Sunday, November 25, 2012


Okay, I just tried to blog about Thanksgiving, but blogger said I am out of space for pictures.  What?!!!!  Can anyone help me with this issue?  What do I do?!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Stinkers

Just for the record books...

This is the difference between my two children and their eating habits.  Today, they both asked for snacks.  Ada asked for leftover vegetable beef soup and John asked for "canny."  And, let's just be honest, I gave them each what they asked for ;)

p.s. Ada woke up the morning of Halloween and asked when we were going to carve our pumpkin, so we painted pumpkins this year.  Hey, it got the job done...

Friday, November 16, 2012

May I suggest Algebra with a side of Jane Eyre?

Lately, my high school tutoring student, is working her way through Algebra, which is not at all my specialtyy.  Except that I do have a soft spot in my heart for math.  Not crazy advanced math, but nice, neat Algebra.  Polite, plug a formula into it and come out with the right answer, Algebra.  Can I just say, fellow moms, or anyone who often feels like life would be much easier with formulas and some concrete black and white answers, that Algebra is just the thing you need!!!  There is something so therapeutic about being able to find the right answer.  About a formula that works every time.  If only it worked that way in parenting ;)

And, speaking of high school flash backs, I decided to read Jane Eyre last week.  I know that I was supposed to read it my senior year of high school, and as I stood in front of my book shelf, scanning the books, hoping to find something that I hadn't read yet, Jane Eyre popped out at me.  I have been attempting to go back and read all those books from high school and college that I was supposed to read but that I opted for the cliff notes instead.  It turns out that Jane Eyre is SO GOOD.  Now that is the way to write a story ;)  And now I wish I could go back all those years and hear what my senior English teacher had to say about the book.  Did I write a paper on it?  How did I get by without reading these books?!!  And can I also just say, that when I was the English teacher myself, I would think to myself that if I , who ended up majoring in English, didn't read the books that were assigned to me, then it was some serious wishful thinking to believe that these students in my class who weren't even pretending to be interested in literature were reading anything that I was assigning!!  All of that to say, if you're looking for a great story, Charlotte Bronte provides it in Jane Eyre.

I think I might revisit Faulkner next.  My first summer of graduate school, I took a seminar on Faulkner.  Just Faulkner, on Thursday afternoons, for four hours.  I remember wading my way through his writing, so sleepy, and only getting sleepier as I tried to make sense of what he was saying.  It left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and now I want to try it again.  It changes everything when it's not required, doesn't it?

(the pictures have nothing to do with this post, but I just thought I'd add a little color to the post.  We are loving fall, and I am not quite ready to say good-bye and move on to the Christmas season. I haven't soaked it up as much as I wanted to.  Oh well, at least it will come again next year...)

Friday, November 9, 2012


Do you know that every Friday, I spend so much energy trying to decide whether I should go to Publix or Kroger.  Which one has the best deals this week?  Best coupon match-ups?  Do we need better deals on meat or pantry fillers?  Ahhhhhhhhh...that is me screaming in my head.  Or out loud.  It drives me crazy every week. 

Soooo, deciding where to go from here is next to impossible for me.  And by where to go, I mean where to live, where to move our lives to; it's freaking me out.  Scott and I have these conversations over and over and over again.  And then we have them again.  I start to panic.  I start to ask strings of questions very quickly, one after another.  And he calmly repeats the same lines to me.  The reasonable decisions that we have made together, already.  He sometimes says, "I thought we had talked about this already..."  And we have.  Lots of times. 

I want some guarantee that it's all going to go smoothly and that things are going to line up so nice and neat and crystal clear. 

Sometimes I just want to turn my mind off for a minute.  Just shut off all the analyzing about every stinking thing. 

And sometimes to do that, I turn on mindless television.  And sometimes I begin to recite scripture in my head.  Scripture that has nothing to do with the thing I am worrying about.  Just scripture--truth.  And my mind begins to slow down. 

During this month of Thanksgiving, I am most of all thankful for a sovereign God who is not wishy-washy.  A God who is in complete control of the entire universe.  I am thankful that I can rest in Him.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kindergarten. On it goes.

 Look who has discovered painting.  You are looking at John's painting of our family--John pointed out each member to me as if it was so obvious.

This post is really about this little chick-a-dee, who sits in that chair on a daily basis and paints.  She loves to paint and to draw and to color and use markers and the list goes on and on.  What does she not love?  Reading.

In fact, today she said, "Can we just skip reading and only do math and handwriting.  I hate reading."  Ouch!  And so I asked, "why do you hate reading?!!!"  She said, "because it's so hard and because you get so frustrated with me."  Oh my word, dagger straight to my heart.  And it's true, I do get so frustrated.  The vowels, oh the vowels.  She can't get them straight.  So, on this particular day, I hang my head in defeat.  But after talking to other homeschool moms, we are just going to take a couple of days to regroup, focusing on math and handwriting ;), and maybe the hate--so much hate--towards reading will go away.  I can't handle the horror of it.  It's reading for goodness sake.

But, we will press on.  We are farther than we were six months ago, so we are making progress.  The main prayer, that I would keep my mouth shut when I am frustrated.  Give me patience, Lord, and kindness, and wisdom.  How desperate I am for his grace--as always.