Monday, January 7, 2013

Giving Thanks on Mondays, again

Not only did I jump back into Five Minute Fridays, I think I will start listing my thanks again.  It always improves my perspective.  Always. 

Go here to join in!!

Today I just grabbed a fresh, clean, unwritten-on spiral notebook and jotted down a few things as the day transpired (I just love a blank spiral notebook, don't you?  So much possibility).

And, to add to the spontaneity of this post, I am including two phone pictures that have nothing to do with anything ;) 

I only have three things today, but three is enough to remind me that God has given in abundance.

1.  We were back to school today, and it went well.  I have lots more to say about that.  Another post.

2.  John ate dinner tonight.  And last night.  And the night before that and before that and before that and so on.  This is not a small thing!!!

3.  Last night, before bed, John saying, "I want to pray," and when when I tried to tell him what to pray, he said so fiercely, "I do it!!!"  And there he stood in the middle of the room, round tummy, eyes shut so tight, chin down, "Dear God,"  long pause, "thank you,"  long pause, "Amen." 

Amen, indeed.

Christmas fun on the square

John's "big boy bed," for now.  We are thinking bunk beds are in his near future ;).


Elizabeth and David said...

What sweet blessing! Those are big things! I love John's prayer!

Mary Ann said...

It's just too much to picture John standing there saying that prayer. Bless his bones. How I love that boy, and his sister.