Friday, August 23, 2013


tonight is the last night we will sleep in this house.  We are tying up loose ends around here.  Throwing random things into one last box.  Cleaning out the fridge.  Stopping by an office to get the water switched to our name.  And Ada keeps saying, "I'm excited, and I'm sad and feel a little weird."  Me too, Ada, me too.

I have blogged about it until there is nothing left to say, but this house has been so very good to us.  My eyes fill with tears as I think about all of the emotions we were feeling on the day we moved in here.  We were a little shell shocked, not sure what life was going to throw at us next.  Instead, we were walking into a refuge, and we didn't even know it. 

I also get tears because I think about sitting on the couch with Scott when we decided we wanted another baby, even if it meant squeezing us all into these two tiny bedrooms.  We had talked about and talked about it, and all of a sudden our hearts were in the same place.  And look what God has done.  He has provided much needed, much longed for space.  But it is a bittersweet good-bye.

It's funny, because there was a time when the house we are moving into would have seemed so small.  Perspective is a funny thing. 

We have loved this house.  And, this house has loved on us.  It will be a brief memory in the whole scheme of life, but it is one we will remember fondly.

* John was so little when we moved here--not even two yet.  Life keeps moving forward, doesn't it?

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Jessica said...

that's crazy how little John was when you moved in! That's like "home" to him...but excited to see the new home the Lord has provided for you. Bittersweet.