Saturday, August 17, 2013

Home Stretch

Saturday is moving day!!  A week away.  We went to the "new" house today to measure all the rooms and plan a bit. 

In fact, I think we have decided to give Ada and John the big family/master bedroom, so that they will have plenty of room for both sleeping and playing, and Scott and I will be at the other end of the house, in the smaller, but still much bigger than what we have now, room.  The smaller room actually has a much better closet, which we need, and Ada and John will have much more floor space, which they need.  In fact, the big bedroom has the potential to easily hold all three kids, so we feel good about making that the main "kid space," bedroom and playroom all in one, with a door that can close on the mess if needed (though Ada has really been working on cleaning her room this summer, and it's coming along.  I can confidently say, "Ada, go clean your room," and she does a good job).  And the room switch puts Scott and me next door to Evie, which will be so much better for late night feedings.  I do better when the baby is not in the room with me, but close enough that I hear the baby if I really need to wake up.  My experience with the last two is that if the baby is right beside me, I get no sleep, but put a wall between us, and there is hope for sleeping in between feedings.  Anyway, I am feeling excited about the new set up.  It makes so much more sense. 

And here is where we are in the packing process.

And there is still so much to do.  But, lots of progress has been made.  Can I just say that as I piled yet another box on top of boxes already packed with fine china and stemware and cloth napkins and such, all I can think is that the young engaged me must have pictured a different lifestyle than I am currently living ;)  No, really, I do believe that one day we will be past the sippy cup, plastic child plate, don't break anything stage, and we can have nice dinners with my "fancy" dishes.  In the mean time, I like the way they look in my china cabinet ;) 

On another note, we started this day by driving to Decatur to pick up a white jenny lind crib that I found on craigslist.  Once I realized that I was having a girl and that Evie would in fact have her own space, I got the urge to create a nursery for her, and my tastes have changed so much since I was pregnant with Ada.  Or, it's more that I had no idea what I liked with Ada.  I was just winging it.  Since then I have learned a bit about the "feel" I want my home to have.  So, my heart was set on a white jenny lind crib, but I couldn't justify buying one full price, when I already own a perfectly good crib.  Craigslist to the rescue, right?!  And I have amazon credit to use towards the white and gray bedding that I want to purchase for the crib.  Her room will also be the guest room, that we are thrilled to have, so I have plans to coordinate all of that in soft whites and muted colors.  Calm is the word I am going for.  Budget and work with what I have is the theme ;)

In the mean time, Classical Conversations starts on Tuesday, which means I start my new tutoring job.  To say that I am nervous is an understatement, but I also know that once I get through the first day and have a better understanding of how the class will go, then everything will be fine.  Still, yikes. 

In other word, life is crazy, crazy, crazy, but it's only a week of crazy left, and then everything will settle waaaay down.  Because of that, we are not officially starting first grade until the Wednesday after Labor Day.  Thanks to homeschooling, we set our own schedule, and that gives me a week to get the new house settled enough and the school room set up (giddy over having a school room separate from the dining room table!!!). 

So, there is an update.  We are tired, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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