Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Offical Members of Costco

Okay, we finally did it, the Moore's are officially members of Costco.  All four of us headed to Costco last Saturday, joined, proceeded to make a spectacle of ourselves with all two of our children (you would think we had six or something, Scott was on edge the whole time and vowed to stay home with John for future Costco visits, but I personally didn't think it was that bad ;)  ), and then ate cheap hot dogs and pizza in the food court for lunch.  I didn't buy much on Saturday, instead I wrote down prices of everything that I thought might be a good deal.  (I did buy string cheese because we were out and a Rotisserie chicken to eat for Sunday lunch).

In case there are any other serious "price watchers" out there, I thought I would share my list of what I think is a great deal, even cheaper than sale/coupon prices at Kroger or Publix.

Ground beef, 88% lean, 2.99/lb (I sometimes get this price at super Target, but it's rare)
Capri Suns (I splurge on these for the lunch boxes.  Obviously, they aren't real juice, but they have no high fructose corn syrup), 4 boxes, 7.55, making them less than 2.00 a box.  2.00 is the sale price at Publix or Kroger
Dannon Activia, 24 pack, 9.29.  4 usually come in a pack, and with a coupon combined with a sale, I can sometimes get them for 1.00.  However, I have a harder time finding the coupons lately.  So, the Costco price is still less than 2.00 a pack.  Not bad
4 lb of butter--7.39.  I thought this was a great deal, and I use butter so much.  It's a basic necessity, so it is definitely on the list.
36 eggs, 3.59.  Another great deal.  (due to budget, we don't do free range or organic.  Maybe one day when we are debt-free, but that day is not today)
30 packets of Carnation Instant Breakfast (my kids drink this every morning), 11.79.  GREAT deal, and I buy this every week.
36 Fiber One Bars, 11.79.  (this is what Scott eats for breakfast, so I buy these every week as well, and he doesn't like generic brand).  5 normally come in a box, and I am excited if I can get them for less than 3.00, and that is rare.  So that is a really good deal.  Right?  Am I doing that math correctly?
50 small bags of chips--11.30.  I really have no idea if that is a good deal, but I love the convenience of it.  I love potato chips.  Love them.  So it would be good for my diet to have automatic portion control rather than me having to exercise some sort of self control

Also, there was a flavor of Naked brand juice, called green machine (I think), that John loved.  He drank all of the sample.  It was full of good stuff--spinach and all kinds of other green vegetables--so I am probably going to buy that as well, and let him drink some every morning.  You know, another way to cheat and get some nutrients in.

Am I missing any obvious good deals?  I forgot to check the price of sandwich bread, garbage bags, lean pockets (you are seeing that my husband's diet consists mostly of processed food, though I make sure he gets some veggies in each evening at dinner, and I sometimes sneak a piece of fruit in his lunch), and other snack items...

so there you go.  Official costco members.

p.s family members, I have not forgotten about John's birthday party post.  I do have the pictures, and I need to sit down tonight and actually post them.  Stay tuned...


Amanda said...

We love SAMS (same thing, big box wholesalers). It is so nice to walk in there and buy things without coupons knowing you get a good deal. I buy sams brand wipes there too. 800 for 13 bucks. They last forever and i think they are nice even if they are off brand.
Produce and meat is the bomb! Although T and I have talked about how genetically engineered we think those giant chicken breast are. Oh well. They are still cheaper. And produce, we eat lots of it and it is expensive normally. I buy apples, bananas, carrots, clementine cuties and salad in bulk. We try to eat multiple salads each week with dinner but we still rarely eat all the salad before it turns brown however, even throwing some away it is still cheaper than fresh express on sale at publix! I love buying fruit and veggies there. Produce is so expensive at publix etc. but that is not something i'm willing to compromise on.

Deanna said...

Woo hoo! You will love it. I wish we were closer to the Huntsville Costco so I could use it more often. I can't get over the milk has been $1.99/gallon the past few times I have been. (Granted, that's for regular old 2%, nothing special or organic, but it's $3.50 and up at the grocery store.) The block of cheddar cheese seems like a good price (it's a 5 lb. block), especially since I have finally started grating most of ours by hand. It's expensive, but I have bought the giant bag of shredded mozzarella and frozen half of has lasted forever. Finally, if you use crescent rolls, there are member coupons for them every couple of months that make them SUPER cheap. The Costco in Huntsville only seems to stock them when there is a coupon, but it's a great deal.

I feel like this comment ended up really long...sorry! : )

Margaret said...

Oh my what a deal on the carnation. I dread putting that box in my buggy each week bc of the price. That's great you got that deal. Small town in Ga where we live offers no Costco, obviously, but it may be worth the drive to our nearby bigger cities. That juice sounds interesting too and worth checking out for my picky eater son, so thanks for sharing!