Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quick Christmas Recap

I know that Christmas has come and gone.  Long gone.  New Year's has come and gone, even, so I have to get these pictures up before too much time has passed.

It was another Christmas with just the camera phone to record the day, but that should be remedied in the next few weeks.  We'll see...

It was an especially fun Christmas this year because it was Ada's first year to get overwhelmingly excited.  I am thrilled to be moving into these years, and I assume we will be there for a while, since we are still a couple of years away from John really getting it, and I assume they stay in that excited stage for a few years at least.  The point?  It's fun.  It's really fun.

We let Ada and John open two presents on Christmas Eve before leaving for the Christmas Eve service--a pair of Christmas pajamas and some foam soap (which is basically shaving cream).  The foam soap was A HIT.  In fact, Ada has asked multiple times if she can get more foam soap for Christmas next year.  And by the way, I got zero pictures of Ada and John dressed for the Christmas Eve service.  Bummer.

Like last year, I spent the Christmas Eve service in the lobby of the church because John is just not capable of sitting still and quiet for that amount of time.  Unless Dora is on the television.  In that case, he will sit forever.  However, it was still good to see everyone and fellowship just a bit.  (There was a gathering of moms of toddlers in the lobby).  And we even enjoyed a nice dinner out.  John rarely cooperates if we try to eat out, but I prayed that things would go well on this one night, and they did.  Thank you, Lord!!!  We just ate at Chili's--nothing fancy--but a treat, nonetheless. 

And Christmas morning, Ada and John were thrilled with their presents--for Ada the big hit was her new princess bike, which she has been obsessed with ever since.  And John's favorite is his race track.  They really seemed happy with all of their gifts, which you just never know, do you?

Okay, a few pictures. 

 Christmas Day, riding the bike around the house.  At one point she announced that she had to use the bathroom, and she proceeded to climb onto the bike and ride it into our tiny bathroom.  And, by the way, I also forgot to take any pictures of the kids before church on Christmas Day.  I was not on top of the picture taking this year!!
 John and his two favorite gifts--the racing ramp and a huge thing of wooden blocks (found at a local children's consignment shop for 7.00!!!!).  The racing ramp is a cheap version of fisher price, and it's cheaply made.  I will be replacing it with the real deal for his birthday.  You live, you learn.

After her bike, I think Ada's favorite gift is a disney princess porcelain tea set.  She loves it and plays doll tea party constantly.  Mostly on our front porch.  She also panics if John even gets near it.  She runs through the house screaming, "MOM!!!  John is on the front porch!!!!  My tea set is on the front porch!!!!  He's going to break it!!!!"
 And a few more from Christmas morning.  Makeup is always a hit in Ada's book!! 

And Ada and her bike weighted down with all of her Christmas gifts.  By the way, don't you just love the paneling in my kitchen ;)

As of yesterday, all of my Christmas decor was down and packed away, and it is time to get back to the norm.  Which I always welcome after the weeks of holiday hoopla.  I love the Christmas season, but I also love the normalcy and routine of January. 

On the horizon? 

possibly joining the gym for the first time since college--a good deal combined with my tutoring money combined with my need to find ways to increase my energy and manage my anxiety=me joining the gym.  I am really, really excited about this.  

John's second birthday.  I can't believe he will be two.

A simplified schedule so that I can focus, focus, focus on homeschooling Ada this semester.  Our goals, letter sounds using a new curriculum--The Writing Road to Reading, for math--we are simply focusing on counting to 100 and other things that naturally come up throughout the day; I will do more "official" math next year, and our memory work for CC. 

And now I can rest easy feeling that I have properly recorded Christmas 2011. 

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