Friday, August 31, 2012

Teddy Bear Counters

I am no longer struggling to keep John occupied while Ada does school each morning.  John has discovered the Saxon teddy bear counters, and that is John's Heaven on earth.  What does John love almost more than anything else?  Lining things up.  And so, he is entertained for as long as Ada and I are doing her school.  In fact, he says each morning, "I wanna do school, mama," which translates to, "I want to line up the teddy bears, mama."

 notice the cars on the windowsill...he had to get his cars "situated" before he could enjoy the bears

 on this particular morning, John added the fun element of lining all of the bears up, and then knocking them all down with his train.  He just repeated that process over and over again.
I keep him interested because he's only allowed to play with the teddy bear counters during school time.  Hence his comment, "I wanna do school, mama."

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Amy said...

Do you have the little matchbox cars? He would love them (for years)!