Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kindergarten. On it goes.

 Look who has discovered painting.  You are looking at John's painting of our family--John pointed out each member to me as if it was so obvious.

This post is really about this little chick-a-dee, who sits in that chair on a daily basis and paints.  She loves to paint and to draw and to color and use markers and the list goes on and on.  What does she not love?  Reading.

In fact, today she said, "Can we just skip reading and only do math and handwriting.  I hate reading."  Ouch!  And so I asked, "why do you hate reading?!!!"  She said, "because it's so hard and because you get so frustrated with me."  Oh my word, dagger straight to my heart.  And it's true, I do get so frustrated.  The vowels, oh the vowels.  She can't get them straight.  So, on this particular day, I hang my head in defeat.  But after talking to other homeschool moms, we are just going to take a couple of days to regroup, focusing on math and handwriting ;), and maybe the hate--so much hate--towards reading will go away.  I can't handle the horror of it.  It's reading for goodness sake.

But, we will press on.  We are farther than we were six months ago, so we are making progress.  The main prayer, that I would keep my mouth shut when I am frustrated.  Give me patience, Lord, and kindness, and wisdom.  How desperate I am for his grace--as always.


Mary Ann said...

Thanks, as always, for the great pictures of Ada and John.

Ada will "get" the reading. Just give her time. Sadly, she may not ever love to bury herself in a book like you do, but she will learn to read. She is so intelligent.

rhodes1 said...

If I remember correctly, the whole reason I didn't go from Cumberland to 1st grade was because I wasn't getting reading. By the next year I was loving it, so hope shouldn't be lost yet.