Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Quickly I want to post the Easter pictures ;) 

It was a good Easter. I saw it a lot through Ada's eyes this year.  Because Ada is five, I spend a lot of time explaining the gospel in kindergarten terms.  She is very familiar with the original passover story from her Jesus Storybook Bible, because things like everyone's oldest son being killed tends to stick with Ada.  She gets that God's chosen people were spared if they painted the blood of the lamb above their doors.  So lately, I have spent a lot of time explaining that the original passover was really just pointing to our ultimate need for Jesus's blood to be painted over our hearts.  I ask, "why did God pass over the homes of his chosen people?" and she knows, "because of the blood of the lamb."  "Yes!" I say, "and in the same way," instead of giving us the death we deserve, "if God looks at our hearts and sees the blood of Christ, he will 'pass over us', also because of the blood of Christ."  I don't know if those terms are really theologically correct, but I want her to get that someone had to pay for her sin.  I want her to understand the weight of our sin, and that blood and death were involved, had to be involved, and that we are incapable of taking care of our own sin.  You know, as much as a five year old can ;)

She gets it, but not exactly.  Today, John was being three and not "sweet" as we say (I spend a lot of time saying, 'be sweet, John.'), and Ada came out of their room with her "bossy" tone saying, "I told him, mom, about his sin, and how he needs Jesus to put his blood on his heart."  Ada really gets sin and our need for the gospel if we're talking about John ;)  She has a harder time pointing out her own sin and need for Christ ;)  Isn't that the truth for us all?  Or at least for me!!!

Anyway, whenever I have to break things down to a level that Ada can understand, it helps me to understand it a little bit better. 

Now for the pictures of the kids all cleaned up in their Easter best.  (many of you have already seen these on facebook)

 we took a "family picture" in shifts. ;)  And we didn't mean to coordinate in blues and yellows...

 Fun Easter lunch and egg hunt with friends after church.  John was quite intense about the hunt, as John tends to be about these kinds of things.

And once again, John is motivated to eat his meals with the promise of one piece of candy afterwards. 

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