Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spoke Too Soon

yesterday I said that Scott and I had dodged a bullet with the stomach virus.  Never mind that comment because Scott is currently in bed with said stomach virus.  I'm the only one left standing.  Yikes.  I am praying that it bypasses me (which is usually how it goes--Scott tends to get whatever the kids have, and I tend to avoid getting it.  Even though I am the one sleeping with them at night when they are sick, and getting thrown up on by my not-yet-two year old, hmmm...)

Anyway, I am trying to go on with my day as normal, despite the fact that Scott is lying in bed, trying to work from home in our tiny little house.  The kids just can't understand why they can't climb in bed with daddy.  I think after John's nap, we are loading up the car and heading to Lowe's Home Depot and Target to buy the finishing touches for the Christmas decorations. 

Speaking of Christmas, I ordered our Christmas cards last night, and I am slightly afraid that Scott's head will partially be cut out of the card.  So, if it is, be gracious to me and pretend that his whole head is in the card when you receive it in the mail ;)  It was the only picture (out of lots that Jessica took of us--not Jessica's fault that John wasn't looking; I think John's age and personality are at fault here) where John was actually looking at the camera.  Well, only one where he was looking at the camera and not crying. Seriously.  While on the subject of Christmas cards, if the Moores are normally on your "send a Christmas card" list, please don't forget us just because our address is different.  I will gladly send it to you, and I would even just post it right here on this blog if not for fear of the craziness that exists in our world (and because I already reveal way too much information about our little family).

And, on a completely unrelated note, I stumbled upon this article yesterday, and I found it tremendously helfpul in thinking through my children and their understanding of the gospel and their conversion, so I had to pass it along. 

Hope you are all having a great Tuesday and soaking up the Christmas season (and staying well!!)


Sarah Garner said...

Hi! Can you send me your new address?
Thanks friend! Hope the sickness spares you.

shannon said...

Oh no! Hope it bypasses you, but I know you're probably just as worn out as they are. Thinking about you!