Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Day to Day

I am back to not blogging, ever.  I hate that.  More than anything I want this to be an online record for us.  I love to go back and read what we were doing two years ago, and I want this record of our day-to-day, but, of course, the day-to-day gets in the way of recording the day-to-day--as it should.  I was just reading to Ada about the Israelites crossing the Jordan, and how they put down stones of remembrance.  This blog is our stones of remembrance of sorts.  It reminds me of the millions, trillions, of ways that God has provided and been faithful and gracious to us.  And I want to be able to say one day, when Ada and John are older, look, read this, see what God did here!!  And also, just for the memories of this fleeting moment when they are this age, this size, and they are doing this thing, because in a blink they have matured, and it is hard to conjure up those images of the younger version of them. 

So, I will keep on putting up the pictures and recording the daily things as well as the bigger, less common events, as a way to collect our history.

 my quest to "organize my life" continues.  Mostly, of course, I am just keeping up my daily routine and really trying to incorporate some weekly tasks that I hate doing (i.e. dusting and vacuuming), but the big thing, looming over our heads, is moving from this house.  Scott and I are terrible movers.  We are not organized, and it is always chaotic.  Well, I have vowed, vowed, that this time will be different.  The earliest we will move is May, but I am starting now with the dreaded tasks--the main one being--cleaning out the backyard shed.  I wish I had a before and after picture of the shed--crazy difference.  Instead, I have a picture above of what we kept and put back in the shed, but in a much more organized fashion, and below, of what we got rid of.  All of this to say, God is continuing to help me turn into an improved, organized version of myself.  Though this was mostly Scott's project...

 Recently, my dear friend, Mary turned 40, and there was a surprise 80's party in her honor.  This was my poor attempt at "dressing 80's."  Once I arrived at the party, friends put my hair into a higher ponytail and adorned it with a hot pink ribbon.  Plus, I added these fingerless glove things?  Anyway, those finishing touches really made a difference.  I think Ada was a bit astonished that adults would "act so silly."
 On Labor Day, all four of us were lounging on the front porch, enjoying our day off, when all of a sudden it was a down pour.  Scott, in a moment of spontaneity, took Ada and John out to play in the rain.  They loved it.  Obviously these pictures were taken through the screen so that my camera would not be soaked.

 A fresh hair cut.  I am so relieved when John has a fresh hair cut.  His hair grows so fast.

 The bow tie that we bought when we were at the beach.  John was very proud of it and was glad to pose for a picture.  See his little smile?  He walked into the nursery holding onto his bow tie to make sure that everyone saw it. 
 Again, his proud smile below.
And those are just a few snapshots from our life these past few weeks.  I will probably do another school update this week.  I am continuing to love it, even more than I ever thought I would.  The strongest emotion I feel is grateful that homeschooling is even an option.  What a gift to have this time with Ada as she learns these things for the first time.  I thought school was going to be a burden, but instead, it has been really good for Ada and me, I think.   Not that we haven't had our share of stressful moments, but overall it's been a great experience so far.


rhodes1 said...

That first picture of John is ridiculously cute. He's got style. And I love that Scott took them out to play in the rain. So fun!

katerhodes1 said...

those pictures of john and the bow tie are so, so cute!

katerhodes1 said...

those pictures of john in his bow tie are so, so cute!

Mary said...

We agree, the bowtie was awesome!!! And I am just now getting around to reading this, but you looked great and totally authentically 80's!!