Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Preschool

making an apple tree.
Eating apples and peanut butter and watching an orchestra play Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride" and then, "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."
stove popped popcorn (which has nothing to do with the letter A, it's just what we wanted to snack on) and learning to use scissors.
Things turned around after our initial "slow" start.  I quickly learned that this little girl needs one art project after another. we read stories and talked about the Letter A and Adam and Eve and eating the fruit in the garden, Ada drew and cut and glued and colored, and the stories seemed to stick. 


Susan said...

Awesome! This is so encouraging. We will be starting preschool soon and I have really enjoyed reading about your experience.

Mary Ann said...

I adore reading these preschool adventures, and the progress Ada and you are making. I also love the photos.

Mary Ann

Jessica said...

Great job friend! Love the apple tree idea...we are starting the letter A next week...we did intro to the alphabet last really looks like you're doing a super super job!!

ann said...

Ellie and Luke LOVE coloring pages. I have found it definitely works best if they have something to color while they listen.

Also, having a computer makes things sooo much easier. I always look up the composer, the song of the week, and the poem on the computer. And it requires no prep.

It's amazed me how much they enjoy listening to composers. And they love the song of the week. Andrew really likes that part too.

Mary said...

Way to go, Laura Beth! I wish I was your kiddo! : )