Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And Summer Officially Begins...

We kicked off the summer today in the only appropriate way--a trip to the pool.  Granted, a chunk of the time spent at the pool was spent in the rain, but my children did not care in the least.  They were promised the pool today, and to the pool we went.

John was caught up in the hype as well, and he, along with Ada, put on their floaties two hours before we left for the pool.  (Ada doesn't yet know how to swim on her own, fyi.  Has anyone taught their child to swim without swimming lessons?  Anyone, anyone?  She is very confident in the water with her floaties on--swimming around, putting her face under, etc. etc., and if I didn't have John with me, I would just work with her, but all of my attention is on John when we are in the pool).  John was fired up and he didn't even know why.  All he knew, is that Ada was jumping up and down excited, and that must mean something good.  He kept saying, "I go, mommy!!" and pulling my hand towards the door.

 "Rest Time" activities, as we were all worn out from the pool

And John's newest obsession is his "tuttle" float.  You may think the following pictures are of us leaving to go to the pool.  But you would be wrong.  We were, in fact, on our way to the gym.  John was headed straight for a melt down over wanting to bring his turtle float, and Ada came to his defense and said, "Just let him bring it in the car," so I gave in, and he did.  He loves that thing.

In other news, we are narrowing down our van options, and we hope to soon be minivan owners.  I will let you know.

As for the Mazda situation, we are in the process of dealing with them and working all of those details out.  Yes, it does seem that Mazda should be held responsible for the part (obviously, is what I want to say to them), but they don't see it as clearly as we do ;)  So, I think that whole thing is going to be a long drawn out process, and who knows if anything will even come of it.

But, this week, we are just enjoying the first week of summer.  Pool today, blackberry picking tomorrow...


Mary Ann said...

Oh, Laura Beth, so cute. I LOVE the pictures and all of your comments. Thanks for writing the different things that John and Ada said and did.

katerhodes1 said...

these pictures are so cute!!