Monday, July 22, 2013

A new house, maybe? Probably?

So, I really meant it when I said that I want to start recording our life again.  This is it.  This is where I get these days down on paper.  What I really need to do is print some of this, just in case.  But, anyway, that's another subject for another day. 

but, I am bound and determined, even if it's feeble attempts, to just start writing again.  Writing out the daily things--writing our history. 

I told you that life is picking up speed all of a sudden.  It is.  We think we have found a house to rent.  Praise the Lord, right?!!  But, also, yikes, because of the fact that I am pregnant and packing up a house and all of that.  But, at the end of the day, praise the Lord.  If all of the details fall into place.  We turned in our application last Thursday, and we are waiting to hear from the rental company.  The house is a really good fit, we think.  It's not a ton bigger than where we are right now, but just enough bigger.  Do you understand?  Which is what I wanted.  As you know, I struggle with the housekeeping thing, big time, and it has been a breath of fresh air to have so few square feet to manage ;)  So, I have since said that I only want to add just enough space to be comfortable without adding so much space that I am overwhelmed with "keeping" the space.  This house fits the bill.

It's a bit of a quirky house, but we are okay with that.  It was built in the 1940s, just like the one we are in now, and apparently used to be a 2 bedroom, 1 bath.  I have googled this, and I found that most house in the 40s were 2 bedroom, 1 bath because of a shortage in building supplies after the war combined with a demand for housing?  So people were cramming in to small houses.  So the new rental house has two good sized bedrooms on one end of the house, with a bathroom in between--the bedrooms are quite a bit bigger than the ones we have now--and each have good sized closets.  Hallelujah!!  At the other end of the house is what appears to us to be a family room, but what the rental company is calling the third bedroom.  Okay, that is the quirkiest part.  In fact, when we first saw it, we were like, "no, this is a family room, never mind."'s a big room, which is nice.  It's closed off, so technically, yes, it is a bedroom.  And it has a closet.  So, we started to reconsider.  That will be the master.  And the more we thought about it, the more we realized how nice it would be to have a room separated from the rest of the house (it is at the opposite end of the house from the other two bedrooms).  It will be nice to have a big bedroom.  And, we can easily make it work.  (right now, in the current house, no rooms are separate from each other. I mean they are, but we are all on top of each other!!!)

On top of the three bedrooms, the house has a living room, dining room, decent sized kitchen (not a great kitchen, but I have learned to live with a not great kitchen), a decent sized laundry room/mud room, and an extra room which will be perfect for a school room--too small to be anything else really.  And the house has a fenced in, very shaded, backyard.  The backyard was a BIG deal to me because I want my kids to have the freedom to go outside without me!!!  Right now we live on a very busy street, and I just can't let the kids play outside without me.  So, a good backyard was a MUST.  The other quirky thing that we really don't like is that there is a bathroom right off of the living room.  Like, you would open the door thinking it was maybe a coat closet, but, no, it's the second full bath.  It definitely seems added on, and we can't figure out why they chose there.  It's very awkward.  That was also almost a deal breaker for us.  But, the price is great, we like the neighborhood, we like the backyard--in other words, it fits lots of things on our list.  And we like older homes. 

so it seems that God is yet again providing a place for us to call home.  He has so changed my heart over the past few years about what we need,  as you know.  He has pried my fingers back and loosened my grip, and I have learned that He really does provide what we need.  He does. 

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Jenn said...

I'm with you on wanting a smaller house. The house we ended up with here is SOOOO big, it's literally impossible for me to keep up with the housework. Well, it's impossible to keep up with the housework AND binge watch Dexter and binge read Outlander. Priorities. Our house in VA was built in the 20s and the neighborhood was all identical, and our neighbors had a full bath off the dinning room. WHAT?!?! It was WEIRD. And gross!! Ours had a toilet and a slop sink in the laundry room- that was our downstairs 'powder room.' Old houses are weird. That's what makes them awesome!! Anyway. Obviously I'm bored and I've missed you, hence the long, stalkerish comment. Keep up with writing!! And good luck on the move. I've never moved myself, I wouldn't even know where to start...