Friday, July 26, 2013

The Big Move

It's official, we are moving Labor Day weekend.  We got the word this past Friday, and I am ready to hit the ground running.

We drove over to the new house tonight to look around for a bit, knowing it's officially ours, and I am overwhelmed by this gift that God is giving us.  I mean, to look at it, the house doesn't look like much, but we walked around the backyard, and I am thrilled by all the possibility there.  So much green, green grass.  Old, tall, shade trees.  A patio and a small pack porch that hold much potential. 

I have craved an inviting outdoor space for our family.  I love our yard now, except that it's surrounded by busy streets, so to move to a place with a very private, very shaded, very comfortable backyard, well, it's a gift, indeed. 

We have a green glider that currently sits on our glassed in front porch.  I can already imagine the hours I will spend on that glider on that patio, with a swaddled, newborn Evie, during those fussy evening hours.  The back and forth equally calming to both her and me, while Ada and John have freedom to roam the backyard.  There is just something about the outdoors that can calm a fussy baby and a hormonal mom. We brought Ada home to our Vinings apartment, and in some of her worst moments, we would walk around the community pool that was just down the steps from our apartment.  Fresh air; it works wonders. 

God gives good gifts.  It has been such an unexpected road to get to this place where we are now, but I am so very thankful.


Katherine said...

Congratulations, LB! I'm so excited for y'all. I'll be praying over the details of organizing, packing, and moving. I can't wait to hear updates.

katerhodes1 said...

Excited for ya'll. I like that last part... "an unexpected way to get to this place". I feel the same way. I want to see pictures!