Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Beach Trip

Ada sees the ocean for the first time, and, by the way, the weather was this beautiful the entire time we were there.  Amazing.  How can anyone doubt that we have a CREATOR, when you see a sight like the Gulf?

And she experiences the ocean for the first time--she loved it, to the point that we had to remind her over and over not to go too far in without an adult. 
And John also sees the ocean for the first time.  He was not impressed, and after that first morning, John stayed in the house, never going to the ocean or the pool.

Here is what John and I did for the rest of that first morning.  He was hot and miserable.  See the workers in the background cleaning up the oil? 
John's favorite toy of all, my keys.  Check out his fat rolls, and that is 100% breast milk, folks, since he still hasn't mastered baby food (which the doctor says we have to work on).

And an unsuccessful attempt to get him out of my lap.  See his crawling stance?  He has become an expert scooter, getting across the room very fast, so he does the crawl position less and less. 

Thoughts on the beach trip--it was exhausting, to say the least, and by 7:00 everyday I was wishing I could crawl into bed.  However, I am thankful for Ada's sake that we were able to go.  I think she loved it.  Plus, the first day we were there, Ann and I had a very relaxing time lying out at the pool while the kids napped, so that afternoon did feel a bit like vacations from the past.  We would have had another relaxing afternoon at the beach, but while Ann, Ellie, and I (everyone else was back at the house) were trying to enjoy the beautiful ocean (no oil in sight, maybe because of the diligent workers?), we were suddenly surrounded by sea gulls.  It was hilarious and frightening, and I wish I had the words to explain the whole scene.  Bottom line, though, the afternoon was not relaxing once the sea gulls arrived.

The six hour drive to and from the beach?  Nightmare.  Absolute Nightmare.  John had multiple breath holding spells in the process, and I was frequently diving into the back seat to try to get him to breath.  Plus, on the drive home, John had a fever and refused to sleep in his car seat.  We are staying put for a while.  No traveling for us. 

Conclusion--give the kids a few years, and I think vacation will be wonderful once again.  I mean, let's face it, vacation is a gift I stress again, I am so thankful that we got to go.  I hope that we get to go again.  Ann and I recalled afternoons at the beach growing up when mom and dad planted their chairs in the sand and stayed there all afternoon--we just have to give the kids a few years. 

Ann and I (and Sarah and Kate) sort of "grew up" at Orange Beach, going every summer for as long as I can remember because my dad had work meetings there every year.  It was surreal to see Ada run up the boardwalk to eat at "Sea n' Suds."  Life is coming full circle. was fun, I am thankful that we were able to go, and I am very thankful to be home!!!


Jessica said...

LOVE that first picture! Glad ya'll were able to go but so can relate to the feeling of being glad to be home!

Lauren said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time!! We are headed to Destin in the morning and your post has got me in the mood. :-) Love the pictures!!

Deanna said...

I SO know the feeling! I told your dad after they got back from the beach with Ann's kids that their 'vacation' was probably like mine...more work than being home! : ) I, too, keep reminding myself that in a few years it will be very different. And next year, I think we might leave our girls at home with grandparents!

Rose said...

i've been busy with company and other things, so back to blogging.great pics of all of you at the beach. take care rose