Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quick Update

I am doing a quick "check-in," since I have been MIA this week.

I am headed out of town today to attend my first ever homeschool conference--it's official, we are a "weird" homeschooling family.  But I am so excited to go, mainly because it's also my first ever "girl's trip," with my mom friends.  It takes me back to college.  Four of us are piling into the mini-van and hitting the road, so there are some obvious differences from college--mini van, homeschool conference, etc. etc., but you get the idea ;)  And Scott's parents--Pop and Mae Mae--have graciously agreed to stay with Ada and John today while Scott is at work (they will be here in just a couple of hours), and they will stay through Saturday to help Scott out and visit with the kiddos.  Ada and John are fired up.

Anyway, I will do a quick update, list style.

1.  Are you loving this weather?  I feel like we just skipped winter this year, which is A-okay with me.

2.  These days I am reading--

Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges, so convicting.  I highly recommend it.  It discusses those sins that we just accept as normal.  That we have become so accustomed to that we don't even flinch when they are a part of our daily lives--things like frustration and anxiety.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn--for the first time, I read this, and I loved it.  If you haven't already read this, go for it.  It's an easy read too.

We are studying Colossians in my discipleship group, and we are using the MacArthur commentary.  Good stuff.

What are you reading?  I always love a new book to read.

3.  John is still loving cars.  And lining things up.

4.  Our car is in the shop.  And it's never fun to have to pay for a tow truck and to get the car fixed--those unplanned things that pop up.  Yuck.  But God has been gracious to us as he worked out all the details.  The car broke down just as I turned into my tutoring student's driveway, so while I tutored, the dad looked at my car, called the tow truck, and took care of those details, so I still got paid to tutor, which then paid for the tow truck.  And I was sitting in a house instead of the side of the road while I waited for Scott to come pick me up--all the way from Vinings.

5.  On that note, we are praying and making big decisions about where will be in August when our lease runs out.  Scott continues to get home very late and spend so much money on gasoline, so we are sadly discussing whether we need to stay where we are or move to the north side.  We have made a home here over the past four years, so it's not an easy decision to make.  We are praying lots for clear direction.

So, there you go.  I will, one day, blog about John's birthday.  Blogger is driving me crazy with the pictures and posting them sideways, so every time I have tried to blog about it, I end up very frustrated with the computer (speaking of sin).  But I will figure it out, and post about his birthday party.  One day.


rhodes1 said...

I have a lot of responses. First, such cute outfits Ada has on! Also, I'm going to add your books to my list. I'm finally actually reading When People Are Big and God is Small, and it's so good. Also curious if you ever read the Hunger Games. I think as a former high school English teacher, you'd really appreciate them. Finally, I'll be praying for you in making the decision about whether to move or not. I'm very aware of how hard that is, and I've only been in New Orleans for two years and not four.

Jodie said...

Hey, we're going to the Memphis homeschool conf. I'm really excited. Hope you have fun!

Katie said...

LB - you should look into Linda Dillow's, What it's like to be married to me, and Calm my Anxious Heart. Both are so good. I am doing a bible study with a group of women with the first mentioned book. I think both have a study in the back to either do on your own, with a friend, or a bunch of people. They are SO good! Really great stuff!