Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who's that friend?

yay, blogger is finally letting me post pictures!!  So, just for fun, I'm posting a couple of random pictures from our school day.  Ada, proudly holding the sentence that she dictated.  If you think that her face is strangely pink, it is.  She had been playing with the blush that she got for Christmas.  This girl loves make up. 
 And what John does while we do school.  I think Woody and Buzz are rescuing the cars gang.
And, just for something to blog, since this was more of a blogging experiment than a thought out blog--a little John fact that I want to remember. 

If John wants to know who someone is, instead of asking, "who is that?"  he asks, "who's that friend?"  Every time, "who's that friend?"  Which is a bit ironic, since John, though I love him, isn't the friendliest little guy in the world. 

p.s. guess who's turning three next week?  If I ask him how old he is going to be, he answers, "big, mommy, big."

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