Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From Their Perspective

I say that I am not thinking about this baby as much as I did Ada or even John, but at the same time, having two older siblings, this baby is certainly not forgotten.  There is much talk from Ada about the newest addition.  For example, she keeps mentioning how she is going to feed the baby a bottle, and I don't want to burst her bubble, but if the baby follows in John's footsteps, there won't be any bottles.  But I am not counting on anything, though of course I am praying for a nurser ;), and we will give it our best shot. 

It has been very fun for Ada to be five, almost six, this time around, and for her to much more understand what is happening.  We have big plans to attend a big sibling class at the hospital, and she has lots of questions about "when will we feel the baby kick?"  "how big is the baby now?" "what is the baby doing right now?"  and on and on.  Plus, she and John like to "hug" my stomach as if they are hugging the baby. 

John, of course, adds his own humorous perspective.  For example, I explained in very simple terms how the baby comes out, so now, every single time I have to go to the bathroom, John comes running after me asking in a panicked voice, "is the baby coming out?!!!!"  He also often sticks about ten cars up his shirt at once and says, "mom, look at my babies in my tummy," and then they all fall out, and he yells, "ahhh, my babies!!!"  He also refers to all of his toy story characters as his babies.  He also purposefully tries to punch and kick my stomach, so he gets in trouble for that a lot.  When I tell him to stop, he asks innocently, "why, am I hurting the baby?"  such. a. stinker.

Ada is really counting on a girl, so I keep warning her that it could easily be a boy.  She does not want to come with us to find out because she thinks it will be easier to hear the news from us rather than the ultrasound tech.  We find out in a few weeks.  If Ada mentions that she wants a girl, John quickly says he wants it to be a boy, but I think it's just for argument's sake. 

In other exciting news, Scott just got a promotion, a promotion we have been hoping for and hearing about for a few months now, and it was the green light we were waiting for to look for a larger house.  So, that is a HUGE answer to prayer for so many reasons.  We are hoping to find a place where we can settle down for a while, so we are going to be a little more picky.  Based on that, there's still a huge chance we won't find what we are looking for before the baby arrives.  But I am certainly praying that we can be moved before then.  Now that reality is sinking in that we are putting a third child into this tiny house, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  It's going to be tight, but I know people throughout history have lived in much tighter quarters, or that's what I keep telling myself--as I pray for something bigger ;) 

Yikes, this is yet another post with no pictures.  Mainly I wanted to add a positive note about the light hearted things that have been a part of this pregnancy.

We actually had a terrible day today, nothing major, just things like the kitchen sink clogging up and John not napping and spilled diet coke all over the carpet (which I was only drinking to fight off a headache, because I still don't really like the taste).  Okay, terrible is the wrong choice of words, exhausting is more accurate, so I needed a reminder of the good.  The happy memories we are building.  And of course, we are so thankful that I am pregnant at all.  What a gift!!!

pictures just to add some visual to this post


jane said...

I've enjoyed reading about your pregnancy and the kids response to it b/c we are going through the same thing --- I'm 11 weeks pregnant ;-) (after more than 2 yrs of trying... finally had surgery and found endometriosis!)
Elisha and Anna are also both hoping for a sister, but I had a feeling it is a boy, so we will see... But I'm getting lots of belly snuggles ;-) It is such a fun special time! Where are y'all looking to move?

jane said...

I love hearing about it all... because we are going through the same thing ;-) I'm eleven weeks pregnant (after trying for more than 2 yrs!) It is such a fun special time-- lots of belly snuggles ;-)
Where are y'all looking to move? any closer to us ?! ;-)