Saturday, September 17, 2011

Please Excuse the Mess, Work in Progress

If you are reading this over at my actual blog and not on a reader, you will notice that things are a bit crazy.  Bear with me as I am trying to revamp the blog a bit.  My other lay out only allowed for fairly small pictures, and since a new camera purchase is just around the corner, I am trying to update a bit to make room for larger pictures.  I am having TROUBLE with the heading, and I am not technically savvy, so who knows when I will get this thing figured out.  We'll get there...

Sad day for Auburn, right?  But War Eagle.  Always, War Eagle!!!

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shannon said...

LB, I was playing around with wordpress the other day (thinking I needed to revamp my blog), and chose this exact yellow & gray design! Ha! Great minds think alike. I like it!