Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And now for Halloween

First of all, I went to the doctor today for the glucose test. I am crossing my fingers that everything comes back clear. I had no problems with Ada's pregnancy, so I don't anticipate any diabetes. Did you see Ann's comment that she got to eat candy bars and drink coke in place of that syrupy drink? I am jealous. Everything else looked good--my stomach measures just as it should, I continue to steadily gain weight;), and the heartbeat was perfect.

I was also given the papers for my birth plan and hospital pre-registration. Filling all of that out made me so excited and eager for February. It was nice to confidently fill out my birth plan. When I was filling out the plan for Ada, I called Ann on almost every question. This time, I zipped through that thing, marking answers with no question about how I want things to go on birth day. A few questions did make me laugh, like this one, "do I want to view the placenta after it comes out?" Um, no thank you. Really. Scott was with me, and we were making all kinds of jokes about that. I also asked Scott if it makes me a bad mom if I want them to clean John up before they hand him to me. Another pregnant girl sitting nearby joined in our conversation, assuring me that she wants her baby cleaned up first. It did make me feel better. Anyway...I am eager to meet this little boy. And I was telling Scott tonight that lately I feel very content and thankful to be at this stage in life--stay at home mom, doing nothing much other than hanging out at home, etc. etc. This is a new contentment for me, and I am thankful to be feeling this way. Ada is with my mom for a few days while I finish up a few more projects around the house, so Scott and I took advantage and headed into the city tonight. As we were driving through down town, headed back towards home, I realized that I didn't feel the usual nostalgia for our first year of marriage spent in midtown. I was okay to be driving away from the city to our little suburb. Thank you, Lord for these new feelings.

Anyway...I really wanted to blog about Halloween and our little Raggedy Ann. At first Ada was unsure about all of it, but when she realized that by knocking on a door and saying "trick-or-treat" she got candy, she quickly warmed up to the holiday. We went to Scottsboro because trick-or-treating is still a big deal on my parents' street. While Ann, Sarah, and I took the kids to the different houses, the rest of the family sat in the driveway handing out candy. It was quite the "block party." See for yourself.

It was a success!! And of course, the next day was the shower (another reason we spent Halloween in Scottsboro). Okay, I am so very tired, so I am headed to bed. Happy Halloween, many days after the fact.


Jenny said...

What a beautiful Raggedy Ann!

Doesn't your heart just swell with love (and gads of other emotions) when you look at your beautiful child? Can you imagine what it's going to be like with TWO of those?

We are two blessed mothers to have the opportunity to stay home with our children!

Glad to hear everything went fine at the doctor, I got the all-clear as well! We're in the home stretch, almost there!

Amanda said...

All the kids look great in costume! They are so cute. So glad the Lord has given you contentment in this stage.

Calis said...

Oh my goodness, Ada looked PERFECT as Raggedy Ann! Great choice! Super Cute!!

Deanna said...

How cute! Love that Raggedy Ann outfit, and Luke and Ellie's as well! Luke looks so proud of his costume.

Nicole said...

Ada was such a cute Raggedy Ann!
I got to drink a coke and eat a candy bar for my glucose test too. You might consider moving up here and changing doctors :)