Thursday, September 19, 2013

To any other pregnant moms out there

I am sending this out as a public service.  Because I care about pregnant moms who are just trying to find something to wear to accommodate a giant stomach.  (and I do mean giant). 

I'll put things into perspective.  Yesterday at the doctor, at 30 weeks, I measured 35!!!!! weeks.  My stomach is LARGE and all evidence is pointing to a LARGE baby.  She is apparently off the charts and has been since my first ultrasound (I didn't know all of this until yesterday).  But it all makes so much sense.  At 30 weeks, with 10 weeks left, I am outgrowing maternity clothes left and right.  My shirts are too short.  My pajama pants are all uncomfortable (why are there no maternity pajama pants?!!!).  I just want to be comfortable.  And when I wear dresses, I look like a large blob.  I prefer pants and shirts just to show that my whole body isn't quite as large as my stomach, if that makes sense.  So, I want to be comfortable and to look presentable enough that I don't want to go hide in my bed.  But comfortable takes precedence. 

At the same time, who wants to buy new maternity clothes with only ten weeks left?  So, I am thinking post-partum clothing as well.  Again, will want to be presentable, but comfortable will be main priority. 

Okay, I am finally to the point of this blog post.  The other night, in desperation, I ordered some maternity yoga capri pants off the Old Navy website.  I read so many reviews, debated over my decision until Scott practically yelled, "order the dang pants!!" and today they arrived....and I LOVE them.  So, so, so comfortable.  At this point most maternity pants hurt my stomach.  They make it feel crampy if I wear them for too long.  These pants don't feel that way at all.  So comfortable.  The material is thick enough to be flattering.  As flattering as a pair of pants could be at 30/35 weeks.  In other words it doesn't cling too much.  And the fabric is thick enough to wear out to the grocery store, the park, etc.  But comfortable enough to sleep in.  These are miracle pants. 

And I am not going to lie.  I actually prayed about these pants.  I was desperate for some comfortable pants. 

So, if you too are pregnant, please go order these pants.  Very reasonably priced.  Less than 20.00.  Can definitely be worn post-baby.  They have them in regular, non-capri length, but for my 5 foot self, I knew they would be WAY too long.  If you are not, like me, a miniature person, I would order the regular length. 

This is all coming from someone who gets very pregnant.  I mean, from head to foot, I get pregnant, so these will work for all body types. 

And one quick addition--I also ordered two shirts that were on clearance, because I need some shirts that are long enough.  These also worked great.  Number one thing--they aren't too low cut.  (why are maternity shirts so low cut?!!!!  Drives me crazy).  And they are plenty long enough.  Granted, I ordered a size larger than I normally wear to make sure that they are long enough, but they work great.  I mean, my stomach looks giant, but it is, so I can't really disguise that, but these are long enough to cover the giant stomach.  This shirt is called the maternity striped V-neck Henley, in case you want to order it.  Currently on sale.  And it is plenty long enough.  So, for the next ten weeks, I will most likely be wearing some variation of a striped t-shirt with yoga capri pants.  Unless I'm in a situation where yoga pants are inappropriate, but luckily, most of my life is spent in situations where yoga pants are okay. 

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