Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thankful and listing it

Obviously, it's Tuesday, but I am jumping in anyway.  It's been a long time since I have done this, but I want to get back to listing my blessings--the thousands of things in any given day that I am so thankful for if I only take the time to notice.  I am just going to number from week to week, rather than trying to keep up with actually listing 1000 things.  It's a lot easier that way, meaning I am more likely to to list ;)

1.  Aldi--filling up my cart with fresh produce, all while staying well under the grocery budget.

2.  John eating that produce--hallelujah!  He and Ada are currently enjoying an afternoon snack of strawberries (first written earlier today)

3.  speaking of food--John ate LOTS of dinner last night--broccoli and pasta and chicken.  Miracle!!

4.  sunshine and pouring rain--both such gifts

5.  our van--I remain amazed that it is even ours.  God works in such seemingly crazy ways.

6.  count down to the beach.  Pinch me--are we really going?

7.  Diet coke and netflix with Scott.  My absolute favorite way to end the day.

8.  Really easy and comfortable friendships.

9.  Almost 5 years with my precious Ada. 

10.  Air conditioning, and my shower, and my dishwasher, and I could go on and on--all the conveniences of my home.

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Mary said...

I am loving Aldi lately too... the fewer great deals I find at Publix, the more I frequent Aldi ! I think it is going to become my regular stop. My girls are sure looking forward to Ada's 5th ! : )