyone have any experience with thinking that their baby was going to be unusually large.  I feel unusually large, but I think I did with Ada and John too. 

The rambling, oh the rambling.  There seems to be no topic to this post, and I am so very tired.  So I will end there.  But at least I have a few thoughts recorded for one day, when I can't remember being pregnant with Evie.  Because I will blink and she will be three and then six, and this will have been but a split second in time. 

Evie, we love you.  We CAN'T WAIT to meet you!!! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just Chatting

It is a rare moment in my house right now.  John is asleep and Ada is playing outside, which, of course, means I have a quiet house all to myself.  What a gift this is!!  Thank you, Lord, and I mean that in all seriousness.  We are loving our street and neighborhood.  Ada is outside any chance she gets, as is John, more than I would have thought, and it has been so good, to say the least.

We have a precious, precious next door neighbor.  He is an 85 year old, Christian, widower, who has been beyond friendly to us and to our children.  Many of you saw this on facebook, but one day last week, he showed up at my door with a homemade lemon chiffon pie and a cookbook of his late wife's best recipes.  He said he wanted to "welcome us to the neighborhood."  We LOVE him.  On Saturday, he brought over a toy car for John and a book of bible stories for Ada.  My children love him too.  In fact, when he was over on Saturday, John promptly wrapped himself around Mr. Gene's legs, and I had to peel him off.  Mr. Gene said, "Oh, he's fine.  I have 12 grandchildren of my own."  What a gift He is!!

We are slowly settling in, though there is much left to do.  Pictures to hang, boxes still to unpack, etc. etc.  But, Evie has a bed with a mattress and a sheet, so really, we are as ready as we need to be ;)  I told Scott, if for some reason, she showed up today (besides the terrible medical implications of that), I could feed her, swaddle her, and put her to sleep, so we would be fine.  And he could do a quick run to the store for some diapers.  It just settles my pregnant nerves to have the bare minimums in place.  I still want to order a new bumper and crib skirt, hang things on the walls, pick up the newborn girl clothes from Ann, etc. etc, but the bare necessities are in place. 

Okay, a complete change of topic, but I have reached this point in pregnancy, did this with Ada and John too, when I crave really good, home cooked, comfort food.  In fact, when I was pregnant with Ada, it was at this point in pregnancy that I really learned to meal plan and grocery shop well, because I was craving comforting meals every night.  I am at that place again. next task on the list during this leisurely afternoon I find myself having, is to go through all of the recipes I have pinned on pinterest and see which ones I need to try.  If you have any that have been especially successful, please, please pass them along. 

And so ends this riveting blog post.  Aren't you glad you stopped by to read it ;)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Grade

we, finally, officially, started first grade today.  And less officially, preschool.

I wanted it to be cutesy and pinteresty and a big deal.  But that is just not life right now.  Besides it was rather anti-climactic since we started CC two weeks ago, and we have already been reviewing that everyday.  And I think this whole picture will be the theme of Ada's first grade year. 

For one thing, I am so very pregnant.  I feel every walk across the house.  Every time I have to bend down to pick something up off the floor, it's so hard to get back up.  As my doctor explained today, my ligaments are like rubber bands, and once stretched, they never go back to the original shape.  She said that I am just going to "feel" a third pregnancy more.  Amen to that. 

We are also still just moved in.  I gave myself a week to get settled, but come on.  So many boxes still need to be unpacked.  White boards and bulletin boards are not hung.  And I can't wait for all of that.  There is no time.  A baby is coming in eleven weeks, and we better get a chunk of school under our belts because I am guessing that school will take a hit those first few weeks of life with Evie ;)

So we jumped in.  And I am okay with how it looked.

I go into this year with much more confidence in what school looks like in our family.  I'm not really a cutesy mom.  I'm just not.  I think it's one of the main reasons the classical method appeals to me so.  The memorization and the phonics and the education of it makes sense to me.  Let's cut to the chase; that's more how I think.  Not that classical can't have fluff, but it's okay if it doesn't.  And I even hope that other years there will be more fanfare.  I get the point of the fanfare, but I also get that it's okay that we don't have it this year.  What matters is that we read and we write and we "arithmetic."  And, of course, we memorize.  And we do it all in the midst of life this year that does, in fact, look like third trimester pregnancy and all of the doctor's appointments that go with that and a new house, and later in the year, a newborn.  It's freeing to know that it's okay for this year to be messy because we will still get it done.

I also go into this year much more confident and settled about our curriculum choices.  We are doing Saxon Phonics first grade, Saxon Math first grade, and memorizing our weekly memory work through CC.  That is basically it.  We are reading lots, as we always do.  I will most likely use our memory work as copy work, so that will cover hand writing and language arts.  We are keeping it super simple, and I now know that is how I genuinely believe it should be. 

I am also more aware that our goals should not be academic in nature.  What I mean is, I am not going to say, our goal for first grade is to be at this point in reading, etc. etc.  I mean, we have chosen first grade curriculum, believing it will prepare her for second grade, but I also know I can't force Ada to reach a certain place academically.  Instead, I am focusing on patience and compassion from me.  For Ada, she is working on diligence, sitting still, focusing, listening--these skills that are so necessary to school and to life.  And we are both focusing on hard work and consistency.  And we are trusting the Lord with this.  I firmly believe that He has called me to homeschool.  Lots of days I wish He had called me to public school (our budget strongly confirms that he has not called us to private school ;) ), but for now, home school it is, and He is so much more concerned about our sanctification than how well Ada can read or write or whatever the skill.  He is about the eternal.  Now, if I could just be more concerned about the eternal ;) 

So, on this morning, this very first morning of first grade, when Ada was fidgeting and John was interrupting every five minutes, I was reciting these things to myself.  This is home school at our house, and I can go with it or I can fight it, and I will be miserable if I constantly wish it looked like something other than it is.  Obviously, I can always improve on what it is--learn from our mistakes--but I can also give up the notion that it will be something impossible.  I am thankful for these days with my little ones, who are still so very little.  This is our stage of life, and this is what it looks like.  God is gracious and merciful and so very good in the midst of the daily. 
And because I was feeling guilty about the lack of ceremony and fluff that accompanied day one, when Ada asked if we could have a picnic lunch on the living room floor, I said, "yes, of course we can," and we ran with it.