Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer is Coming

How do I know?  Because of how often I am having to scrub the bottom of my tub.  We are spending as much time as possible outside, and at the end of the day, there is much dirt to be washed off.  I said it at the end of last summer, when we first moved into this house, but after living in a house with a tiny square of a yard, we are so thankful for all of this room to run and play outside.  What this house lacks inside, it makes up for outside.  And we plan to soak it up all summer long.

 giving John a boost into the tree

 And then, after a long afternoon spent outside, daddy is home!!

 other excitement at our house?  A plumber had to come one morning to fix our leaking fridge.  That same morning the Harman kids were over here (Jessica and I swap baby-sitting services), and the plumber's truck was the star attraction.  That is what these three are looking at.
 I decided that lunch outside was the easiest option...

And do you see the new car that has been added to the line up?

And that's all.  Just a quick picture update.  And now, to continue our outside theme, we are headed to the park with some friends.

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Mary Ann said...

Great pictures!! Thanks so much for posting them. as well as the explanations.