Monday, December 19, 2011

The Christmas Season Continues

Obviously, we are only a week away from Christmas Day, and the countdown is on at our house.  Ada asks me every hour, "how many days left?"  She's just so thrilled to celebrate the birth of Christ, you know ;)

But, before we talk about the week of Christmas stuff, I want to back track a bit. 

A couple of weekends ago, we made the trek to Lenox Mall to ride the famous pink pig.  We timed it so that John would sleep in the car on the way--a short nap, yes, but still a nap.  However, John did not sleep in the car.  Yikes.  So...while Scott pushed him in circles in his stroller, Ada and I waited in line, and Scott and John joined us when a good bit of time had passed. 

I have to say, that as an adult, it's hard to see the thrill of the pink pig (probably because I didn't grow up riding it), but Ada and John both loved it!!!!  And afterwards, John was so angry that we had to get off.  He kept pointing towards the train, and saying, "pig, weeee..." in a crying/whining voice.  (you know, weee, like we, that's fun).

So, after the thrilling ride, we were all in need of a little snack.  Well, John was in need of a nap and was letting us all know it, but the rest of us were in need of a snack (i.e. diet coke).   The mall was PACKED as you can imagine, and I did not have the energy to tackle the Lenox food court, so we "made do" with soft pretzels and a spot on the floor.  Ada had lots of questions about this, so I told her we were having a picnic. 

see the pink pig sticker?  Don't worry, the children got bathed after sitting on the floor of the mall ;)

Since the pink pig we have also baked and decorated cookies, continued with the Jesse tree, read lots and lots of Christmas books, attended Scott's office Christmas party, driven around to look at Christmas lights, had Christmas dinner with my side of the family (we are going to Scott's parents' house Christmas afternoon), and used Mary Ann's Christmas gift money (gift money for Ada and John) to buy the Little People nativity for Ada and John, which they are loving to play with, and Ada even makes airplane sounds as she makes the angel fly to Mary to tell her the good news.  Every time the angel flies, there are motor sounds coming out of Ada's mouth. 

And that gets us up-to-date. 

On the agenda this week--attending a birthday party for Jesus, attending a dessert fellowship for the women at church, more looking at Christmas lights, more reading of the Christmas story, and finalizing what I am going to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  Plus lots of late night wrapping of gifts. 

Merry Christmas week, everyone!


Mary Ann said...

I love this post. Love that Ada makes the airplane noise with the angel. I love the little people nativity set. So adorable. I'm so glad Ada and John are enjoying playing with it.

Love y'all.

Ann said...

I laughed out loud about Ada having lots of questions about sitting on the floor. I can just hear her. And John saying pig, weeee. Hilarious. We will miss y'all this year :( .