Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coming soon to the Moore house...


We are most likely starting on Sunday night (Scott, do you agree?)

It is high time that we get in shape.  Seriously.  6 1/2 months post-partum, and I am ready to deal with the aftermath of this pregnancy.  The scale may be down, but this body I'm left with is not the same one that I started with--you other mamas know what I mean!!  The scale can be deceiving.

Now, I want to do the workout while maintaining my milk production, and the milk production takes priority, but I am hoping that John is old enough, and my supply is established enough, that we will be just fine. 

Here we go.  I have a feeling it's not going to be easy.

edit:  I added a link to P90x above, for those of you--mom, and possibly, Mary Ann:)--who might not know what it is.  and, by the way, we are borrowing the videos.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Six (and a half) months

"Can you believe this pink flowered bib?" John asks...
"Only a real man, John, only a real man."

We are working our way through month six, and I am determined to get this little stinker to eat something other than breast milk. 

He ate that avocado that one time, and then he threw it up that night, and he hasn't really been willing to eat it again.  I want to keep trying because that's really what I want him to be eating. 

The joke continues to be on me.  I wanted a nurser, and this baby wants to be attached to me all day and all night.  Let's just nurse, mama, he says.  That's all I want.

So...I decided to try banana.  Why?  I don't have a real concrete reason; I just thought he would like the taste and thought it might segue into other things, like avocado.  I do have some avocados sitting on the counter waiting to ripen.  But I was right, banana he loved.

Let's see, month six?

I am liking month six.  He has turned into a happy little booger.  He gets very excited to see Scott, Ada, or me.  Especially me, since I provide the food.  He still loves to cuddle, and I love it too.  Those chubby cheeks up next to mine.  It's too much.  And his little hair is growing back in, but it is growing straight up and very soft and fuzzy.  It's so funny, and perfect.

He still eats every 3-4 hours around the clock, but my body has adjusted, and I don't feel that tired from it.  It only takes him about 5 minutes to eat, so it's a quick process in the middle of the night, but it does mean he is nearing 7 months and still sleeping in a pack n' play in our closet.  Crazy I know. 

He still does his breath holding spells every once in a while, but usually we can catch him and blow in his face before he goes into a "trance."  His EEG is on Thursday, so we'll know more after that.  If it is just breath holding, and we assume it is, he will probably outgrow it by the time he is three or four.

He and Ada really do enjoy each other already.  Sometimes if she's in trouble about something or been told no, she confides in John about it, like they are allies.  I'll hear her say, crying, "They said I can't go outside, John..." or something to that effect.  And John grins and grins at her. 

He is still rolling all over the place, sitting up with support, and kicking his arms and legs as hard as he can while lying on his stomach as if that will some how propel him forward.  He has scooted forward once and scooted back a few times, but no significant movement yet.  He's on the verge of lots of scooting I think. 

So...there you have it.  Half way to the one year mark.  What?!!!  It's flying by. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010


It was high time that my blog got a "revamp," so...

ta da...

I revamped it.

I might spend a few more days playing around with this and that, so please excuse any mess that you might stumble upon.

Now, I am off to bed to begin another week.  So long, weekend.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank You

Thank you, friends, for the encouraging comments.  Sometimes, almost all of the time, all I need to know is that I am not the only one.

That seems to be my favorite lie to believe, "everyone, and I mean everyone else, has it all together, and I am the only one stumbling along, meager attempt after meager attempt, failing every other try," and then I find out, that is not truth!!

As I sit down in the midst of a still quiet house to plan another week's menu and grocery list, I pray that the Lord would speak to me in the midst of this very ordinary day.  I long for gospel truth to cover these daily moments. 

I hope that everyone, and I mean everyone, has a restful, restoring Saturday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


May I confess something.

I am experiencing a bit of blog reading burn out.  Or, to be more clear, I am feeling overwhelmed by all of the blogs that I read. 

Let me explain.

My reader is full of several types of blogs--home design, fashion, fashion on a budget, home design on a budget, motherhood, homeschooling, biblical womanhood, couponing, eating real get the drift.  And then there are the blogs of friends, which I am not burned out on, because those feel like getting really fun e-mails everyday.

Well, at the end of the day, when I sit down to catch up on all of these blogs, I begin to hear these voices in my head--everyone has cuter houses than you, cuter clothes than you, cleaner houses than you, more nutritional menus, more money saved, etc. etc. etc.  And I begin to look around at my tiny little attempt to get it all done as a stay-at-home mom, and I even like to think, get it done well, and I begin to feel like a failure.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

Some times--lots of times, even-- all of those blogs encourage me, but on a down day, on a day when the house seems particularly messy or Ada seems particularly disobedient or when we had frozen pizza for dinner and we went over budget at the grocery store, the blogs seem to magnify my shortcomings.  Can anyone relate?

Today is one of those days, so I think tomorrow, and the rest of this night, I am going to walk away from the blog reading for a while.  Take an accurate look at what I need to work on around here, and get to it without comparing.  (Which by the way, I don't think any of those blogs are intending to do that--this is simply my sin rising to the surface!!!)

And, before I typed all of this, I also called my mom for a little pep talk, and it helped.  She reminded me that I am not the only person in the world with a messy house.  (Earlier today, I had convinced myself that I was).  This blog world is a bit of a double edged sword.  I love blogging because it makes me feel so much less isolated, but at the same time, it gives my sin of comparison more opportunity to rise to the surface!! 

Oh Lord, give me grace and mercy.  Speak truth to me!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Post I have mentioned here and there, we do plan to homeschool our children, which I hesistate to even mention because it always produces a raised eyebrow or two.  And I can never gather my thoughts to stutter my way through an explanation as to why we plan to do this.  I know all the reasons in my head, and the more I read and pray the more I am sure that for now this is how the Lord is leading our family, but I can't articulate all these reasons very well.  Which makes sense considering that my oldest child in only three, and I haven't actually done any true homeschooling yet (though I like to think that is what we are doing every single day). 

Anyway...I just stumbled upon this post, and I immediately wished I could print it and always have it with me if the question comes up, why do you plan to homeschool?  I especially love how she addresses the very real concern of homeschool children being too "sheltered."

Anyway...if you are considering homeschooling, or are even strongly against it, I think this post is a great read to show you the reasons why I am crazy enough to think that I should teach my children at home. As  I read the post all I could think was, yes!!!  yes!!!  and more, YES!!!

p.s. I loved teaching in the public school system, and I had a great public school experience growing up.  My decision to homeschool isn't a decision made "against" public schooling, instead it's a decision made "for" home schooling.  Does that make sense?

Turning the television OFF

A while back, my blogging friend, Lauren, asked me how we realistically turn the television off during the day.  How we convince Ada that it's a good idea.

Her question made me laugh at myself, because in all honesty, we watch too much television every single day.  So my first response is, Lauren, when you find the answer, let me know!!  However, we have been purposefully trying to turn the television off as much as possible, so I have a few suggestions of how we are working on it.  We are certainly in process.  We have not arrived!!!! 

Okay, first things first, I think about what times of the day when I most need Ada to be occupied.  This is when I do let her watch television--during dinner prep, when I am getting ready to tutor, or when we all need to be some where by a certain time.  Or, when I really, really need the house to stay clean or straight, then I definitely let her turn it on.

I also think about good alternatives to the television.  See the pictures below.  (Thank you, Jessica, for Candyland.  Ada and I play it multiple times a day, so I have a love/hate relationship with the game).
We also try to get outside for a little bit everyday.  We go out during John's morning nap to avoid the awful afternoon heat, and our time outside always involves water!!  I think kids need to be outside as much as possible.  It's not a good day unless there is at least a little bit of dirt underneath Ada's fingernails;)

Sometimes we even go outside first thing before the heat has arrived.  I bring John's exersaucer out, and we all three enjoy the fresh air.  This trip outside doesn't involve water.

And I make sure her toys are accessible.  I used to keep all of her toys upstairs in an effort to keep downstairs straight.  But, I found that the television ended up being on all of the time.  Now, her toys are where we spend most of our time, so she usually chooses the toys over the television.  Because of this, we are making it a habit to do a quick "pick up" of downstairs at least twice a day.  And I make her help me, even though it slows us down.  Trying to instill those habits!!  (The ones that I have trouble with myself!!)

Another way to keep the television off is to let Ada help me with the housework.  She loves to clean the oven door or the dishwasher door and even her little table and chairs.  I am also teaching her to fold her own clothes and put them away (with much guidance from me). 

And, in a few weeks, we are going to start a weekly preschool curriculum that we will take up a chunk of our mornings.  I am hoping that will provide even more structure to our days, eliminating even more the need for cartoons in the background.

And bottom line, we have good days and we have bad days.  And we take it one day at a time, and I am thankful that God's mercies are new every morning!!

Any mom's out there have more television alternative suggestions?  I am all ears!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Surprise

Do you remember the poem that I posted on Mother's Day

I first read that poem over at this blog, and I immediately felt that it echoed my thoughts on motherhood.  It is no secret that my pregnancy with Ada was a big surprise that brought some major and immediate changes to our life, most obviously the deletion of my income.  As a result, I am certainly not traveling across the sea to foreign lands or buying "fancy" jewelry, but I am rich indeed.  These children are worth so much more than "all of that."

Well, knowing that I love that poem, and knowing that I love my New Orleans artist/ little sister Sarah's art work, Scott had this done for me.

I love it.

We are up to our elbows in practical around here, so it was especially nice to receive something that is pretty, not practical.  Thanks for being so thoughtful, Scott, and thank you, Sarah, for doing the work.

And now I strongly suggest that you head over to Sarah's blog to learn more about her life as a "starving artist" in New Orleans, and perhaps you can buy some artwork of your own.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Evening

It is a rare Sunday evening at my house.

John is in bed, and strangely, Scott and Ada are at Six Flags for the afternoon and evening, so I am sitting on the couch enjoying the quiet, and the almost clean kitchen and living room.  Plus,  I am feeling quite rested because John and I took a THREE HOUR nap this afternoon!!  What a lovely Sunday afternoon it has been.

It is almost 7:30, and I would be worried about Scott and Ada, but he just called and let me know that Ada is loving Six Flags, and since this is a once in a blue moon opportunity we are letting her stay out a little later than normal.  Scott's office was having family day at Six Flags, which I don't fully understand how that works.  All I know is that Scott and Ada only had to pay 10.00 total to go to Six Flags for the day and food was included.  Scott loves Six Flags, so he was thrilled to have the chance to take Ada, even if it meant only child rides this time.  As you can imagine, Six Flags tickets are not typically factored into our budget ;)

I have lots that I want to blog about, but life just keeps getting in the way. 

I want to tell you about my birthday present from Scott--what a surprise it was!!  But I don't want to tell you about it without pictures and Scott has the camera, so that will come later.

I also want to let you know that John's neurologist appointment went well.  Again, they really think he is only having "breath-holding spells," not seizures (which is what they were checking for), but they are surprised by his young age, especially since these "spells" started at week one.  Again they predict that he may have a major tendency towards anger--yikes--but I will take it over seizures for sure!!  We do have an EEG scheduled for the 26th, just to be sure.  Again, his young age is throwing them just a bit.  We also have to have a bit of blood work done.  But, we are sure that all of this will reveal what we have known from the beginning, he just gets so angry that he holds his breath.  We are in for a wild toddler ride, perhaps.

We are enjoying/melting our way through these last few weeks of summer.  I know that school has started for everyone else, but not for us.  The heat outside tells me that summer is still in full swing.  In fact, we have a beach trip planned for September--exciting!!  A friend of Steven and Ann's offered them the use of their family beach house, and we are tagging along.  We are beyond thrilled because this will be our first family vacation.  We are headed to Orange Beach, so hopefully the oil won't be too big of a problem.  If so, there is a pool.  We are also hoping that the late date means no summer crowds.  Ada will be sharing a room with Ellie and Luke, and I think she is more excited about this fact than the beach itself.

When we return from the beach, I plan to start an at home preschool curriculum with Ada.  Preschool is another thing that is not factored into our budget at this point, and since I plan to homeschool anyway (and we are making that decision one year at a time), it makes sense to start by doing preschool at home.  I told Ada that we were going to school, and she asked where.  I said, "well, probably in our kitchen."  And she said, "can I bring my backpack?  It's where you keep your paper and your balls."  So, I think she will be packing her backpack each morning to make that long trek to the kitchen ;)

So...that is a long post but a shortened version of what is going on with us.  And in case you don't feel like reading, but you do want to see some pictures, I am stealing a few photos of myself as a baby from my mom's blog.  Do you think Ada and John look anything like me?  Everyone says that John is Scott's twin, but can you see any resemblance?  I am not sure--other than the chunkiness.  I guess he gets that from me.  I think Scott was a skinny baby.

What do you think?  Can you tell he's my son?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trying Days

Little miss sassy that you see above is about to drive me up. the. wall.

I love her, oh I do, but we need some discipline revamping around her, or something.

This is Ada these days--she picked out the outfit you see above, and the suggestion that we revise it a bit, say turn the dress around so that the front is actually in the front, resulted in a meltdown of gigantic proportions.  So...she wore the pants with the backwards dress and tennis shoes.  Whatever.

Then yesterday was spent in the bathroom.  Really.  Every five minutes Ada would say she needed "to go" (not tee-tee), and we would go into the bathroom, she would climb onto the toilet, crying, and then promptly hop down and say that she would just try again later.  At first I was sympathetic, patient, compassionate, and by the 20th time we were in the bathroom with no results, I was calling Scott to warn him that things were not looking good at home.  Finally, finally, Ada had success while I was away from home tutoring.  When I got home there was much dancing and jumping and singing and hugging over her success.  I kept hugging her and saying, "It's been a hard day, hasn't it, but aren't you glad you finally went to the bathroom?"  And then we would would sing and dance some more.  Then when I finally thought the day was done, and I could relax, a tutoring parent called asking for an "emergency" tutoring session, so I was out the door again.  Exhausting doesn't fully describe yesterday.

Well today, after two hours of trying to get Ada to nap, I finally gave up and said she could get out of bed.  She was so happy and smiley, and she said, "I took such a good nap!!!"  I said, "Ada, did you even close your eyes at all?"  And she said, "no, but I took such a good nap."  That's when I told her that if she wasn't going to sleep then she could help me clean.  So clean we did.  Sort of.

Truly, our days consist of one emotional melt down after another.  I'm trying to be compassionate because I think she is still having pacie withdrawals, as she will some times say out of the blue, "mommy, I wish I had my pacie.  It's hard."  Because at first I would respond, "I know it's hard, baby."  But, come on!!!  We are not at our best around here.

In the mean time, this little chunk of a guy is officially six months, so I will need to devote a post to him soon.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The 3rd Birthday Post--lots and lots and lots of photos

The older cousins early in the day

And the younger two

And later at Chik-fil-a

(Ada just saw this picture and asked me if I had a baby in my tummy--nope, Ada, no baby)

And finally cake and presents

Tricyle!!  Which wasn't the big hit we were expecting. 

And a few more presents funded by Mary Ann and Mae Mae

So there you go, we properly celebrated age 3.  Now, I am off for a long Sunday afternoon nap.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good-Bye, paci

one last moment with the paci

And she places it on the table

And it hits her what is happening, and you can see the concern all over my face

And here, the heartache she is going through, and my double chin--lovely
So, Ann has the great idea to give her an early birthday present as a "trade-off."  So she opens her medical kit, and this helped...for a little while.
But the reality was that when she went to bed that night, it was without her pacifier, and it was a bit heartbreaking. 

She was wailing.  It was bad.

Finally, my mom ended up lying with her until she fell asleep, and my heart was hurting for Ada.  I think this is the hardest thing she has had to do in her short little life.

We still had trouble last night when she went to bed, and it was Scott who ended up lying with her that time.  I was with her, fell asleep, and then John demanded my attention, so Scott and I traded.  And then this morning at 5:45 am, she came and got me, so there I was in her twin bed again, and she was crying and saying things like, "I don't want to be a big girl; I want to be two, not three," and the clincher, "but, mommy, paci is my best friend,"  I said, "I know, baby, but it's going to be okay."

And tonight finally, I had to "nip things in the bud," so she is going to sleep on her own. 

Really, bless her heart.  Today, Scott had to go wake her up from her nap because it was getting late in the day, and Scott said that her mouth was making sucking motions in her sleep.  As my mom said, Ada is in withdrawal, and it's not easy. 

Anyway...this has been quite the ordeal, but I think we are past the worst of it.

I will be back soon with birthday fun and Ada's first "real" hair cut.  I know you are on the edge of your seat. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Ada

Three?!!!  Three!!!

I will never forget what it felt like to see that positive pregnancy test.  You, my sweet girl, grew us up.  You grew us up into marriage, life, reality.  Some days I think I am still reeling from the shock of it.  One minute I was a newylwed teacher in midtown Atlanta and the next thing I know I am an at-home mom to two in the middle of suburbia.

And that life that showed up that day on the test is turning three today.  And we are forever changed because of you.

My days with you are rich with all that makes up motherhood.  That first year was full of diapers and late night feedings and pumping and finally nursing and swaying and shushing and hugging and kissing and cuddling and stumbling along blindly, so unsure of every move I made.  A lot of times we cried together, and we learned together, and we celebrated one together.  It was the milestone of all milestones--I was okay, you were okay.  We were learning each other.

Year two was full of first words and then phrases.  Walking and laughing and dancing and more cuddling and late nights with stomach viruses and colds and ear infections.  You made your first little friends and began to love crayons and books and yogurt and cheese and outside, always outside.  Year two also held another positive pregnancy test, the growing of our little family, and much sickness on my part.  You were patient with me in all of my first trimester inadequacy, and we made it through.  You, little girl, began to reveal so much life inside.

And this past year, year three.  You have been a trooper through all this change that comes with a pregnancy and a new baby.  And in the midst of that, we have said good-bye to diapers, your baby bed, and tomorrow your paci.  You are leaving babyhood behind.  I can't believe it.

Tonight, on the eve of your third birthday, daddy sits on the floor putting together your red tricycle, the gift you have requested for weeks.  Tomorrow, Near, Ann, Ellie, Luke, and Andrew will arrive, and Friday we will celebrate you. 

At three you are a so full of energy.  You wake up bouncing and jumping and dancing, and you go to bed doing the same thing.  You thrive on routine, down to the most minute detail, and if Scott and I (your scatterbrained parents) forget even one detail, there is the potential for a meltdown.  We have a very intricate bed time routine that involves one story, two songs, counting to fourteen twice, and a big giant hug from daddy.  You then scan the room to make sure that everything is exactly in place.  Your room is the only one that is clean all of the time because you can't stand for it to be any other way.  You love to draw and to paint, you love to create pretend worlds that mimic the things you see me do on a daily basis--grocery shopping, dinner cooking, baby caring--you are such a little mama.  You know all of your letters, numbers to twenty, and you can even pick out a handful of words when we read.  You have a very three year old like love for Jesus, and I pray that he would give you a heart to know and love him above all else.  That is what I want for you, Ada, to know him.  If you give your life to Him, surrender every part, everything else will fall into place. 

I love seeing how God has knit you together.  Your personality seems so different from both Scott and me.  You are very happy, full of joy.  You don't seem to have my melancholy tendencies at all, though you do have my flare for the dramatic.  You like to be assured that everyone is happy, and if you are upset or angry about something, it only takes a few minutes for you to loudly announce, "I'm happy now, mama!"  You are becoming very independent, wanting to do everything yourself, and these days you seem to be fighting me at every turn.  I pray that the Lord would give me the wisdom to discipline you in such a way that you would learn excellence more than simple obedience.  I often lose my patience with you, and I pray that God would give grace to both of us. 

I love you precious girl.  There are not words to describe how thankful I am that God gave you to me.  You are my treasure.