Thursday, July 5, 2012

Memories, memories...

I was talking to a teenage friend of mine a while ago, telling her I was a little envious that she still had college ahead of her.  I told her that college was the one thing in life that fully lived up to my expectations.  And then some.

I am sure that in retrospect, I am only remembering the positive, and that my mom could quickly remind me of tearful phone calls home when I was stressed beyond belief, but I will just hold on to the blissful memories of fun, fun, fun with all the time in the world to just hang out.  And who was I doing all of this hanging out with?  The girls pictured above.  And a few others, who are scattered here and there, or busy with new babies and such.  There was a whole crew of us all piled into one house back in the glory days, known as my Auburn experience. 

And what a refreshing thing to be around women who have known me for a good long while, back when all of life was just one big possibility.

This past Saturday we all reunited in Auburn to celebrate a new baby on the way, and then we stayed way too long at a favorite restaurant (Amsterdam's, anyone?), remembering it all...and wondering how we got from there to here. 

And just like the old days, it was fun, fun, fun.  Love you, girlies, if you are reading this, and I am so thankful for these friendships!!

As for the here that I am talking about....

these two kiddos who made the long line at the tag office stressful to say the least.  (and we had to go to the tag office twice today!!!!)  That's why I corralled them under the counter while the lady tried to work out the details of my car tag; we're a long way from my Auburn days, ya'll ;)  (but I sure do love these stinkers)

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