Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More thoughts on pregnancy and Evie

I want to blog, I do, but I can't find the time earlier in the day and at night, who has the energy for this?  But, I want to.  I do.

I was emailing back and forth with another third trimester pregnant friend today (who is 4 weeks ahead of me), and she was talking about how tired she is, and she said she doesn't know how I am homeschooling while third trimester pregnant.  Here is the thing.  It's all I do.  As in, it's the only thing that gets done.

I think because Ada is in first grade, everything feels so much more official now.  We have to get it done.  So, everything else falls to the side.  I get homeschool done, but the dining room is still stacked with boxes to be unpacked.  Nothing is hung on the walls.  And Scott has 100% taken over bath time (so thankful for him!) because by about 6:00 at night, I am so tired I feel like I could cry.  But if I do cry, and Scott asks what is wrong, there is nothing wrong.  I am just tired.  and pregnant.  And I want to go to bed.

I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed by my house.  Our yard needs a lot of work before it will look like a yard that I want to call home.  And the house doesn't feel homey yet, just livable.  There is much that I love about our house, and I am so very thankful for the space, but it is overwhelming.  Plus, this time around, my head feels cloudy.  Do we have what we need for Evie to be born?  I don't know.  What do we need?  I can't seem to focus and think.  I have milk.  We have a bed.  This past weekend I got the box of girl's clothes from Ann that we pass back and forth.  I even have a borrowed bassinet and moby wrap from my Auburn best friend, Amy Speakman Hendrix.  And a miracle blanket is on the way.  What else is there?  Oh yes, a car seat.  As Scott said, even if I went into labor with no car seat, he could always run get one.  (we do plan to get one before she's born ;)  Our old one was just so used--spit up, leaky diapers, etc. etc., that we are getting a new one).  So, Evie could come home, I could feed her, swaddle her, and put her to bed.  Even if pictures weren't hung on the walls.  And diapers.  Scott could run to the store for diapers. 

I didn't mean to post about being tired.  That wasn't what I started out wanting to write about.  But, like I said, my head is foggy. 

I was going to tell you about seeing Evie yesterday in an ultrasound, and it was like I was looking at a picture of her!!  I am going to a specialist because of this tiny, very minor thing with her kidney.  It's very fixable, most likely will even correct itself, but, as a result, I am seeing a specialist every six weeks, where I have an ultrasound done for them to measure her kidneys.  Well, the kind ultrasound tech did a 3D picture yesterday, just because.  She said, "let's see if we can get a picture of her face," and all of a sudden there was Evie up on the screen looking just like I would think one of my babies would look based on Ada and John.  Seriously, she has the same chin as them.  It was such a clear picture of her, that tears were running down my face.  There she was!!!!  Her cheeks were already fat, her little nose was so cute and newborn looking, and her feet were up by her face!!  How is a baby comfortable in there(?!!), and yet they love it!  AMAZING. 
Okay, I can't believe I am posting this picture.  Because, seriously, it's a phone picture of an ultrasound print out.  But look!!!  Can you see her?  It was much clearer in the ultrasound room; trust me ;)

The other crazy thing was that she weighs 4 1/2 lbs already!!  I have no idea how accurate that is, though I think these ultrasounds are more accurate than normal, hence the specialist.  And the doctor was so sure that I must have gestational diabetes for my baby to already be this big.  But I also found out yesterday that I do NOT have diabetes (praise the Lord), I passed the one hour test with "flying colors," so the giant baby mystery continues.  I normally have average size babies, so I am wondering if the ultrasound is just really off?  Does anyone have any experience with thinking that their baby was going to be unusually large.  I feel unusually large, but I think I did with Ada and John too. 

The rambling, oh the rambling.  There seems to be no topic to this post, and I am so very tired.  So I will end there.  But at least I have a few thoughts recorded for one day, when I can't remember being pregnant with Evie.  Because I will blink and she will be three and then six, and this will have been but a split second in time. 

Evie, we love you.  We CAN'T WAIT to meet you!!! 


Jessica said...

oh I love the picture of her! she DOES look like John and Ada I think! SO EXCITING!

rhodes1 said...

I love the picture! I never find those appealing, they always just look a little creepy to me, and maybe it's just because she's my niece, but this one looks so cute!

Margaret said...

Sweet precious baby. And about the kidney issue... Sounds like what we may have dealt with with Cope (he had bilateral hydronephrosis/ or pylectisis as some called it) and his totally resolved itself after birth! We never even had to see the kidney specialist in Atlanta! Not even sure if that's what you're dealing with but there is a little encouragement!!