Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pregnancy Update

I am posting twice in one morning.  What?!  I am facing an entire day AT HOME--praise the Lord, so I have time to lounge around a bit more this morning.  Plus, the kids woke up about an hour earlier than normal, but they slept ALL NIGHT in their own beds--again, praise the Lord--so there is just more time this morning, and I am taking advantage before I start on my list of to-dos.

I thought I would post a quick pregnancy update for the record books.  This is, after all, serving as Evie's baby book.  (and John's, by the way).

I went to my specialist for the last time this past Monday.  Or what I thought was for the last time.  The really great news, the most notable news of all, is that Evie's kidneys are just fine!!!!  I was seeing the specialist because her kidneys had been slightly enlarged at her 20ish week ultrasound, and they had continued to be slightly enlarged at each specialist appointment after that, but this week they were NORMAL.  Hallelujah, thank you, Lord!!!  That was the best case scenario, that it would just work itself out and that would be that.  I am so thankful that it is now a non-issue. 

What is also notable, however, is that based on the specialist ultrasound, at 35 weeks pregnant, Evie weighs 7 lbs 14 oz-- bigger than either Ada or John were at birth!!  Yikes.  I asked the specialist how accurate that is, and he said it can be up to 10% off, so maybe only 7 ish lbs at 35 weeks, or, possibly, already over 8 lbs at 35 weeks pregnant.  He also pointed out that my fundal height measurements (sp?) are consistent with her weighing that much.  As in, at 35 weeks, instead of measuring 35, I measure 39.  Again, in previous pregnancies, I have always measured right on target.  And I am consistently measuring several weeks ahead at each appointment.  So...the doctors are somewhat concerned about how big she will be if I actually made it all the way to my due date.  The word C-section is being thrown out there.  I KNOW that there are a million opinions about that, but it is just out there right now, no decisions have been made.  The specialist actually wants to see me in three weeks to check her weight.  It helps that I am seeing a regular OB and a specialist, so this is all based on two separate doctors--two separate practices--two separate opinions.  But the opinions are consistent--it all matches up.

Here is what I am praying, that I would go into labor early.  As in really early.  I have to decide about a C-section at 38 weeks, so if I went into labor at 37 weeks, it wouldn't even be an issue ;)  I know that most people don't go into labor at 37 weeks; really, I know that.  But she is big, and I am feeling her largeness.  And I had both Ada and John at 39 weeks, so it's not so crazy.  She is head down right now; in position.  At the ultrasound, the ultrasound tech showed me how she is going through the motions of breathing, which babies do at the end to get their lungs ready for breathing, and the ultrasound tech said that is a good sign. 

Of course, mostly I am praying for a healthy baby and a healthy me ;)  And the doctors keep reminding me that Evie is so healthy.  She is just big.  And of course I don't want a C-section, but I am okay with it if it comes to that.  I have known for several weeks now that it is a possibility, so it's not new information for me.  I have had time to process and pray about it and prepare myself.  But, in my ideal world, I would just go into labor.  My body would "do its thing," and I would get this baby out.  It's what I am praying for, anyway.
I am in those last weeks of pregnancy, the in between phase, the I'm done but there are four weeks to go phase.  I shuffle and waddle from here to there, in some constant state of contraction or shooting ligament pain or desperate need to get to the bathroom as Evie kicks on my bladder.  You know these weeks.  The baby is huge and out of room, but needs a bit more time to fatten up (or in Evie's case, grow into a toddler ;) ), and my five foot frame is done, over it, and I would gladly drive to the hospital and say, "get this baby out," but I know that's not in the cards, so on we go.  I am thankful for a healthy baby, a healthy pregnancy, and that the finish line is in sight.   My kids are also over it.  John has suctioned himself to my legs, my side, and if he can possibly finagle it, my arms.  He wants me in his line of vision at all times; no one else will do; and between him and "big" Evie, I am feeling  a bit claustrophobic.  I assume he senses that big changes are on the horizon.  Or maybe he wants his normal mom back.  The non-giant mom who can easily walk and run and get around and bend down and do things.  He's probably feeling a bit of what I am feeling. 

But I keep attempting to do normal things in hopes that it will make life seem stable for the kids as we all brace ourselves for the shift that is coming.  The inevitable growing pains that accompany adding another member to the family.

For example, this past weekend Scott's parents were in town.  Which was a huge help.  Scott's mom entertained Ada and John and washed dishes and helped me in all sorts of ways.  But we also took a trip to a local pumpkin patch.  It's fall after all, and for one six year old and three year old, fall traditions must go on no matter what state my body is in.  So, I waddled and shuffled myself around Southern Belle Farms and "got the thing done."  It was a good and fun day, though hot.  I always picture this dreamy fall day with breezes and boots and cider.  Ha.  It was more like guzzling water and sweating buckets and sun burned cheeks.  But I hear promises of fall-like weather headed our way?  Maybe?

A few pictures.  There wasn't enough time or energy to do all that was offered.  But Ada and John loved it.  Ada is all about building up some excitement for an event, and the pumpkin patch was no exception.  And by pumpkin patch, I mean farm with lots of fallish activities.  We actually bought our pumpkins at Home Depot.  At our "pumpkin patch," the price of admission (HIGH price of admission, in my humble opinion) does not include a pumpkin. 

 In typical John fashion, he was super intense about this rubber duck race "thing" (?).  I mean, intense.  And he absolutely did not want my help, no matter how hard he had to pump that red handle.  In the mean time, in her typical fashion, Ada was flitting around from activity to activity, while we waited for John to be convinced to walk away from his obsession.

*I had more pictures than this, but I am having trouble downloading and time is passing.  This now happened two weekends ago, so I am posting.  And the fall weather is here--yay!! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Sleep Situation At Our House

So, I need to provide a little background information.

When we first moved to our last--tiny--house, John was not even two yet, and he and Ada were going to be sharing a room for the first time.  On top of that, the way the rooms flowed in that house, noise traveled everywhere.  All the rooms were basically attached to each other, and you just walked from room to room to get around the house.  I assume that is a 1940s thing?  Anyway, I prayed and prayed and prayed about the sleep situation because I knew that would be our biggest obstacle when we downsized to that house.

So, we began by putting John to bed, just a toddler, in his and Ada's room, and we would do stories and prayer time with Ada in our bed.  She would fall asleep in there, and Scott and I would move her after she fell asleep.  That worked well for a long time, but then John started to get older, and it made sense to begin doing bed time with both of them in their bed room.  John was old enough for stories and prayer, and we thought they were ready to get used to going to sleep at the same time.  That also worked well for a long time.

Well, somewhere along the way, Ada began having bad dreams, and she would come get in our bed in the middle of the night.  Our full size bed.  Not King.  Not even queen.  Our full size bed.  The thing was, I would be so tired, that I would just let her, not really thinking about it, until I started to get sort of pushed out of the bed.  At that point, instead of doing the logical thing of making her go back to her own bed, in my state of sleepiness, I began walking the few steps over to Ada and John's room, and I just climbed into her bed, and she slept the rest of the night with Scott.  Seriously, our bedrooms were practically attached, so I would barely even wake up to do this.  Sometimes I didn't even remember doing it.  It became a habit.  A really bad habit.  So, when we moved to this house, and Ada and John were now in a room across the house from us, I thought the problem would work itself out.  It hasn't.  Except that in my large, very pregnant, so much pain when I go from lying to standing, situation that I find myself in, that walk across the house to get into Ada's bed is no longer done while I am half asleep.  I am wide awake.  And waddling.  And in pain.  And, because it's the middle of the night, angry with every other person in the world who is soundly sleeping ;) 

So, one day, with Evie's birth on the horizon, I put my foot down and said, "No more!!"  Everyone is sleeping in their own bed.  This is ridiculous.  So, with Scott on my side, we made this declaration.  And so far, this is how it goes.  At least four times a night, I hear little foot steps coming into our room, usually about three of those times it's John, and the last time it's Ada.  And each time, I have to very violently ;) shake Scott out of his sound sleep to get him to carry said child back across the house to their bed.  If it's John, he is in absolute hysterics that it's not me putting him back to bed, so I waddle behind Scott and John--on average 3-4 times a night--to get everyone back in their proper place.  Well, two nights ago, I had been awake 5 times!!! throughout the night (one of those times just to use the bathroom, which by the way, I go to the bathroom every single time the kids wake up), and the last time, I just didn't care any more.  When John showed up beside my bed, I said climb on up, and across the house I went and climbed into John's bed, and I finally got a good two solid hours of sleep.  But I was not happy when the next morning I woke up and I had been awake five times in the night.  Five times!!!  That's a bad night with a newborn!!  And Evie isn't even born yet. 

But, I am trusting, because it's the way these things usually go, that if we just keep on keeping on, and putting our foot down, and making the trek across the house to put the child back in the bed, that eventually we will all sleep through the night in our own beds.  And one day this will be a distant memory.

Just in time for a newborn to rock our world ;)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Waiting, uncomfortably

Well, here I sit, trying to think of what to say other than to complain about the fact that I am so huge and uncomfortable.  It's as if the muscles surrounding my stomach have thrown in the towel with this third pregnancy and have declared that they are done.  They are no longer willing to hold up my stomach, so I walk around in pain, all of the time.  Has anyone else experienced this?  This is a new one for me.  I'm not talking about contractions, though I am having those, but instead, just lots of aching in the muscles at the lower part of my stomach.  So much aching and random sharp pains, 24-7, but especially when I go from lying to sitting or sitting to standing.  But also, you know, when I walk across the room or wash dishes or live life in general. 

I will say that I am carrying Evie much lower than I did Ada or John because I have had no heartburn at all with her, and I had tons with John.  Maybe that explains the muscle pains? 

I feel a bit defeated by life, and I don't mean in major, important, at all significant ways.  I just mean in that my head is in nesting mode, big time, but my body protests if I even walk, so to flit around the house trying to get things in order poses quite the problem.  I mostly just do it anyway, in major slow motion, but then I pay for it with swollen ankles and lots of contractions. 

At the same time, I know it is such a gift to be pregnant at all.  To feel this tired and huge and like a spectacle--it's a gift.  To feel the waves of movement as she shifts in my belly.  To know there is this person, my child, growing, growing, growing inside of me.  Her heart beating inside of me.  And then I go into Ada and John's room, to watch them sleeping, curled up, chest moving up and down, and I know that I would do it all again.  Go right back to the very beginning and do it all again.  Because at the end of the day, I get to be a mom.  Thank you, Lord. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Long but Productive Day and the Big Sibling Class.

We are at the end of a long, but good and satisfying, Saturday.

We made a rare trip "into the city," to visit TJ Maxx's Home Goods in Smyrna.  I was on the hunt for a lamp for Evie's room and a few wall d├ęcor type items for the living room.  Because I am slightly overwhelmed with getting my house "decorated," I am trying to focus on one room at a time.  The living room is the current room I am focusing on.  This means that my living room is almost "complete," but the walls in my dining room are completely blank.  And they will probably stay that way for a good long while.  I am also trying to finish up Evie's room, so that is a bonus room added to the mix.  Just last week her bumper pad and crib skirt arrived in the mail.  There are also several piles of things that need to be sorted through and hung on the walls--mostly things that were on the walls around Ada's bed but are being passed on to little Evie (or big Evie as Ada calls her).  One thing at a thing at a time...  And can I just say that I wanted to buy every single thing I saw in Home Goods.  Totally worth a 30 minute drive when I need something for the house!!

While in Smyrna, we stopped at Jason's Deli for lunch, which happens to be attached to Cumberland Mall.  Since we were right there, I made a quick run into H & M to look at the baby and children's clothes, while Scott sat with Ada and John at the indoor play area.  I had no luck there, but I ran into Crazy 8 on my way to meet Scott, and I stumbled upon a serious sale.  Score.  I got a GREAT deal on leggings and jeans for Ada, because she keeps holes in the knees of her leggings, so I constantly have to replace them--plus, she is growing like crazy, and definitely needed the next size up for fall.  Anyway, it was a fun, but LONG day, and I am now sitting on the couch, drinking water, with my feet propped up, trying to stop the Braxton hicks contractions and swelling in my ankles ;)  My body is screaming at me that I overdid it.  And, it's true, I waddled myself all over the place today, but I checked a lot of things off my list, and all at great prices.  So, it's worth a few contractions and a swollen ankle or two.

And now for the real reason I am typing--to get it in the record book that Ada and John are officially prepared to be big siblings ;)  This past Thursday night we attended the big sibling class and hospital tour at the hospital where I will be delivering.  I chose a new to me doctor and hospital this time around so that I would be closer to home.  It has made things so much easier so far, but it does make me feel like a first time mom when it comes to knowing much about the hospital. 

Ada was super excited about the class, and John, as usual, was just along for the ride.  They both seemed to like it, and we even got to see a precious newborn boy in the baby nursery, which everyone agreed was the highlight of the night.  And I feel more prepared as far as knowing where to go when it is finally to time to "do this thing."  Here are the pictures.  They pretty much speak for themselves.

 checking out one of the mother/baby rooms at the hospital--where I will stay after labor and delivery.

 Ada, unprompted, swaddling her baby after changing its diaper.
 Giving John some diapering advice.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Real. Live. Tea Party.

first, the state of the pregnancy.  I'm so tired.  My stomach is so big.  (at the doctor's appointment yesterday I was 32 weeks plus a few days, but my stomach measured 38 weeks.  Ahhhhh.  stomp my feet and pout that I have to carry around a 38 week stomach but labor is not in sight.  The midwife measured three times to be sure).  But Evie is looking a little bit smaller--back on the charts--yay.  Her head is still giant, but this is apparently good because a big head clears the way for her shoulders during delivery.  A frightening thought, but good, none the less.  She is slightly redeeming herself, though, because the ultrasound tech said she definitely has hair!!  Following the trend set by her sister and brother--yay!

Anyway, despite my ever growing mid-section that occupies my mind most of the time--other things are happening in our life.

For one six year old, BIG things are happening.  Ada was invited to her first real tea party, and her excitement was high, to say the least.  You know, carrying the invitation around and reading it multiple times a day.  Planning her outfit several days in advance, only to change her mind the day of.  Imagining, out loud, what the tea party would be like. The typical girl reaction to this kind of thing, don't you think?


And her thoughts afterward?  She said, "mama, she decorated so good!!!"  And she immediately began planning the tea party she wants to have for her next birthday party. 

In other words, it was a hit.