Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thankful. #s 171-180

It's been a while since I've listed all of these things that God has gifted me with.

It is late on Monday night, and we have school tomorrow.  Bright and early.  Early, early.  And I should be in bed, but there is something so enticing about a quiet, lamp-lit house.

Here goes...

171.  My children adjusting to sharing a room so well.  Crazily well.  I am so, so thankful that we are all sleeping each night as if they have shared a room always.

172.  Our yard, and the time spent outside with the whole family each evening after dinner.
 Scott was throwing a ball as high up in the air as he could, and John was loving it.  I think it was his first little boy moment of, "wow, look at my dad and this cool thing he can do."  John would squat down, and then jump up and throw his arms up as Scott threw the ball.  He would literally squeal with glee over it.

 Ada said, "Let's take a silly one!"

173.  Remembering that Ada is only four, and I have to stay focused on phonics only--the other stuff is just icing on the cake.  It's okay if she doesn't get it this year.  It's okay.

174.  That tomorrow Scott starts his new job.  I want to say that I will never take a paycheck for granted again.  I probably will, though.  But for now, I do not!!!!!  

175.  Our church.  We have been so loved by the people of our church.

176.  frivolous, I know, but cable.  We have cable for the first time in four years.  We don't have a home phone here, and the internet/cable package is cheaper than our internet/phone package that we had at our house.  I am loving watching What Not To Wear again.  It's been too long;)

177.  And DVR.  We have DVR.  So, while I fold clothes at night, in my quiet, lamp-lit house, I can watch my recorded episodes of What Not To Wear.

178.  Cooler weather.  I LOVE fall.  Who doesn't, right?

179.  Another frivolous one.  Auburn's win on Saturday.  I just wasn't ready for the winning streak to be over, especially with that game.  War Eagle!!!  A win's, a win.

180.  Women's Bible Study starting back this week.  I love that one night a week to get away and study God's word with other women.  It is incredibly refreshing, and I miss it in the summer!!!

(Okay, so it's Tuesday when I am finally posting this, and I should add that I am also thankful that each week of CC gets better.  I think these four year olds are adjusting to the classroom.  Yay, thank you, Lord!!)

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rhodes1 said...

I'm glad you liked it! I just love getting the chance to buy something on Etsy, but I've already bought myself two small prints, and when I saw it was Rosemary Beach, I just couldn't resist.