Thursday, May 10, 2012


Because Ann and my mom both pointed out that I posted no pictures of John in my last post, I am back to put up a picture or two of my little stinker.

What we have here is John refusing to get in the car unless I let him go back inside and get the rest of his cars and trains.  Ada was already in the car and buckled, and I had enough trouble getting John out the door, with the door closed behind us.  John is saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, my cars..." and he was not happy with me.  Of course, it had taken him that long to get out the door because he kept the dropping the cars that he already had in his arms, but he just couldn't fathom leaving for "errands" without all of his cars.  As soon as I took these pictures, I picked up a still protesting John and carried him to his car seat, which made him even angrier, because he wanted to do it himself, "mommy, mommy, mommy, I do it!!!"  Mommy is always a series of three if he is excited or angry. with each mommy increasing in shrillness.

Which, right now, Lightening McQueen, the most favorite car of all, is MIA, and multiple times through out the day, John comes to me, his little hands open in question, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, Queen?!!!"  And I say, "I don't know where he is, John," and John always says confidently, "he's that way," and points some way, and then runs off with much hope of finding "Queen" in that particular direction.  He has started calling Mater, Queen, almost as if to comfort himself.  He normally calls Mater, "Mato," by the way.

Also, you'll notice he's wearing his crocs, but that only happened with much protest from him.  We received some hand-me-down flip flops from Ann that have monkeys on them--from Gymboree--and they are cute, but they don't really fit him yet.  Well, all John knows is that the flip flops have monkeys on them, so anytime that he has to put his shoes on and I bring him something other than the monkey flip flops (which are too big), he says, very shrilly and accusingly, "mommy, no mommy, monkeys!!"

One last John story.  I often say to John, "are you a baby or a big boy," and sometimes he says big boy and sometimes he says baby.  Well, the other day we were in the car, and I asked him that question, and he answered, "I a puppy," with a big grin on his face, and then he made a barking sound.  I have to say, it was super cute and funny, and John definitely though himself quite clever when he said it, grinning at all of us.  So, I kept asking, "are you a baby or a big boy?" and he kept answering with different animals, followed by the animal sound.

So, there you have it, a quick John update.  I know that two can be a challenging age, but I also think it is a super cute age, such a great combination of baby and little boy.


Elizabeth said...

First, I was hoping you were going to show the picture where John included the Barbie Car in the lineup with the "smaller cars". But - these pictures and your telling about them caused this grandmother to try and figure out a solution. I see your side, and I see John's side. He can't possibly hold all those cars in his hands, and he doesn't know it. He needs a little canvas bag to go in the car with him. He can hold the handles. It wont carry all of his cars, but it can be filled up. There will still be battles, I'm sure - but at least get him a small canvas bag to contain what he can take with him. What are the glitches in my plan? there must be some.

Elizabeth said...

I forgot to comment on John's new joke.

I love that he switched to "I'm a puppy!" That's so funny - but typically male - because he keeps repeating the joke, once it got a lot of laughs. :-)