Friday, January 27, 2012

Really Great Deal

I had to pass this deal along to you.  There's nothing in it for me, it's just a great deal.  And I myself can not order these as I have put myself on a spending lockdown (does that even make sense?  you know what I am trying to say), and I am fighting temptation big time because I want these books.  It feels like I need these books.

It's good for me to resist all the self talk about what a great deal it is, etc. etc.

Anyway, on to the deal

10 wonderful children's books for 16.98 shaped.  Hardcover children's books.  I am drooling over the list of books.  What a great list to add to a child's library or stash away for Christmas/ birthday gifts.  Hmmm...back to resisting the conversation that is happening in my head...

But, you, you order them, and I will live vicariously through you.  It's a great deal!!!


Jessica said...

i saw that too and had to fight the temptation...what a great deal! hopefully someone will benefit!

Lindsay said...

Man, it was discontinued when I tried to order!