Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reflecting on the past week

It's Sunday night, the eve of another week, and I am looking back over the past week to see how successful I was at achieving my goals.  Let's be honest, the whole miralax and Ada situation sort of pushed all other "resolutions" to the side, but since Ada is 3 1/2 that resolution really did need to take precedence. 

And the funny thing is, setting resolutions or goals or whatever you want to call them simply provides another opportunity for the truth of the gospel to shine through.  It's inevitable that I will fail at meeting my goals.  It's inevitable, and that is why we have the gospel.  I am absolutely flawed, absolutely a failure, absolutely nothing but filth--even my best try, my best "works," are nothing but filthy rags--I will ALWAYS come up short.  And that is when I fall flat on my face before God and beg for Jesus to do it for me.  Literally. 

Lately, the Lord is really teaching me that He has to do all the good.  I am so sick of making goals and not reaching them that lately, I am simply going to straight to God with it.  For example, I am sick of a messy house.  Sick of it.  I would love to have a wonderful routine that keeps my house clean and organized and functional instead of chaotic.  But I have tried one thing after another only to end back at the starting point.  So lately, I am simply praying about it, asking the Lord to show me the next step.  And then, here is the kicker, I am obeying.  I usually don't want to.  I find myself praying, and then a thought pops into my head--now would be a great time to fold clothes or unload the dishwasher or exercise or read your bible or whatever thing you want to fill in the blank--and I usually want to do nothing but sit on the couch, but I am obeying.  I am praying, listening, and obeying (and sometimes not obeying, obviously), but my point is that I am tired of the goal setting and the goal failing, so I am simply taking it to the Lord.  And even praying that I would obey--you know?  Just a whole lot of prayer.  Desperate prayer. is this looking practically?  Well this past Friday I attacked my master bedroom which is covered floor to ceiling with dirty and clean clothes--who knows which is which.  I mean, really, it's a sight.  But I just started chipping away at it, and Ada and John played with the suitcase that is still sitting on my floor--my suitcase from Christmas travels.

So, I worked on my room, and then, aware of the beautiful sunshine outside my window, we headed out for a quick walk around the neighborhood.  Fresh air and sunshine is so good for the brain, isn't it?

This little guy is so on the go, that my stinky camera phone just isn't quick enough to ever catch him.  He wanted out of that stroller, so we took a break to play near the tennis courts (that have yet to be played on by anyone.  Finished?  yes.  Accessible?  no.)

So, we finished our walk, headed back inside, and went back to work in the bedroom.  This time around, John entertained himself in the armoire.

So, what is the point of all of this rambling?  I guess just to say that I have thrown the list out the window--sort of--and instead I am just bringing a few requests before the Lord, often, without ceasing.  Tonight I wish so badly that I could wake up before the kiddos and exercise.  Just 20 minutes.  It seems, from my perspective, that it would be a good thing for everyone.  But Ada ends up in my bed and wakes up when I do or the alarm doesn't go off or whatever else.  So, I am just praying that it would happen.  I would love that quiet time in the morning, and the exercise is so good for my brain (and my body, obviously).  And I also wish that I could finish cleaning my bedroom tomorrow.  Lord, help me.  What else is there to say?  Just help me, Lord.  Do what you want with my life and help me to glorify you in every moment--even in the dishes and the laundry and the exercising.  The daily grind.

Sorry for such a long, rambling post.  Is anyone even still reading?  I would certainly not blame if you if you quit a while back.  But...I wanted to update on the goals for the year.  Diapers are gone, though, so check that one off the list.  THANK YOU, LORD.

Okay, Monday, bring it on.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Shouting

We are still thrilled to the core over here.  I woke up this morning, and Scott was still in the room getting ready for work.  The first thing I said to him was, "Can you believe that Ada is using the potty?"  And he agreed that it is still hard to believe.  It has been such an issue that has filled every second of our days, so we are feeling light, indeed.  Scott and I are so romantic--the main thing we talk about these days is Ada's bodily functions;)  But, really, this is marriage right--being in the daily grind of life together.  I am so thankful to have someone in it with me.  So very thankful.

Last night we made the promised trip to Target, where Ada picked out her "prize" for filling up her chart.  Her choice?  A barbie movie and window markers.  And this morning before it was even light outside, she was asking to use the markers. 

This afternoon Ada has ballet and AWANA.  She never has trouble going to ballet because I stay there during her class, but last week she couldn't get up the nerve to stay at AWANA without me.  I am anxious to see if there is any change in her behavior since we have conquered the toilet situation. 

I am already seeing changes in her in other areas.

Lately, she has not wanted to pray AT ALL.  It has actually been a battle, where I had to make her sit quietly and not cry while I prayed for us.  Well, this morning she asked if we could pray for the day--a first for her.  I, of course, said YES!!!  We can certainly pray for our day, and Ada proceeded to pour her little heart out to God.  Mark it down as one of my favorite motherhood moments, and a huge break through for Ada.  She prayed about everything from sleeping all night in panties to Jesus dying on the cross.  It was killing me that I didn't have a tape recorder or at least a pen and paper so I could get it all down word for word.  We have been praying every night before bed, and if Ada doesn't want to pray, I at least make her repeat after me, "God, help me to want to pray and give me a heart that loves you."  I want her to know that even the wanting to pray comes from Him, so to have her want to pray this morning is such an answer to her own prayer. 

Anyway...I am just thankful today.  So thankful for the Lord caring about this little trial in our lives.  It is so very very small compared to the things that other people are facing today, but I am reminded that God knows every sparrow that falls to the ground, and that this "potty issue" matters to Him.  He has absolutely walked me through this.  Thank you, Lord!!  And thank you, friends, for caring right along with Him:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shouting Hallelujah!!

Miracles are happening over here, folks.  Serious miracles.

The pink makeup is out in full force, and you know what that means

Potty Success!!!!!!

The most success we have had yet.  And, I kid you not, tears came to my eyes as I realized that success was happening. 

Okay, as I was typing this, Ada called to me from the bathroom, where she had, ON HER OWN, gone to the bathroom yet again.  And since then, it has been a non-stop potty party over here.  I think the miralax is finally working it's magic.  I am actually starting to feel sorry for her little stomach and bottom because it can't feel good to go to the bathroom that much. 

But her confidence level is flying high.  In fact, she just said to me, "When I was a baby, I went poopy in my diaper, but now that I am a big girl I go poopy in the potty," as if the former wasn't true only three days ago!!!  It really made me laugh.  She is apparently washing her hands of that terrible situation, and we are going to simply say that it was when she was a baby that she used a diaper;)

She has used the potty so much today, that her "poopy chart" is full, and as soon as Scott gets home, the family is headed to Target to pick out a treat.  We are all in major celebration mode.  Seriously. 

I called Scott at work, and he is as excited as the rest of us, and, like me, can't believe that it's real.  And the thing is, if someone asked me what worked, what clicked and made her finally use the toilet, I still would say, "I HAVE NO IDEA!!"  Except that I have been praying about this non-stop.  Last night, as I drove to my tutoring session, I prayed about poopy the entire way there, and then as I ate lunch today and listened to Ada cry because her stomach hurt, I prayed about poopy again.  I didn't glamourize anything for my prayers; I just laid it all out there. 

Thank you, Lord, for this day.  Thank you for this weight lifting off of me and the relief that overwhelms me.  I don't know if things will move backwards in the next few days or weeks, but for now, I am celebrating!!! 

And Ada has been diaper free for two nights now, and last night there was no bed-wetting.  Poopy in the toilet or not, we are not looking back.  No more diapers for my big girl, Ada!!!  I am thrilled.  As you can imagine.

By the way, I hate that pink makeup.  After a bath, where I scrubbed and scrubbed her face, her face is still tinted pink.  A terrible choice of prizes, I have to say.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am sitting in a living room with no paint splotches on the walls.  It's been a long time coming, but Scott worked hard all weekend long, and my walls are finally painted.  I am beyond relieved that it is finally done.

The breakfast room and hallway are next on the agenda.

As for me, what was I doing all weekend?  Dealing with Ada.

Things just keep escalating with that girl.  I am absolutely at the end of myself in that situation.  Will she ever be potty trained?  I don't know.  Tomorrow will mark week 3 of miralax, and tonight she went to bed in panties not diapers.  She managed to "hold it" despite the miralax.  To say that I don't know what to do is an understatement.  My next step is to take her to the pediatrician. 

The longer she goes without conquering her fear of the toilet, the more fear she experiences in other areas.  The fear is starting to paralyze her.  She doesn't even seem like herself, and she clings to me constantly, wanting me to hold her all of the time (which obviously I can't do).  Tonight I told Scott that I haven't felt this claustrophobic since she was a newborn.  Last Thursday night when it was time for me to leave for Bible Study, Scott literally peeled her off of me, as she screamed as loud as she possibly could. 

Again, I just don't know what to do.  I say it over and over to Scott. 

I lay down with her tonight because she was feeling a bit traumatized about going to sleep without a diaper.  As she was falling asleep, I just hugged her close to me and prayed for her.  I would love it if God used this situation to draw her to himself.  And I am sure that He is somehow using it to sanctify me.  I have to confess that I find myself feeling frustrated with God, which I know is ridiculous.  It just seems like it would be so easy for Him to step in to the situation and fix it.  And in the whole scheme of life, potty training is not that big of a deal, I know, but it feels huge to me right now.  Anyway...I just want to be transparent and say that a lot of sin is coming to the surface as I deal with this situation.  I find myself frustrated with Ada, with Scott, with John (who knows why), and like I just said, even God.  The tension is high around here.  I repeat.  I don't know what to do.

Okay, that's the end of this post.  And I will close with a reminder of the exciting thing that happened this weekend--Scott painted the living room!!!!!!! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One more thing...

Ada was just running around upstairs in nothing but her pants--so no shirt on.  I told her to come to me and let me put her shirt on her, and she responded,

"I'm not Ada, I'm Jillian [as in the Biggest Loser/Thirty Day Shred]"

so I said, "Well, come here, Jillian, I need to put your shirt on you."

Ada said, "Jillian doesn't wear clothes"  (which is basically true in our exercise video.  She wears a sports bra and shorts)

I said, "Well, Jillian, in our house you do wear clothes!!"

How to grow a garden according to Ada and why Ada doesn't want to see Sleeping Beauty

Ada is very interested in garden growing lately, and she can't ever understand why I won't just take her outside and plant the garden, right then, as soon as she thinks of it.  I keep telling her that I will look into it, and this spring (is Spring capitalized?  This English teacher is terrible with captilization--and with the correct spelling of capital) we will try to plant a garden (or plant something, like maybe one vegetable--we'll start small). 

So today at lunch, we were eating blueberries, and Ada began to asking me about a spot on the blueberries, and I was explaining that it was just there from the blueberry being picked off the bush.  So, that led to more questions, and the conversation led to Ada asking if we could go outside to plant a garden after lunch.  I once again told her that I would have to look into it, and that we would try to plant a garden in the Spring, and this is what she said.

Ada:  "But mom, I know how to plant a garden,"

Me:  "You do?  How?"

Ada:  "make a hole...water it...plant...water again...then, watch it grow.  That's how you do it, mom."

So, there you go.  Fairly simple, it seems;) 

Okay, second Ada conversation. 

Yesterday, we got a postcard in the mail about the Atlanta Ballet Company's production of Sleeping Beauty.  Well, Ada's favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty (no rhyme or reason to that; she doesn't even know the story of Sleeping Beauty), and she loved watching the Christmas ballet show, so I thought that it would be really special for Ada to be able to go with me to the Fox to watch Sleeping Beauty.  I immediately called Scott to tell him about it, and he agreed that it was a good idea and that we should look into the price of tickets.  Ada overheard my conversation with Scott, and she wanted to see the postcard.  Here is what it looks like...

I don't know if  you can tell, but the male ballet dancer has no shirt on, and ummm...very form fitting pants.  Ada took one look at it, and announced that she did not want to go see Sleeping Beauty.  When I asked her why, she said because the man doesn't have any clothes on.  No matter what I said, she was not budging in her decision.

Scott said, "that's my girl."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

John's Nine Month Appointment (at 11 months)

This post might be quite boring to most people, but I want it for "the records."

I took John for his 9 month appointment today (after many missed and rescheduled appointments--which is a story in itself.  The story being that I have to get it together).  Anyway...he is eleven months old, but today was his nine month appointment.

He looks great, according to the doctor.  No concerns, really.  His breath holding spells very much follow the pattern of normal breath holding, which makes them no less scary looking, but his brain and his heart have been thoroughly checked, and it looks like our only problem is a strong will:)  Which is good and bad, right?  He most commonly has the spells right now if I leave the room, and he doesn't want me to.  In fact, right when we got home from the doctor, I walked out of his sight for a second, and he immediately went into a "spell."  It's just John's version of separation anxiety, I suppose.  I try to let it run its course for the most part because the older he gets the more it will become a discipline issue.  The only problem is that when he has a spell, his body does go stiff, and he will fall to the ground, so this makes us nervous when he is on a hard surface.  I don't think he can hurt himself too badly on carpet. 

He weighs 18'9, falling in the 16th percentile for weight, and he is 27 3/4", putting him in the 18th percentile for height.  His weight percentile has fallen a bit, but the doctor said that is perfectly normal for a breastfed baby, so there is no concern there.  His weight percentile would be more accurate on an International growth chart, just not the good 'ole US of A's.  (which says much about the attitude towards breastfeeding in our country compared to other countries, but that is a whole other topic)

And for the big news....

John took five steps tonight!!!

I think Ada was the most excited of all.  She kept saying how proud she was of him, and she jumped up and down with true excitement as we watched him take the steps.  I am sure she is envisioning him finally running around and playing with her.

I think this is exactly the age that Ada started walking--right before her first birthday. 

Another funny John note...he had to get a shot today, and he didn't bat an eye over it.  Not only did he not cry, he did not even flinch.  It was so crazy.  It was the same nurse who witnessed a breath holding spell after one round of shots, so she was as shocked as I was that the shot didn't bother him a bit.  Again, Ada seemed to be the proudest of all.  She kept saying, "he's a tough boy.  I am so proud of him."  (We often tell her she is a tough girl if she falls down, and we know it didn't really hurt to keep her from getting upset)

So...there's our John-John. 

Oh yeah, one more thing.  Because it wouldn't be our John without a slight glitch, he does have to see a pediatric optometrist because his tear duct continues to be clogged.  I think there is some minor procedure that will take care of it.  It just always makes us laugh, and we tease him and call him a "drama queen." (as if he can understand us).  He just never has anything seriously wrong (praise the Lord!!), but there is always something that needs to be checked out. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I did wake up early yesterday morning (not 5 am, but 6 am), and I started my exercise video.  About ten minutes in, Ada also woke up early--sensing that I was awake, I suppose--so I caved and let her watch cartoons while I finished the video.  Then, just as I was finishing, John also woke up early.  As I told my mom, I was determined to "get a verse read,"  I am realistic; I knew that in depth bible study was not in the cards, but still, I needed a moment before the day officially began, so I put John in his high chair, gave him some fruit loops and water, started another cartoon for Ada, and I read my bible anyway, despite not being up alone before the rest of the house.

And this morning?  Ada woke up before I even made it downstairs.  I was still in John's room feeding him to insure that he would sleep through my 20 minutes of exercise, when I heard a little voice calling, "mommy, where are you?!!"

So, again, cartoons are on television, and I am going to sneak in my bible reading and exercise in between drink pouring, breakfast fixing, and baby feeding. 

Monday, January 17, 2011


 I am so proud of this big, brave girl!!!  We had slight (and I do mean slight) success in the potty, and it is a celebration over here!!!  Thank you, Lord, for a break through!!!  I am going to step out in faith and predict more success later today (please, Lord, please).
 On Saturday, I took Ada to Marshall's (because she had seen this particular item there), and she picked out this makeup set as her potty training reward.  It has been sitting high on a shelf, where she could plainly see it but definitely not reach it.  We have talked about this makeup a lot, and today she got to pick two things from the set to use (when we have LOTS of success, she gets to use the whole thing).
 she specifically asked to paint her own toes, and don't you love the make up in the middle of her forehead.  She also concentrated on the chin area.  Then she asked, "do I look like a princess, or a ballerina, or a princess ballerina?"  And I answered, "all of the above!!"
 John was in on the celebration (placed quickly on my hip after he attempted to use the potty to pull up)
Keep it up, Ada!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Revisiting the Goals

Okay, I set a few January goals for myself, and my tendency is to let things like this just fall to the wayside, so I am revisiting these goals to prevent that from happening.

How am I doing? 

So So.

I have exercised four times total over the past two weeks, so I have decided that the only thing to do is wake up before the rest of the house.  It's the only way that I am going to consistently get the exercise done, plus I love a quiet house in the morning.  It is a much more peaceful way to start the day than a three year old right in my face begging me to go downstairs.  It also a much better way for Ada to start the day--with a mom who is already awake and alive and ready to go.  So, win-win, right?

Starting tomorrow, I am waking up at--gasp--5 am.  I should stay starting tonight because this means that Scott and I are getting into bed at 10pm.  That's the biggest struggle, really, getting to bed early.

Also, because those baby pounds are stubbornly hanging around, and I do not have the time or patience to do an actual diet, I am making a no eating after 8 pm rule for myself.  If you are thinking, who eats after 8 pm anyway?  I do!!!!  I love to have a fun little snack after the kids are finally in bed, and I have crashed on the couch for a little down time.  I have to cut that snack out, though.  I think it might be just the ticket to getting these five pounds off (combined with the exercise).

So, that's the exercise and diet portion of the goals.

I don't need to tell you how Ada and the miralax is going.  No success there (except in her diaper and in her panties, no toilet success), but she has had lots of miralax.

I was doing really well with the bed-making and 15 minute cleaning sessions (which turned into much more than 15 minutes) until the big snow "storm" hit, and everything got off kilter.  I will be resetting that goal starting tomorrow morning.  We are getting things back on track.

Budget-wise, we are doing okay.  The main problem is I always forget to get cash before I go to the grocery store, so I need to make that a priority.  Cash just makes it very easy to see when we are over budget for the week.

And preschool with Ada?  Again, the snow threw us off.  We are back on track this week.

Was that all of the goals?  I am not sure, but those are the ones I am working on.  Big thing this week--waking up early before the rest of the house.  It should set everything else into motion.

I also want to note that last year, I made one, just one, New Year's Resolution to stop being late.  I am always late, especially to church.  Well, I failed miserabley at conquering that problem, but we have been on time to church the last two Sundays, and I plan to keep that up!!!  I think being late is so, so rude, and yet, I continue to be late, so I am determined to change my ways.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday and John's Success

So...I wanted to blog about something other than the ongoing potty drama (which has reached an all time high today), and I realize that I haven't said much about this stinker lately, and we are having all kinds of success with him.

This week in the midst of potty training, I also tackled "operation wean John," and we have done exceptionally well with step one.

This week, I stopped nursing John before naps.  To give you a full picture of how much this guy has been eating, I have weaned him down to four times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime, plus at least once in the middle of the night).  So, we have dropped two feedings--the feed-to-sleep at naptime feedings.  He only cried before the first morning nap, and after that he adjusted well to the new schedule.  Our next goal is to drop the middle of the night feedings.  He gets to keep the meal time feedings and bedtime feedings until his first birthday, and then we will begin dropping those one at a time, starting with lunch.  I am guessing bedtime will be the last to go, but we are weaning and that is a huge deal around here!!

Plus, all of a sudden, he is eating solid food like a champ.  Like a champ.  We have established quite the routine, every time he wakes up--in the morning, after morning nap (so lunch), and after afternoon nap (dinner) he gets to nurse.  Then, he eats a snack of baby goldfish or cheerios or, his favorite and what I feel the most guilt about, fruit loops.  He LOVES fruit loops and goldfish, and I have to give just a few at a time, or he will stuff his mouth until he is choking.  Then he eats an entire thing of baby food.  He does this three times a day.  It has only taken us eleven months to get on a feeding schedule;)  The goldfish and other finger foods have been a lifesaver for me because I am able to keep him occupied while I cook or clean the kitchen or whatever.  And he also drinks out of chews on his sippy cup while he snacks.  So...progress, right?

As for Ada...oh man, things are not good.  The fear has taken over to the point that today she cried and cried and cried while I left the house to run (for 15 minutes).  She was crying so hard over my leaving the house that she was shaking when I got home (I absolutely had to have the running break, though).  She then sobbed and sobbed while I took a shower, and not having a clue what to do during my afternoon tutoring session, I gave her permission to watch cartoons while I was gone (they have been taken away until we have potty success).  She still cried, but the cartoons kept her calm enough.  Things are not good (and this does not even include the insane freak out when I tried to take her to get her hair cut.  She ran from me, into a corner of the salon, where she curled up and screamed.  Needless to say, we did not get her hair cut).  So...we are just praying for some direction with her.  I have a hunch that many of these fears will be released once she uses the potty, but I honestly don't know how that is going to happen at this point. 

And now both the kids are in bed, Scott is watching the Falcons on tv, and I am about to go to Target just to get some time by. my. self.  Ada is my precious girl, but I am feeling a bit suffocated. 

And there's an update.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And the Potty Saga Continues

Oh the emotional drain that is going on at our house right now.  This little girl is putting up quite the fight, and not even miralax can beat her.

I know, I know, I know that we will face much, much, harder things before the parenting experience is over, but in our short three year history, this is the hardest yet.  I do feel like God has answered my prayers with some new direction in the situation.  Tonight, I desperately began to google our "situation," and I found a wealth of information, with this article providing some particularly practical help.  Plus, I can't tell you how much it helps to find out that so many other moms have dealt with this (which I already knew based on the response to my last post.  Several people e-mailed me about their experience, which was EXTREMELY encouraging!!)  Anyway I feel discouraged tonight simply because it was an exhausting day due to the "potty battle," but I also feel very encouraged because I have a specific place to start using the advice from the above article.  And I am praying A LOT with Ada.  I am praying specfically that the Lord uses this "trial" to shape Ada's little heart.  I pray that he would use this to show her that he will never leave her or forsake her and that she does not have to fear for he is with her.  And I am constantly reminded that the Lord is her creator.  He understands everything from her intestines to her three year old fears in a way that I can't even begin to fathom.  It is such a small thing, but it is an opportunity for me to put all the control in his hands.  As much as I want to take this from her, I can't, and I know that He is in control, even of this situation that most likely seems insignificant from a distance. 

Another thing that I feel a bit sad and overwhelmed about tonight, is that I am beginning to see many fears in Ada.  Not very long ago she seemed so fearless, and I guess she still is fearless when it comes to physical things, but I am seeing so many irrational fears begin to play out in our daily lives.  And to be honest, it reminds me of so many of my own struggles.  Scott lauged at me today, because I was explaining this observation to him, and I said, "I think she is going to be fearful and a worrier, like me, and it worries me." See?!!!  I don't want to pass on my sin to her!!  I want her to live in light of the truth that God is in control and that she DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AFRAID.  Even today she wouldn't play on the playground at Chick-fil-a because she said it was "too loud."  I knew that she really, really wanted to play, but her fear held her back.  I know that much of this goes with her age, and she will outgrow it, but I also believe that much of it points to struggles that she will deal with her entire life.  And now, I must resist the temptation to worry, and instead cling to the truth that Ada can find victory from her sins because of the life and death of Jesus Christ.  Oh that I would also live in victory because of His work on the cross.  And so I pray for Ada and for me--

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, (Hebrews 12:1)

I am sorry to ramble on and on and on about potty issues of all things, but my mind is heavy with how to conquer this thing. 


I have blogged and blogged and blogged about swagbucks, which I still love.  Swagbucks continues to fund most of Ada's gifts and many of my book purchases.

Well, I now have another site that I love almost as much as swagbucks.  Do ya'll know about zulily?  It's a site for moms that provides daily deals on great items.  And by deals, I mean up to 75% off of really great stuff.  Often smocked dresses or melissa and doug toys or squeaky shoes, and the list goes on and on.  It's great for those of us on a budget.  I am a clearance shopper, which goes all the way back to my high school days.  And Zulily is the ultimate clearance rack!!

So...if you aren't already a member of Zulily, sign up through me (and if you happen to buy something, I will get some credit).  You will get daily e-mails telling you what is currently in the Zulily store.  I really do love it.  Try it out.  Oh, and signing up is free, of course.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Held Hostage By Ice

First and foremost, would you join me in a great big


National Champions; I can't believe it!!

And now for the rest of the post.

What an odd week!!  We are facing day three of being iced into our home, and I confess, I am feeling a bit of cabin fever.  Today I kept asking Scott if he thought we should venture out, but it wasn't looking too good out our back door or our front.

I am thankful for the rest, though.  I have taken full advantage of Scott working from home, and I took an afternoon nap when John did, both yesterday and today.  Woo-hoo!!

Ada is thrilled about the snow, ice?, and keeps asking when it is going to melt.  She is so worried that it is going to melt that she can hardly enjoy it while it's here.  Isn't that the human nature?  Or at least the human nature of my offspring.

Here are a few snapshots from the last two days.

 view from the front door

and view from the back

 And playing with our next door neighbor, whom Ada adores.
Those were all taken yesterday, and John and I opted to stay inside where it was warm and toasty. 
 I'm training him early to help out in the kitchen.  One day his wife will thank me;)  (Scott is GREAT about helping me in the kitchen, so it's in John's genes)

John is showing off his new trick, waving and saying, "Hey."  I had also given him some water in one of Ada's sippy cups (in other words, not nearly as spill proof as his), and he thought it was great fun to pour water all over himself.  See his wet head?

And today, I decided that John and I desperately needed to get out in the fresh air.  I was going a bit stir crazy.

 bundled up and ready to go

And, Ada playing on the hill beside our community pool.  We made a makeshift sled out of cardboard, but she only rode it twice before it sort of fell apart, and she didn't want to ride it anymore.  John and I didn't last long outside.  I was worried about his baby face out in the cold.

In the midst of the snow, we are also still dealing with the potty drama, and I am about to pull my hair out.  I ended up putting a diaper on her before bed tonight, mainly because I needed a break.  I am just taking it a day at a time, praying and praying and praying for wisdom and guidance.  There was a time I don't think I would have believed that potty training could cause this much turmoil and praying and begging God for some answers.  I mean, it's potty training.  I am starting to believe that Ada is going to start kindergarten in diapers.  Not really...but sort of.  We are still doing miralax, after hearing from several moms, and I am hoping that eventually she won't be able to hold it.  Anyway...I could talk about this forever, but I won't put you through that.

Local friends...have you ventured out of your homes?  How are the roads out there?  It's so strange to feel this isolated!!