Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wrapping Up the School Year

It is Sunday afternoon, and I am listening to Evie whine in her bed because she needs to go to sleep, but she slept for a full ten minutes in the car on the way home from church, and she thinks that qualifies for her afternoon nap.  Think again, my sweet little toddler.  Mama and daddy need some rest time. 

I am also in the process of weaning her.  At seventeen months, this is the longest I have nursed one of my children, and I am so very thankful that I was able to keep it up this long  However, this child will not take a bottle--never has other than one or two her first week of life.  She will drink out of a cup all day long, but come 3 am, she wants me, and only me.  Well, Scott and I have the opportunity to get away for a very quick, not even 24 hour, anniversary celebration, IF I can get her to sleep through the night without an early morning feeding.  So, this week is operation stop nursing.  Plus, I am just feeling ready to move on.  One year was my goal, so after that I have been playing it by ear, both willing to keep going and willing to stop, and I am ready now.  Ready to move on to the next phase of motherhood. 

We are in a season of wrapping things up.  We are wrapping up Evie's babyhood and transitioning into the toddler years.  And we are also trying to wrap up the school year so we can fully enjoy the summer months.  We have completed the classical conversations year--24 weeks of memory work covering history timeline, history sentence, science, math, latin, geography, and English grammar--and now we are working our tails off to finish Ada's math book by the end of May.  I want a full two months of nothing that HAS to be done.  Of course we will read --out loud, silently, together, on our own-- but without the pressure of an official school day.

Part of the Georgia homeschool law is that I am supposed to write a brief synopsis summing up Ada's school year.  So, I am going to do that here on the blog over the next few days and weeks, covering each subject that is required by Georgia Law AND all of the extra things that we have done.

It has been a tough homeschooling year, one where I have more often than not felt so very inadequate for the task before me, so it will be good for me to look back at what we have actually accomplished and to see where we are going in the coming year.

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