Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The zofran story continues

so...the zofran prescription that I was given included two refills over the next month. They only gave me a two week supply. So, I have been taking the zofran every eight hours to ward off nausea which has worked somewhat.

Well, today at 3:00, my normal zofran time, I took the last of my supply, and I left the empty bag (they were in a plastic bag, not a normal pill bottle) for Scott to take to Rite Aid while I tutored.

Here is the bad news. Apparently insurance only covers the cost every 30 days. So, the pharmacy would be glad to fill my prescription if I am willing to cough up 500.00. We are not willing, obviously. I really, really, really wish that I had known this. I would have saved the zofran for absolute 100% emergencies, instead of the daily getting by.

So, tomorrow marks day one of no zofran. It ain't gonna be pretty.

Ada's birthday gift

We are closing in on Ada's second birthday, which I can't believe, and I have plans going in my head. I am not planning anything big because she will still be excited over balloons and elmo, and that's all we need really.

I will actually be in Alabama for the last of my dental work (had to put it off while I made my way through first trimester), so I think we might do a little party at my parents' house and then at Scott's parents' house, and that will be enough celebrating for us.

The big birthday hoopla is the gift.

We bought Ada a tiny little kitchen for Christmas, and it's a sad, pitiful excuse for a kitchen. We like to think of it as her starter kitchen. We decided that if she played with it, we would upgrade for her second birthday. Well, she does play with it. And she plays with other friends' toy kitchens when she has the chance, so we do think we need to invest in a good one. I had my heart set on a cute, wooden kitchen so that it would look good in her room and be more than just another plastic toy.

Well, here is what I have my eye on.

I thought that red was very gender neutral in case any brothers come along in the future. Plus, red is just so darn cute, I think.

Well, this wooden kitchen is 125.00 on Amazon, plus 10.00 shipping. Already a good price for a wooden kitchen. But, I plan to use swagbucks to get quite the discount. So far, I can take 35.00 off the price, so that gets us down to 100.00. Well, I really don't have to order until August 1st, so I have a month left to collect those "bucks."

And you can help me. Go here to sign up for swagbucks. Use the swagbucks page just like you use google, and you can win points for doing everyday stuff. Then you can trade your points in for gifts cards to places such as Amazon, Target, or Starbucks. Plus, if you sign up under me, I win points when you win points.

So, start searching!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Headed to Bed Soon

It's been a doozy of a day.

Ann warned me that her sickness peaked at 8 weeks, and Wednesday marks eight weeks for me. I assume things would be much worse if I wasn't taking Zofran? Anyway, I definitely wished that I could "call in sick" today, but Ada wasn't buying it.

We did manage to make it to the library because poor little Ada seems bored out of her mind with me these days. She says a lot, "you okay, mommy?" in a voice usually only reserved for her dolls and baby Andrew. And I hug her and assure that yes, I truly am okay, that things are going just the way that they should be going.

The house is in complete disarray, and I managed to move my tutoring schedule around so that I could have the night off. I planned to go to bed when Ada did, but based on what I am hearing in the monitor, she has no plans of allowing that any time soon.

She is up there talking 90 to nothing, sayings things like, "mommy, where are you," and my favorite, "mommy, no mam, mommy," scolding me for making her go to sleep. I am sure I will go up there soon to find all 500 hundred stuffed animals thrown overboard along with her pants and possibly her diaper, but I have to wait long enough to make sure she gets all the energy out.

Scott and Ada are being troopers throughout this thing. I feel a bit useless as a wife and mom these days, and Scott is truly stepping up to the plate--cleaning the house, getting some form of dinner for him and Ada, letting me lounge around when he is at home--and I am so thankful. He is such a gift.

Okay, she is starting to ask, "Near, where are you?" so I better go calm things down.

p.s. thanks for all the diaper tips. I ended up going to Target b/c it was the easiest, and with a 3.00 coupon, I still got a decent deal. Our poor grocery budget, it is suffering bit time right about now.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I need a diaper deal

Do any of you know of a good diaper deal going on right now? Preferably on Huggies?

I normally have quite the stockpile of diapers, built up when prices were low and coupons were high, but in the midst of my first trimester stupor, our grocery budget is suffering quite the blow. And lo and behold, I find myself nearly out of diapers. It is painful to think of paying full price. Can you help me? I have searched the blogs, but I am seeing nothing. Am I missing something?

Ada needs the diapers because she has yet to actually use the toilet, though she loves to sit on it, and I am not in the mood to dig in my heels with the potty training. We will save that for the energy that comes with second trimester.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Happenings

Things I am loving today
1. All of our purchases made with a $500 Ikea gift card. You need to jump on the online offer bandwagon, I'm telling you.
We have some new purchases sitting in our living room, and I am still contemplating whether or not they work in here, so I will most likely be back later with photos. Things I am deciding on--a bigger coffee table, more "to scale" with our couch, the original coffee table as a side table to hold our new lamp, and drapes for the windows behind the couch. I do believe these purchases will make the living room more complete, though we still have two walls to paint. All in good time, my friends, all in good time. (Scott was exhausted after the shopping trip. Can you tell?)
Okay, observe in the picture below what I am deciding. Does the coffee table work? Scott really likes it. I like it, but I don't love it. We also purchased a sofa table and two lamps, but the sofa table didn't really work; our couch is just too long. So now I wish I could put the lamps on either side of the sofa, but I don't have a table that works on the side with the floor lamp. That is the main quandary. Where do I find a tiny little table for that corner? We still have 100.00 left to spend at Ikea, so maybe I will stumble across something there. Do you agree that the lamps on either side need to match? And do you think the old coffee table as a side table works? I still need to hang the drapes, so the picture is a work in progress. I will be back with "after" photos.
Ada is currently engrossed in playing with her new wooden train set from Ikea. She loves it, and is completely oblivious that it is not actually the same "Thomas" set as the one at Near's (my mom). She can't get enough of her Ikea train, and she can't stop talking about it when we are away from it.
2. I'm loving Route 44 sized water from Sonic with lots of ice and lemon and lime. Oh my goodness. The Lord has been good to me this pregnancy as he has given me quite the craving for water. This is a new thing in my life, and it makes getting my daily water much easier. I really can't stomach many other beverages other than ice cold water.

3. I love Saturday itself. I always love Saturday because Scott is home and life is easier. It's been an exhausting Saturday spent mostly at Ikea, but it's been one where much was accomplished. Though it is early, I feel the nesting coming on, and I have a long to-do list going in my head. Getting the downstairs complete before baby #2 arrives is definitely a must, and today I checked many things off.
4. I love that there is a girly movie awaiting me after Ada goes down for the night. In a very uncharacteristic move, Scott agreed to watch He's Not That Into You with me. We never ever ever agree on movies, but apparently he likes a lot of the actors in this movie? Who knows, but I will take it. I never watch mindless girl movies anymore, and it is just the ticket for a night of relaxing. Do you agree?

So, it's been a good day. A normal day, and that I can appreciate.

Friday, June 26, 2009

To Clarify

This morning I was awake at 4 am, something that is happening a lot these days, so I decided to use the time to pray.

I put my hand over my womb, and I began to pray for this life inside of me. I prayed for healthy development of the lungs and brain and all the other parts that are developing right now as we speak. I prayed for this life that is being knit together, this soul. And as I prayed I was overwhelmed with all of the possibilities of what can happen between now and forever. Making it to birth day is just the first obstacle. There is so much more after that. I was also overwhelmed by the fact that God and the gospel is the only sure thing, and for whatever reason, on this day he has chosen to make me a mom to this baby inside of me. He has not guaranteed tomorrow. And this sickness is a privilege, really, because it means that for this day I am a mom. I just want to clarify that in the midst of all the complaining that I am doing (trust me, I am so aware of my shortcoming. My glass half empty tendencies), I do understand that this pregnancy is a precious gift, and I am so thankful. I don't mean that I won't complain. I complain a lot about the challenges of raising Ada who is no longer in my womb. But overall, I am overwhelmed by what a joy she is to me. And that is true for this baby too.

And of course, I will continue to pray that the Lord would work in me to make his joy such a reality in my life. That is what I want to overflow out of me, not the complaints. Thanks for being patient with me, readers, as I tend to blog the lows rather than the highs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still Alive

I haven't blogged in a few days because there hasn't been much to report other than I feel sick and exhausted and all of that fun stuff that goes along with first trimester. Though my pregnancy with Ada wasn't quite the doozy that this one has been.

However, the zofran is in my system and it is helping a ton!! And my mom and Ann have been here for the past few days, and that alone has served as a distraction and an encouragement, so I have felt better. I even went with Ann and her kids to Perimeter Mall, and I snagged an amazing deal at Gymboree--several Christmas shirts for Ada for 1.99 each!! I was psyched. So, there is a hint of normalcy hovering at the surface of my life.

And being around precious 4 1/2 month old Andrew has been just the thing to remind me that there is an end result to all of this and it is oh so worth it.

What have I found to eat? Lots and lots and lots of saltines, and I occasionally add some peanut butter for protein. I am sucking on sour jolly ranchers, and I am drinking my mom's mixture of ginger ale and grapefruit flavored crystal light. That really hits the spot most of the time. The crazy thing? Diet coke sounds incredibly unappealing to me right now. Yuck. And yesterday, my most normal day since the sickness hit, I ate three normal meals. That was a record. Bottom line...we are going to make it to second trimester, and before I know it, I will feel this little person kicking around inside of me, and all of this will seem more like a baby and less like a really bad virus.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Scott

I must take a minute to brag on my husband. He is currently going above and beyond the call of duty as husband and dad.

After spending the whole day watching Ada while I slept away the nausea, he is now downstairs cleaning the kitchen and the living room. And I do mean cleaning. When I said good-night, he had moved all of the chairs out of the kitchen so that he could sweep and mop the floor.

And, because I am so proud of him being Mr. Fix-It, I also must tell you that he fixed our breaks today. I must confess that I was very skeptical, but I have apologized over and over again for doubting his ability because lo and behold, he did it, and it saved us quite a bit of money.

I think (because he mentioned this) he is feeling the urge to learn how to "take care of things" around the house just in case he needs to teach his son one day. I keep warning him that we have no way of knowing whether this baby is a boy or a girl, and he says he will be excited either way, but I sense that his heart is set on boy. I honestly think it would be fun for Ada to have a little sister, but of course, either gender holds much excitement as we imagine what this little person will add to our family.

Though I love Ada and all of her sass and spunk, I do hope that God might send me a little quiet, go with the flow, servant type, Scott. Ada has all of my emotions plus some, I do believe, so I think a mini-Scott would be just the thing to add to the family. We'll see, though. God is already knitting this little one together, and I have no doubt that he knows exactly what will work best for us.

By the way, as I was saying good-night, we both admitted to each other that we hate this part of pregnancy. I know that I am no fun to be around right now. We then had fun imagining what pregnancy would have been like without the fall of man. Hmmm...I am guessing no sickness and the most minimal of weight gain. Or maybe the weight gain would be considered beautiful...hmmm? We also talked about how simple labor and delivery would be. Oh well, it is part of the curse, right? And Scott is feeling it with me, bless his heart. I am so thankful that he loves me unconditionally;)


I just wanted to let ya'll know that I now have a Zofran prescription waiting for me at Walgreens, and I am so relieved. Scott actually came home from work today because I could hardly function as Ada's mom. She and I lay on the couch with cartoons on until he got home.

With her, eating helped, which is probably why I gained so much weight, but today I haven't been able to think of one thing that I can stomach. Scott is on his way to pick up popsicles.

I must confess it makes me suspect boy because this pregnancy feels so different than my pregnancy with Ada. Who knows, though. I was so sure that Ada was a boy.

Anyway...thanks for all the advice. Scott is also picking up the wintergreen lifesavers and the lemon drops while he is out.

Hopefully life will return to a functional normal very soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sick, so sick

I am a bit miserable, ya'll.

I keep repeating to myself, as I struggle with the constant nausea, "this is a good sign. It means that things are going the way that they are supposed to be going." Right?

But, please, you moms who have been right where I am. Any advice? I can't remember feeling this sick with Ada. I think I was on Christmas break from teaching (a whole two weeks!!) during the worst of it, and I must have slept right through it. Or God, in his wisdom, caused me to forget, so that I would decide that I wanted to have another child.

But seriously, I will try anything for a little relief. Help me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tagged by Laura

Laura has tagged me to do a little "list thing," so here goes, and I am afraid that if I blogged about anything else it would come across as very "complainy" so this is a nice solution.

Things I am looking forward to:

1. Second Trimester ;)
2. Finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl
3. Mom, Ann, and her kiddos coming to visit me next week
4. The neighborhood pool getting finished--they have been faithfully working on it over the past few weeks (and are working as we speak), so I have high hopes
5. Ada falling asleep tonight--she has been fussing for the last hour, but she keeps waking up earlier and earlier, so we are reestablishing her 7:00 bedtime
6. Saturday--I love weekends at home with Scott and Ada
7. My pregnancy healthy eating book arriving in the mail
8. our lawn getting mowed this weekend--Scott put this stuff down to fill in blank patches, and he had to wait two weeks to mow to let it "settle" (or something like that), so I will be relieved when the yard is nice and neat again, and hopefully looking nice and healthy from the stuff Scott put down

Things I did yesterday

1. Went to the a local "farmer's market" off the square and bought lots of fresh vegetables. I love fresh tomatoes in the summer.
2. Woke up at 5:30 am and couponed after going to bed at 7:00 the night before (I was feeling awfully sick)
3. Ate dinner at Shane's Barbecue
4. Watched The Office on dvd with Scott after Ada went to bed
5. Came up with a laundry system to manage the madness
6. napped while Ada napped
7. there is truly nothing else I can say besides the obvious daily stuff

Things I wish I could do

1. Take Ada on a long walk everyday (she despises the stroller)
2. Take Ada swimming in our neighborhood pool every morning
3. Hire someone to clean my house
4. Eat 100% healthy all of the time without even thinking about it
5. Go to the beach with Scott and Ada
6. Live near my mom and sisters
7. Go on a shopping spree at Due Maternity
8. Figure out a way to get this house in shape and keep it that way

Shows I Watch

1. The Office
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Felicity (I do a lot of television on dvd)
4. The King of Queens
5. Lost
6. Curious George (Ada jumps up and down and runs in circles over this show)
7. Every once in a blue moon--Grey's Anatomy
8. The Biggest Loser

Favorite Foods

1. Chips and Queso from any Mexican Restaurant
2. Anything Mexican
3. Wings
4. guacamole
5. salad with ranch dressing
6. fresh tomatoes
7. lima beans
8. french fries

I could go on and on

Places I've Traveled

1. China
2. New York
3. Boston
4. The Bahamas
5. Philadelphia
6. Washington D.C.
7. Albuquerque
8. LA

I'd like to travel

1. England, England, and more England
2. Italy
3. Greece
4. More New York and Boston, please
5. Paris
6. back to China
7. Australia
8. I'm always up for a road trip to South Walton Beaches

People I tag:

anyone who wants to do it.

p.s. Ada is still awake (we put her down over an hour ago--we've been in there twice) and she is now singing the Veggie Tales theme song at the top of her lungs. "If you like to talk to tomatoes..."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pregnancy talk at Sonic

I was just at Sonic ordering the one thing I have found that I like this pregnancy--junior breakfast burritos. I know, gross. I used to think that too. Then on Sunday morning, I was starving, and I knew that I had mere minutes before the starvation turned to very, very sick, so I found myself at Sonic (the closest fast food to church), and the junior breakfast burrito was jumping out at me. And I scarfed it down, and it tasted so good to me. Again this morning, it hit the spot.

Last week I was telling Scott that not one thing tastes good to me right now, and then I found this little piece of Heaven at Sonic. I even figured out how many calories it has because I am trying to keep the weight gain under control this pregnancy. (Could I not gain 45 lbs this time around, please?), and I adjust the day's food accordingly. And at a dollar a burrito, it doesn't break the bank. Also, it has protein to fill me up. It's a miracle food, I tell you.

Anyway, the sweet carhop that brought me my breakfast was clearly pregnant. I was thinking that she was probably beginning her second trimester based on her obviously pregnant, but still small, tummy. We started chatting--you know the normal bonding that happens when two pregnant women see each other (I had to tell her that I was pregnant also. Don't worry I'm not showing yet), and she tells me that she is due in August. I was flabbergasted. I kept telling her how great she looked, and I truly was astonished at the size of her stomach, and it made me understand why the whole world was convinced I was having twins. Seriously, my stomach gets strangely large when I am pregnant. I used to think it was my height, but then my friend Amy Speakman, who is as short as me, had a normal sized tummy when she was pregnant, and I realized that I am just abnormal. Ann's stomach also gets uncomfortably large, so maybe it's in our genes?

You'll see. I'll be sure to post pictures as we move along, and you will be astonished at the ability my stomach has to grow and grow and grow.

pregnant with Ada, and I had several months to go.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Ada stories

P and O are her favorite letters, and we have to write them over and over

"Digging" at mom's house (apparently a favorite activity of Ellie and Luke)

Well, the exhaustion is here in full force. Oh my word, I just want to crawl under the covers and sleep until second trimester. Because that is not possible, I decided to blog rather than sleep while Ada watches a Sesame Street Video.

I have been meaning to share this little story for a while now, but I just keep forgetting.

Ada loves to sing, "Old MacDonald," and she especially loves the part where you sing, "with a 'moo-moo' here, and a 'moo-moo' there," and she will say, "do cow, mama," or "do sheep, mama." Well lately, she has started saying names of people, like, "do Kate, mama," and "do Ellie, mama," so we have to sing, "with an Ellie, Ellie here and an Ellie, Ellie there." She loves it, and we do the song over and over until we have exhausted every person that she knows. So every family member and Tutti, Ruth, and Hannah. We sing it all. the. time. I hate to break it to her that names of people don't really fit. Whatever, right?

so you can see how long her hair really is. This is her fresh from the bath. In about two seconds, even the wet hair curls into tight little ringlets.

Friday, June 12, 2009

See the little stinker pictured above? (Ada, not Ellie)

She is currently calling out to anyone that might save her from "night-night."

We put her down about 45 minutes ago, and she has been calling out to us almost that entire time. Because it is already way past her bedtime, we have ignored her, so I suppose she gave up on us. She decided to try different measures, and she is now calling out, "Tutti!!!" "Ruth!!! (Tutti's two year old little girl), "Hannah!!!" (another little friend from church). I am thinking the three mentioned above aren't going to be able to do much when it comes to saving Ada from bed time. In fact, I would guess that Hannah and Ruth might actually be suffering through "night-night" time themselves.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The story of an old white house and the girls who lived there

let me tell you about one of my favorite places on earth--310 E. Samford Avenue in Auburn, AL.

There you will find a white house, paint peeling off, a front porch with a screen door that slams when it shuts, and a side yard just the right size for lying out during summer semester. That is where I made my best college memories.
The house had ten bedrooms in all, and we filled it from floor to ceiling with 13 girls. It was a constant sleepover, ya'll, and for the most part, we loved every minute of it. It was mostly filthy and roach infested, but we didn't really notice those minor details.
Though we have now graduated and gone our separate ways, spread from here to there and living all sorts of different lives, we continue to get together at least once a year. There is always someone missing because life has a way of intervening--nursing babies and overseas missions don't make beach weekends quite so easy--but for the most part we continue to gather and spend weekends reminiscing about the "good ole days."
And that is how I spent this past weekend, lying on the beach, laughing and talking and just being with my best college friends.

The weekend was a sort of send off for dear Katie B. who is headed to Hong Kong, where I know the Lord will use her to reach many with the gospel. Her passion for the Lord and his truth is quite contagious, so how could those students not be won over?

It was fun to tell everyone in person that I am expecting baby number two, and we got to meet another white house baby in person for the first time.

We talked about those who weren't with us--missing them and wishing they were there. We talked about the funniest times, the saddest times, and the craziest times that we spent inside the walls of that house.

Bad dates were laughed at and stories that we know by heart were told once again.

I am blessed to know these girls. The Lord has used them to shape and to teach me.
A million years ago when we were spending our senior spring break on the same beach, the girls weren't doing the "hand on the hip" thing. We were just taking normal pictures.
But we were not to be outdone by those younger than us.You think we have it?
Katie B., me, and Lindsay our last night there. We were stuffed to the gills with delicious food. Please notice my large glass of water instead of the usual diet coke. Diet Coke and I are on a temporary separation of sorts so that this baby can correctly develop inside my womb. (that is not to say that I don't treat myself to the occasional diet coke, but at the rate I was drinking it, something had to give).

New Baby Moore

Thanks for all the congrats, friends.

I thought I would share a few more details about this new addition to our family.

I am very newly pregnant--five weeks, I think. I am a pregnancy-sharer. I cannot hold in the news for more than a day or two. I understand the reasoning behind waiting to share, but it's just not in me to keep it a secret. I am so newly pregnant, that the full-fledged nausea and exhaustion hasn't fully set in yet. The blogging may dwindle when that day arrives;)

We are so excited about this pregnancy. It was a different experience finding out than when I found out with Ada. We have been hoping for a baby for several months now, so I had taken several negative pregnancy tests. It was a bit unbelievable to see the two lines indicating that a life is, indeed, growing inside of me. This time my tears were just out of excitement, not a mixture of excitement and panic as they were with Ada.

I still was unable to wait on Scott to take the pregnancy test, so I had to call him at work with the news. He was just as excited and shocked as I was. I stared at the test forever, not believing it was true. As I then called my mom and sister, I continued to hold the test in my hand and look around at my messy house, and I felt very thankful that we have 10 months to prepare for this baby's arrival. Though I was a bit panicked over the birth of Ada, I was also dying for her to arrive, and I wished away the months. This time, I think I will be thankful for all the time I can get in order to adjust our lives (as much as possible) to make room for another little personality.

When Ada woke up from her nap that day, I asked her if she wanted mom to have a baby, and she said, "nooooo," in a sing-song voice. Since then, however, she always says yes. Obviously, she has no clue how this will rock her world.

We have already looked at pictures to see what this tiny baby looks like at this point, and he or she is a little tadpole. But a baby, nonetheless, tucked safely inside my womb. I love it. His (or her) little nervous system and brain and even skeleton are starting to develop; can you believe it? It truly is such a miracle, and as my mom said, no matter what happens with this pregnancy, this baby has already made its mark on our family. He or she will always be my second; just as Ada will always be my first born--the one who made me a mom.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Checking In

I don't like to be away from my blog for long, but a weekend away with old friends will do that to me.

Where have I been the past few days? Sprawled out on the beach in Seaside, FL reminiscing with old friends. I have much more to say about that, but for now I must pack up again because Ada and I are headed to Alabama tomorrow so that I can finish up my dental work.

I am not sure how much they are going to be able to do, though. What do you think? Can they numb my mouth even in first trimester pregnancy? You tell me.

UPDATE: To clarify - We are expecting Baby Moore #2, due sometime around February 10, and we are thrilled.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vacuum Advice, please

Okay, ya'll really came through with advice on what camera to invest in. However, it looks as if that camera is going to be put waaaaay back on the back burner because our poor little pitiful vacuum cleaner has worked itself to death, literally.

We bought the vacuum cleaner when we moved to our second apartment. (our first apartment was tiny and had concrete floors--the dust buster did the trick quite nicely). We were living on a budget with a new baby on the way, and we bought the most decent thing we could find on sale. It has served us as well as it could. And it's cute. A nice lime green. But we think it has breathed it's last breath.

We are still living on a budget, folks, but we desperately need a good vacuum cleaner that doesn't cost every penny of the measly savings that we have managed to gather over the past year. Can you help me?

Last night when I asked Scott to vacuum the living room and he told me that our vacuum no longer worked, I almost cried. Then I asked him how much a good vacuum costs, and he told me $1000. Is that true? Please, friends, tell me we can find a decent one for much less than that.

What do you think? Can you help me? Advise away, please.

So thankful for the gospel

This morning, I find the following quote very encouraging.

“Jesus does not say, ‘Come to me, all you who have learned how to concentrate in prayer, whose minds no longer wander, and I will give you rest.’ No, Jesus opens his arms to his needy children and says, ‘Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.’

The criteria for coming to Jesus is messiness. Come overwhelmed with life. Come with your wandering mind. Come messy.”
—Paul Miller,
A Praying Life (Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress 2009), 31-32

I start most days overwhelmed by life (and I don't live a hard life. In fact, I live a rather easy one) and the work that needs to be done within me and around me. I am thankful that I don't have to get any of that cleaned up in order to come to the cross. Oh how messy I am, and that is exactly where Christ meets me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The stomach bug hit again

Remember how we spent our Easter weekend?

Well, it happened again last night, but it wasn't nearly as disastrous. Perhaps because Ada wasn't throwing up all over the car or Target, or maybe it's just a different form of the virus. But, it still wasn't fun.

At about dinner time, it all started, so we ended up spending our evening with Ada switching between my lap and Scott's lap, as we watched "Praise Baby" over and over and over. I love praise music, but I can only listen to the same praise songs so many times in row, if you know what I mean. To add to the joy of it, Ada is in a stage where she asks, "what's that?" all day long about every single thing we come across. Sometimes she asks it about things she knows, and then I say, "you tell me what it is," and she gets really excited to tell me the answer.

Well, every new screen that popped up on the television, Ada asked, "what's that?" I love her and I respect that she was feeling bad, but I did think I might pull my hair out.

And I love my husband. He is a servant through and through, and he is such a hands on dad, and I am so blessed by that, but he does make decisions like a dad and not a mom. Let me explain.

Last night, we put Ada to bed before we realized she was suffering from a full-fledged virus, and we heard her over the monitor starting to cough, so Scott ran up there very quickly. By the time I got upstairs, I found him holding Ada over the bath tub, and there was a trail of vomit from her baby bed all the way to the tub--that entire trail is carpeted. Plus, it somehow ended up on the door frame and the wall. Now imagine if he had just left Ada in her bed until she finished throwing up? Then, we would have stripped her down and stripped her bed and washed everything really well, and that would have been the end of it. But, nooooo, instead we were scrubbing the carpet, the walls, the door frames, and other odd places in between. I understand Scott's reasoning--get her over the tub, and we will just rinse out the tub, but obviously, there just wasn't time for that. In the moment I was very much "in the flesh," and a bit frustrated with Scott, but he really had reasoning behind his decision, just not the same reasoning I would have used.

Ada seems to be in the clear, but selfishly I am really praying that Scott and I are spared the virus because I am supposed to go out of town early Friday morning to meet my girlfriends for a beach weekend. I am jumping up and down excited over this weekend, and it could possibly slip through my fingers at the last minute. I am willing that virus away;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ada is already preparing for an English Degree

I was distracted just now, and I turned around to find Ada climbing up the slanted bookcase in our "dining room" (office/play room?). What book did she have her eye on? The Dilemma of "Double-Consciousness" in Toni Morrison's Novels, a book left over from a presentation I did in a graduate seminar. She got her hands on the book, jumped down on the floor, and began to thumb through it. When she realized that it provided no pictures, she quickly lost interest. What can I say, she's an English Major in the making;)