Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recovering and Getting Back on Track with Christmas Plans

A stomach virus hit our house with a vengeance this week but has luckily spared Scott and me (so far, fingers crossed).  Little Ada has had it the worst.  It started with John, but after 24 hours, he was fine.  Ada has had a harder time "shaking it."  Just when we think she is feeling fine, she gets sick again.  Hopefully, hopefully, she is finally on the mend.  I am exhausted, though, as all you moms know.  A sick child equals an exhausted mama!!!

Anyway...that is what has been going on at our house this week.  And in my typical fashion, I have been feeling slightly stressed because we are losing precious, "celebrate Christmas" days.  Isn't there so much pressure as a mom to get it all in?  To make the perfect decisions about what ways to celebrate each year and to make it magical but to also keep things focused on Christ.  I hate that I get this way, and I am praying my little heart out that God would enable me to separate the good from the not-so-good.  And to remind me of grace. 

The main thing that I use to focus on the birth of Christ and what Christmas means for me, for the world, for the story of salvation and redemption is this book.  I highly recommend it!!!

As for the kids, here are our plans for celebrating Christmas this year.  The things that I really, really want to "get to."  (Lord willing). 

We are doing a Jesse tree this year, instead of advent.  Why?  Because I found a link that looked easy and doable and like something that Ada would enjoy.  Everyday until Christmas Ada colors a little ornament, and we hang it on a small tree I got from Target several years ago (a little table top tree), and we read the scripture to go along with that ornament.  So far, so good.  The scripture readings get a little long for Ada, but I think it is a good thing for her to learn to sit and listen to scripture.  I'll be honest, we usually read from her Jesus Storybook Bible, so Christmas and Easter seem to be the only times that she hears straight scripture (except for memory verses).  I think it's important for her to learn the language of the Bible.  Here's the link if anyone is interested.  It would not be hard to catch up.  In fact, we did 3 days worth tonight because she's been too sick the past few days for us to do it.

We have already decorated the tree, which Ada loved, and John has been better than I expected about not touching it and bothering the ornaments.  I am also slowly decorating the rest of the house.  I still want to buy some real garland for the front door, and I am debating putting lights on the bushes in front of our house.  (Scott doesn't seem to be on board with the lights on the bushes). 

Other items on the to-do list?

The pink pig at Lenox (Ada remembers it from last year, so it looks like this is going to be an annual thing for the Moores)
Baking butter cookies and decorating them
Finish watching the Polar Express (we started it tonight, but Ada got too tired to finish)
Buy Ada and John each a new Christmas book (we have a collection going that I pack away and only get out at Christmas)
Let Ada and John each pick out a new Christmas ornament
Figuring out what to do about a meal on Christmas Eve and breakfast on Christmas morning (mom, I would really like to try to make Christmas bread--I have to start some time).
Ride around to look at lights
And of course there will be the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services

Am I leaving something out?  Oh, Christmas cards.  I still haven't ordered ours.  Yikes.  I need to get on that.

And, not nearly as fun, but very necessary, I need to go through and get rid of old toys before Ada and John get new ones on Christmas morning.  That definitely needs to be a yearly tradition!!

What are the Christmas favorites at your house?

And, because I hate a post without pictures, I'll end with a few...

Ada understands that even when sick, she must still pay attention to fashion--she was very serious about these sunglasses

Here is Ada when I thought she was feeling better.  Things took a turn for the worse later that day.  (Another Christmas must?  Wearing Christmas themed items, right?  At least while she's young enough that it's still cute)

have I mentioned that John loves shoes, and it is not necessary that they match.  In the midst of Ada feeling so sick, John was pitching. a. fit. until I put these shoes on his feet.  And then he was happy as could be.  Oh, that boy.

And now, I must get to bed and prepare for another week.  I am praying lots that we are through with this virus, and I can use this week to regroup a bit. 

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rhodes1 said...

Sorry things have been so hard this past week! I'll be praying that it's over. Ada looks adorable in those sunglasses with that serious face! If you're figuring out Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning breakfast, does that mean you won't be in Scottsboro?