Friday, April 12, 2013

Blogging during first trimester

Jenn, my Internet friend (we've never met in person), mentioned that maybe I would blog more now that I am pregnant.  And, the thing is, I should, since the blog stands in for a baby book for John, and now the new baby. 

But, first trimester is, unfortunately, kicking my tail.  I mean, sicker than I have ever been ever with any pregnancy.  But I feel like a faker, because I am not actually throwing up, I am just nauseous all. of. the. time.  So, can I even say that I am sick?  And yet, I am.  I open my eyes in the morning, and the nausea is there until I close my eyes again at night.  And I close my eyes as soon as the kids are in bed, just to escape the nausea.  I try not to think about how many weeks are left in first trimester, and yet, I think about it all the time. 

The past few days have been an extra dose of bad because I couldn't think of one single thing that would taste good.  The thought of anything to eat or drink made me only sicker, and I knew that if I didn't eat, I would only get sicker still.  Plus, my lips were getting really dry, and I felt thirsty, so I knew I needed to drink something.  So, today, I just prayed, "please Lord, show me something that will taste good; that will bring a moment of relief."  And the thought popped into my head, orange juice!!!  I must have some orange juice.  I never drink orange juice.  Ever.  But, I was not going to argue with that answer to prayer.  And I have been drinking orange juice all day long.  I can't get enough, and I am so thankful that there is this one thing in the world that tastes good to me.  I did have some chik-fil-a chicken nuggets, with orange juice. 

There is hope, however.  I have a random infection that required an antibiotic, and I think the antibiotic has increased the sickness over the past few days, so I am hoping when the antibiotic stops, the sickness will be a bit more manageable.

And I say all this, knowing that it's really a blessing.  That it most likely means the pregnancy is going just as it should.  Plus, there are things going on in the lives of people around me that make nausea look like a day at Disney World!!!!  So, it's a small thing really, except that it's consuming every waking minute, and if bed is an option, I jump on it. 

So, I will blog again.  One day.  In the mean time I will drink my orange juice and go to bed at 8:30 and survive a few more weeks. 

p.s. I am taking zofran, but I am not sure if it makes any difference.  I am scared to not take it, though.  And I have tried saltines.  And hard, sour candy.  And sea bands.  But, I am open to suggestions.  Any suggestions. 


Jenny said...

Orange juice is a wonderful thing to drink- it is LOADED with folic acid, which is SO important during the first trimester! Drink up!

Lindsay said...

Sorry I don't have any suggestions! I used the preggie drops candy for my nausea and they helped, sorry they're not working for you! I will say, though, that absolutely nothing helped my actually getting sick (did way more of that than feeling nauseous) other than getting past week 16. Praying the nausea will go away for you soon or at least at the end of this trimester!

Laura Beth said...

I don't know if this will help you any, but when I couldn't think of anything that sounded good to eat while pregnant, I could always eat potatoes. Baked potatoes, red potatoes, and loaded mashed potatoes were the best. Maybe it was just a weird craving, but it always seemed to help my nausea.

Amber said...

I understand the orange juice obsession. I had it with Pierce. I NEVER drank it before and quit sometime after the first trimester. I have no advice on sickness other than enjoy it because I know a lot of people who would throw up all day long for 9 months if it meant they could have a baby. Praying things will get better and that the kids will be extra "easy" during this time.

Nicole said...

I craved really cold water. Stupid sounding but I think it helped me when I was nauseous.

This too shall pass!!!! :))
I tell myself that a lot when I am going through not so fun things.