Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Christmas in the Books

Well, here we are, an hour away from 2013, and I thought I would quickly wrap up the end of this year's activities.  I must record it, of course, for the years to come.  One of my favorite things to do is to go back and read my own blog and see what we were doing one, two, three years ago.  So fun to have this record of our life.  But, I am also so very tired right now, like more tired than usual, so I am going to do a quick list/picture we go...

 Forget decorating the cookies, he's just going straight to eating the sprinkles

 Christmas Eve and how John was really feeling about the entire situation, and then another attempt at a picture with my children
and how the pictures really go

really yummy Christmas Eve dinner at California Pizza Kitchen after attending the service at Church of the Apostles in Atlanta

and the annual Christmas Eve opening of pajamas and bubble bath

bright and early Christmas morning.  See Ada's princess santa hat?  That was purchased when she and Scott went to the Dollar Tree to buy my Christmas present from Ada.  On that note, want to know what she got me?  A vase with fake flowers.  And she is very proud of that vase with fake flowers, which now sits on my dresser per her request.  "To make me think of her."  Gotta love it.

opening Woody!!
and the rest of the crew, including his own Woody costume

Okay, on Christmas afternoon we traveled to Scott's parents' house, but I forgot my camera, so no pictures from that.  The rest of the pictures are "stolen" from Ann's facebook page, and they are from the second half of the week spent at my parents' house.

Kate and Ada

the sisters

Merry Christmas, everyone, and happy 2013

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