Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Few Quick Halloween Pictures

So I just went back and looked at my Halloween posts from the last few years, and every year I am hardly able to get a picture of the kids.  I always forget, or the camera doesn't cooperate, or the kids don't cooperate.  This year is no different.  But, for family's sake, here are maybe two pictures that I snapped, with a flash, in my dark kitchen, at the end of the night, when all of us were exhausted.  But, at least we have it on record, right? 

It's Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, minus her ruby slippers (she had already taken them off).  John did not wear his hood all night, so no one could even tell he was a lion (the same lion costume he wore last Halloween).  I talked him into wearing the hood for the picture when I told him he could roar like a lion; he quickly jumped on it, then.  I should have thought of that earlier!

Our costumes are usually determined by whatever Ellie, Luke, and Andrew (the cousins) have been the previous year or years.  That lion costume is a size 4t, though, so we may have another year or two of wear ahead of us ;) 

Ada was fired up about Halloween this year, and she asked at, oh, about 8 am if she could go ahead and put on her costume.  The answer was no.  She then proceeded to bounce through most of the day (literally).  We trick-or-treated with friends in a neighborhood with more houses than ours, and it was mostly a success.  There was one house, that was overly decorated for Halloween, if you know what I mean ;), and the lady answered the door with a very scary mask on.  She quickly took it off, when she realized our group consisted of really young kids (Ada was the oldest), but the image was cemented in Ada's brain.  We had to add that to our list of things we have to pray about.  When we pray, Ada prays for no bad dreams every single night, and she asks Scott and I to pray for the same thing, and then she gives us a specific list of things she doesn't want to dream about that we all have to list in our prayers.  It's become a sort of joke between Scott and me, especially when a new one is added.  Recently Charlotte's Web was added to that list.  How could Charlotte's Web produce a bad dream?  Wilbur's impending death, I suppose?  All of that to say, the masked lady was added to the prayer list tonight.  It gets longer all the time.

So, another Halloween in the books.  And I just snagged a reese's cup from one of the candy "buckets" so a great night for all of us ;)

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Mary Ann said...

Thanks for posting. Ada and John look adorable as usual. Love your description of everything and everyone. The prayer list is priceless, but I know it is so real to Ada.