Friday, April 13, 2012


Because I have told a few friends that I would show them some of her work, I thought I would link to Sarah's blog today because she is having a sale.  Fun, fun.  (She doesn't even know that I am going to blog about this).  I just know that I have some book-loving friends, so go take a look at her stuff.  Everything is 20% off at her etsy site, but you should also check out some of her paintings...

If you don't know me, Sarah is my younger sister.  She is an artist currently living in New Orleans, but she will be moving to Nashville soon.

Here is an example of her work, but she has lots more to choose from, so check out her etsy shops.  She will also do custom stuff, so just tell her what you want if you don't find what you're looking for.

her paintings  (not 20% off)

and her other shop--from my bookshelf (everything 20% off today)

And her blog, where you can read more about her life as an artist


rhodes1 said...

awesome! Thanks Laura Beth!

rhodes1 said...

Just a reminder, you do have to use the code 100thSell to get the sale price. I don't think I saw that on your post.

Mary said...

Thank you for posting this, LB. I am thinking this post is not from today so I probably missed the sale but I am excited to go and look at her work anyway!

Jenn said...

Hey what happened to the criticism post? I was typing out this long comment and then it disappeared!!

Lucky you, I saved it right before I tried to post it ;)

I'm pretty blunt and harsh, so a lot of people don't criticize me TO MY FACE. That being said, I think it's funny (ironic?) that you and I are in the exact opposite positions. I don't know if it's a military thing, a submarine thing, a Hawaii thing, or just the latest THING, but everyone I know home schools. Everyone!! When we first moved here, I was talking to my neighbor about where Ava's school would be, how long of a drive, that sort of thing. She got this HORRIFIED look on her face and practically cried "You don't HOMESCHOOL!?!?!" Everyone in my Bible study thinks I'm insane because I don't do it. A friend just moved out here from Connecticut, and she's incredibly supportive of me and all that blah, but you can still see the look in her eyes, even though I know she would never EVER say it, she thinks every time Ava mouths off to me, that she wouldn't be such a brat if I home schooled, like she does.
Not sure what my point is here, except to agree with you that no matter what decision we make, someone is going to have something to say about it.
My friend Laura is the best at dealing with it, although not in a constructive and respectful way. We were at the grocery store in Guam and someone said something about how her son was too old to have a pacifier (see? no one has EVER said that to me, and my kids are OLDER than hers!! It's my constant scowl, I just know it) Anyway, Laura spins around and roars, "He's too old for a paci? Is that what you think? Did I ask? Did I ask you to buy me a pacifier, or to hand me one he dropped? Are you the pacifier police? Is this a crime? Next time I ask you to buy me a pacifier and put it in his mouth, you can tell me if you think he's too old."
So. Like I said, not exactly the best way to handle things, but I wanted to cheer right there at the cash register. What we do is no one else's business. If I'm not bothering you or endangering my babies, mind you own, you know? Ugh.