Monday, November 2, 2009

Celebrating John

Ann (and mom and Kate and Sarah? not sure of the hostesses), hosted a small (tiny) shower for me and John this past Sunday afternoon. She called it a small gathering rather than a shower since it's the second baby. It was mostly just family--my mom, sisters, and aunt Mary Ann--though Ashley Owens Turnbull (along with Kate) and Mary Bratton also joined us.

We had coffee
and cheese strawsI ate my weight in cookies and cheese straws. They were so yummy. And I stuck a bag of leftovers in my purse for later.

I received two precious, precious outfits from Mary Bratton. It doesn't get much cuter, right?

I also received this cute, homemade wipes case from Ann. As you can see, I love it. (you can't tell, but John's name is on it in white)

And I am fully stocked with all the necessities--diapers, wipes, bibs, onesies, etc.

It is so much fun to see all the blue. And Scott didn't even mind the smocked outfits since they are size three months. I am not sure at what age he will put his foot down, but I will get away with it as long as I can. I also have a few Feltman Brothers outfits already hanging in the closet.

Tomorrow won't be as fun when I head to the doctor for the dreaded glucose test. I hate drinking that stuff. I'll be back later with a full Halloween report.


Laura Forman said...

Girl, praying for your glucose test!! I hated it, I almost gagged drinking that stuff...worse taking the 3 hour test and even worse when they tell you that you have gest. diabetes...which I have this time around :( No fun at all!! What I wouldn't give for a sweet fix at the moment!! :)

Amanda said...

so glad you had a fun weekend. Looks like john is getting some adorable boy clothes!

ann said...

When I took my glucose test with Andrew, I had to drink a can of coke (not diet, of course) and eat like 2 whole candy bars. Much better than that orange stuff, yet still made me want to throw up those last few bites. I don't know why anyone else doesn't get to do that. (I had to drink the orange stuff when I was in ABQ)

Rachel said...

Adorable outfits! I got away with the smocking until Wyatt was a year old- and now we are in the appliqued rompers and monograms :)