Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Costco? Yes? No?

So, after getting some feedback from ya'll (some through e-mail, some through comments), I am concluding that we are going to increase the grocery budget, but for now I am only upping it 25.00 per week.  Which, of course, is 100.00 a month.

So...I am wondering if I should take that extra 100, and possibly join Costco.  I have been contemplating joining Costco forever, but I have always wondered how to work that in with the regular grocery budget.  With my newly increased budget, I could keep the weekly grocery store budget the same, but add a trip to Costco at the beginning of each month.  And I would go in with a set budget, so it would hopefully keep me from overspending. 

So, all you Costco (or Sam's Club) members, do you feel like your Costco purchases lower your weekly grocery purchases?  Is it worth the membership?  I got some feedback about this on facebook a while back, but I am revisiting the question.  I am just wondering if that extra 100 would stretch farther at Costco than if I just add 25 to the weekly trips.  Hmmm...decisions, decisions. 

Thoughts, anyone?


Elizabeth said...

Ann really knows the good buys at Costco - but she isn't going to see this post very soon. You should call her. My Costco membership isn't $100.00. It's $50.00. So is Ann's. I don't go too often, but when I do I am usually with Ann and she advises me. It's worth it just for the splenda. Splenda is so very expensive and I bought a box at Costco, so long ago, I can't remember. I still have it. MOM

6kids4me said...

I belong to Sam's. I think it does save week to week, but it is pricey when you go. Each item at Sam's is a big quantity, but also more expensive. It seems like most things are $8 to $10 for the things I like to buy. So only 10-12 things is easily $100. Things do last a long time, but the upfont cost is hard to pay.I go once a month and buy all of the staples that I will need for the month. I am not sure that it is super money saving, but I think I save money because I don't need to shop so often. I have a family of 8and I spend bout $450-$550 per month there, but then less than $75 per week for the rest of the month. I hope this helps.

Deanna said...

Costco can be a great money-saver for some items, but as with any "bargain", you have to be careful not to get caught up in the unneeded things. The clothes tend to be our downfall...but on the other hand, they usually have Carter's pajamas and playsets for $7.99, which is not a bad price. There are also CUTE dresses for little girls sometimes, for less than $25. You might find yourself spending some of the clothing or 'extras' budget there, is what I guess I am saying! : )

If you have a Costco close enough to go on a regular basis, the milk prices alone are pretty great--last week, it was $1.99 for a gallon in Huntsville. We also save a ton on cheese by buying a 5-lb block of cheddar($6-ish, I think?) and shredding it as needed. I was buying two bags of shredded cheese per WEEK before that. Like the previous commenter said, if you go once a month, the total might hurt, but if you know what you are looking for, it can be worth it.

Amanda said...

We love Sams! And I do think it saves us money b/c we can buy bulk there with no coupons. We buy, formula (big savings-sams brand), wipes, cereal sometime, PRODUCE is great there (apples, banana, bags of salad), milk (always the cheapest in town and I buy 2 and freeze one) and meats (chicken, pork and ground beef). I buy the meat and then when we get home, I cut it up and place in smaller ziplocks for freezing. I love not having to buy meat but once a month or even longer.
You can go there with a visitor pass and not "buy" anything. We went the first time and took some paper and wrote down prices of things we normally buy to compare it to coupon prices. But this was 2 yrs ago when couponing was better. I agree if just isn't what it use to be and at Sams you still save and don't have to think about coupons.
I go about every 3 weeks.

Amanda said...

Yes also, don't get caught up in the bargain like Deanna said. I bought a giant size of crushed red pepper to put on my pizza and have used 1/8 of it. I bought it 3 years ago!!!! ha

We just buy our staples there like I told you. We also buy toilet paper and paper towel there. Everything is the essentials, no fancy deli dips, or other yummy party trays. Just what we use every week.

Margaret said...

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Jennifer said...

Hi - have been reading off and on for a while. I think we may have been at AU at the same time. Anyway, we joined Costco at the end of last year. I was skeptical, my husband was all about it. I'm coming around. If I were you I would take that extra $100 a month and spend it there. I buy only staples - really mostly meat. But also cheese, Cheerios and some paper good-type things. It does save on the week-to-week budget to not have to buy meat. At Costco, the produce can be higher than local stores, so I would definitely know what you usually pay before you spend on those things. I read somewhere recently that you have to spend $5,000/year to get your money's worth on the $100 membership, so the $50 is def the way to go. I'm curious to hear what you think if you join!