Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday and John's EEG

well, we are recovering from our hard day yesterday.  Ada and I hugged and talked and listed all of the things we are not going to do today--like disobey and, you know, hit mom in the face.

The day is going fairly well, with a more normal level of disobedience, and it helps, of course, that Scott is home and able to share the load with me.  For instance, when the nap time battle began again today, I turned it over to him.  And it's no secret that he has loads more patience than me.  Loads more.  She never went to sleep, though.  It is going to be a daily battle apparently. the midst of yesterday's frustration and need to vent on the blog, I forgot to mention that I finally took John to have his EEG done.  (Which added to yesterday's frustration--I was already exhausted from the morning's visit to the neurologist).  God was very gracious throughout the whole visit.  The doctor specifically told me to bring him during his nap time so that he would be sleepy.  So, when we walked into the EEG room there was a medical exam table and the computer and other "medical" things, and the nurse asked me if I thought that John would sleep.  I asked, "on that table?"  And she said, "yes..." and I said, "no, I don't think he'll sleep on that table."  I wanted to ask, has a baby ever slept on that table.  If I put John on that table and left him to go to sleep, he would promptly roll or scoot himself off onto the floor.  So...anyway, I did hold him down on the table while she attached all the wires? things that looked at his brain? to his head and then wrapped his little head in gauze.  He looked so pitiful.  But then I was able to hold him and nurse him and for the first time ever he fell asleep and stayed asleep in my arms, so they were able to get the needed information.  Seriously, it was God's grace.  I couldn't believe he was sleeping away in my arms.  After he slept in my arms for 20+ minutes, I had to wake him up and they flashed a bright light in his face ten times.  I felt like they were torturing him, but then we were done, and I am so relieved to have it done!!  We will find out the results in a week. 

Anyway...just wanted to let everyone know that the EEG is done, and we still assume that they will not really find anything, though I would be very thankful for some definite answers.  Every doctor we talk to still says the same thing, every symptom matches breathholding spells except for his age, his age doesn't make sense. to enjoy more of this fall Saturday that feels like the dead of summer!!  Come on fall weather, please show up.


Lauren said...

Praying everything with John's EEG goes well. I am having to become more serious with Olivia's dicipline these days. She is becoming very testy. Hope you have a better week with Ava. Sounds like preschool is going pretty good. I'm looking forward to starting a program with Olivia next year.

Jess said...

I am so glad his EEG went peacefully! God is so good! We will be praying for him and for answers.

shannon said...

Praying for John!