Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ada strikes again

I have been busy, busy this week trying to clean this house before I go out of town for Thanksgiving and return with the Christmas season upon us.

Because of all the cleaning, I know it has been quite the unfun week for Ada. She has watched too much television and been bored in general, I think. I mean, in the midst of the bored, she has played with her doll house and her kitchen, and she has come up with other various pretend activities, but in general, I am guessing it's been a long week for her. However, my downstairs is (was) clean, so at least I have something to show for it. (Some of upstairs is clean. There is still much to do before tomorrow afternoon).
Well, this morning, after we spent some time sitting on the couch, eating eggs, cuddling, and watching Curious George, I continued with my to-do list, but I do have plans to take Ada to the park later this morning so that she can get some much needed fresh air and exercise. Though I had promised Ada that we were, in fact, going to the park, I am guessing she reached her wits end and decided to take advantage of my distracted state. When I stopped for a second to see what was going on, here is what I foundWhen I asked her about the situation, she explained that her stuffed animal needed to go "night-night." Obviously an entire roll of toilet paper is a necessity in the night-night process.

And here she is posing with her masterpiece.Note the unpainted walls. They are driving me crazy. Again, football is preventing the completion of those walls.

What else has Ada come up with to entertain herself? Jumping in her old exersaucer. She climbs in and out on her own, bounces up and down really hard, and announces that she is either baby John or baby Andrew. I hope it survives Ada, so that John can enjoy the exersaucer.


Kasey said...

Oh, we so need to get Ada and Kloe together one day! Kloe does the exact same thing.... takes all the toilet paper off the roll and puts it all over the house or either all in the toilet. So funny. I so love this age. Even if my house is never really clean. ;)

Deanna said...

Oh, what a mess! My dogs used to love to get into the toilet paper...I'm sure my kids will too! Apparently, two-year olds have a thing for exersaucers. Our little friend Evan loves to play in the babies' jumperoo!