Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another School Update

Okay, I still can't upload pictures, so I think I am going to make a switch very soon.  As soon as I can talk to Scott and figure out how to do that ;)

But, just wanted to say that I have had much encouragement since I last posted.

One, I drilled my friend this past week who used to teach first grade, just to get a realistic picture of what a kindergarten reading level even is exactly, and I am feeling much, much better about where we are.  Plus, Ada has been doing much better about taking the time to sound out the words rather than throw out a guess once she reads the first two letters.  Or even just the first letter.  I have emphasized looking at each letter, using our finger to point to each letter, and I already see progress.  Yay!!

And then tonight, because we were all climbing the walls after days of being cooped up inside, we went to Shane's (a barbecue place).  Scott asked Ada to hand him the bottle of "spicy" barbecue sauce, and she was easily able to pick out the one labeled spicy, and then on her own read the labels "hot" and "mustard," so I was really excited about that, and I made a big deal about it, since she was taking initiative to read on her own.  I feel encouraged, and yesterday, when I was feeling discouraged about nearly every area of my life, Scott and I both prayed that God would provide some very specific encouragement, and he did.  He has.  He is. 

That's all.  Just wanted to report ;)


Katherine said...

I am so glad for this update. I so badly wanted to tell you that it sounds like she's doing great (and you're doing great)the other day and never got the chance.

Thanks for posting!

Mary Ann said...

So glad you have been encouraged. I knew and know that Ada will be reading like crazy before long. She's a very smart kid LB, but then I am a bit prejudiced : )

laura.murphree said...

hey! just want to let you know that we went to a cc open house today. there is actually a branch less than 5 min from our house. everyone was really nice and kylie seemed to just jump right in to the group. they let her participate in all the activities. it was nice to see how they put everything together. keep pushing along i know homeschooling is not easy but it seems like it pays off for everyone. at least there is a great support network with cc. i cannot imagine going it alone.