Monday, July 16, 2012


We are home sweet home again after a full week with cousins in Alabama. 

Oh goodness, all it takes is throwing two first born girls together for the sin nature to start showing it's ugly head.  Ada and Ellie gave us a run for our money with their arguing, but that's okay, it was still a fun week.  And, Ann and I fought like crazy growing up, and we laugh about it now--the ridiculous, selfish things we argued over--so it only makes sense that our daughters would argue too. 

But, really, it was a fun week, and it was good to be with family.  The good news is that it was also good to be home.  It's a relief to realize that this rental house definitely feels like home.  (wow, I used the word good a LOT, I need to work on my vocabulary, but not now at 9:45 when I am exhausted.  Good it is).  Now for a few photos...

the whole crew eating dinner.  Please notice that John is eating yogurt instead of the dinner that everyone is eating.  We have lots of dinner time battles at our house, which mostly consist of my putting a plate in front of John, and sometimes, if I'm lucky, his taking one bite and saying that he is done.  Then I try to explain that he can't have anything else to eat that night if he doesn't eat dinner, and he says no, mommy, all done!!!  in a very shrill voice.  So...I decided to take a vacation from that battle while I was in AL, and John mostly had yogurt (with pureed veggies in it, just to make me feel better) for dinner.

ha, look at those two, looking so BFF-like.
snack time at the splash park

and one afternoon, these two--Andrew, 3, and Ada--hung out at my mom's house while John slept, and they played their little hearts out.  They were sharing some laughs over fruit loops.

It was a fun week of building a few more memories into the cousin memory bank...


Amanda said...

They are all so cute! Can't believe there are 6 cousins now! I am glad yall had fun visiting. And sneaky putting puree veggies in John's yogurt. That is a great idea!

Mary Ann said...

Laura Beth,

These pictures are sooooo good. Thanks so much for posting them.

Margaret said...

Cope usually eats yogurt for his supper too. He is so so picky. AT LEAST we know its healthy. Great idea to add veggies :)