Friday, December 7, 2012

Helping Daddy

A couple of weekends ago, Scott's car was having some trouble (not sure of the details, but Scott would want you to know that he fixed the problem himself and was seriously patting himself on the back over it.  I was proud of him, but probably not as proud of him as he was of himself.  Just kidding, Scott, love you), so Scott spent a while working on it.  Of course, if there is an opportunity to be outside, the kids are all over that, so Ada and John went outside with him.  In about a minute, John, not saying a word to anyone, walked inside, and quickly returned with his own tools, ready to help Scott with the car.  You know, in whatever way he might be needed.

Can I also say that I love age two, and I am a little bit sad that John is quickly approaching three.  It just seems like at age two the cuteness peaks.  I love all ages that my kids have been, of course, but I feel sad to leave age two behind.  At the third birthday, it's time to turn to big boy things and babyhood is really over.  It leaves me a little sentimental.

In other John news, the other night, in an effort to break Christmas down the simplest level, I asked John whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas.  And he answered, with much enthusiasm and confidence, "Santa!!!"  We are working on correcting that ;)

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Jessica said...

Yes, I agree on the year two age. I love that age too and will be sad to see Kate say goodbye to it!